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Pamela Noriega, RA Academy Instructor
As Director of Emerging Markets, Pamela is a Senior Lecturer for certification and training classes in Revenue Assurance. She conducts advanced training on Revenue Governance Models, Revenue Assurance KPIs, interconnect bypass, managing telecom Revenue Assurance departments, etc. During her time with GRAPA, Pamela has been the driving force behind the development of GRAPA’s standard controls, governance models, and domain analysis methodology (DAM). As lead faculty for the South American region, she provides Revenue Assurance Academy Training in both English and Spanish.
Prior to joining GRAPA’s executive team, Pamela had been tasked with starting and running the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Department at one of the most innovative Telco Operators in South America. Having built her department from the ground up, Pamela was able to put the revenue assurance function at the core of her telco’s strategic vision, making RA a driving force in assisting with New Product Development, accelerating and assuring innovative customer driven products to successful market launches.
Her work and thought leadership has become a model for telcos looking to start up Revenue Assurance and Fraud Departments, due in large part to her extensive experience in Finance, Risk Analysis, and Project Management in industries as diverse as Telecommunications and Banking.
Pamela is a Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance (CP-RA).

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Classes and Conferences

RA Academy Faculty - Louis Khor
  • Pamela will be teaching or co-teaching the following courses, starting in 2011:

    • RA101-105: Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance Training
    • RA101-105; 201-205: Certified Master of Revenue Assurance Management Certification Training
    • RA411: Postpaid Billing Assurance
    • RA413: 3G Assurance & M-Banking
    • RA420: Interconnect Billing Assurance
    • RA421: Roaming Assurance
    • RA422: Revenue Engineering
    • RA423: Revenue Assurance Manager
    • RA424: Revenue Maximization

  • Conferences
    • Speaker at IQPC Telco Fraud and Fraud Risk Prevention 2009
    • Speaker at IBC Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management 2010- Panama