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Rob Mattison, RA Academy Instructor
Rob Mattison, the world renowned expert in the telecommunications area, is the lead instructor for all courses. Rob is the author of The Telco Revenue Assurance Handbook, which has become the authoritative guide for revenue assurance managers at telecom firms around the world. He is also President of the Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association (GRAPA).

Rob will share with you the global practices he has found and you will be able to benefit from his vast 30+ years of first-hand experience.
Rob is a Certified Telco Fraud Officer (TFO) and a Certified Master of Revenue Assurance Management (CM-RAM).

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Publications by Rob Mattison


    The Revenue Assurance Standards - 2009
    This book provides a complete, in-depth review of the GRAPA Standards for the practice of revenue assurance in telecommunications. Compiled based upon 2 years of effort by dozens of volunteers around the world, this book represents the most comprehensive exploration and report on the status of the revenue assurance industry and profession today. Register as a GRAPA member to download this book for free!

    The Telco Revenue Assurance Handbook - 2005
    A comprehensive guide to the setup, execution and management of the Revenue Assurance function within telecommunications companies. This book provides readers with information about how to use new technologies and revolutionary new approaches to help make revenue assurance faster, better, easier and more efficient than ever before possible. A must read for any serious telecommunications revenue assurance, billing audit or other financial Telco manager. Register as a GRAPA member to download this book for free!

    Rob Mattison Churn BookTelco Churn Management: The Golden Opportunity, 2nd Edition
    Published in 2005 (1st ed. 2001) by APDG, this book is the only definitive guide to customer loyalty, its diagnosis, management, and improvement available to the telecommunications professional.

    Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications
    This book was published by Artech House in 1999, and provides the telecommunications I/T professional with a comprehensive guide to understanding how these approaches can help drive immediate and pronounced business value.

    Winning Telco Customers using Marketing Databases
    This book arms the telecommunications marketing, sales, and customer care professional with step by step instructions for making use of customer databases to accomplish their objectives. It was published by Artech House in 2000.

    Web Warehousing and Knowledge Management
    Rob Mattison Data Warehousing BooksThis book was published in 2000 by McGraw-Hill and provides readers with a detailed under-standing of how Internet/Web technology works and how it can be harnessed to meet the data warehousing and knowledge management needs of organizations today.

    Data Warehousing Handbook: Strategies, Technologies and Techniques, 2nd Edition
    This book was published by McGraw-Hill in 2006 (1st ed. 1996). Considered at the time to be a revolutionary approach to data warehousing, this book explains how the technology can be approached to gain maximum business impact. It was also published in Japanese.

    Understanding Database Management Systems, 2nd Edition
    Published by McGraw-Hill in 2000 (1st ed. 1993). This is a a perennially popular guide to database technologies that has served as the basic textbook for comparative database technology classes around the world. The recently published 2nd edition includes all of the latest changes to DB technology.


    A Financial Framework for Revenue Assurance Decision-Making
    Deciding upon when, where and how to invest money, time and resources on an revenue assurance project can be extremely difficult to prioritize correctly. In this paper, Rob Mattison proposes an over-riding framework for the development of an effective ROI decision-making process.

    A Framework for Assessing Revenue Assurance Capabilities
    Before attempting to make any plans for the improvement of your Revenue Assurance capabilities, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what the current systems, processes, procedures and skills levels are for the existing organization. This chapter, a reprint from "The Telco Revenue Assurance Handbook", provides a comprehensive framework for performing an audit of this type. Based upon years of experience evaluating the capabilities of groups from Telco's around the world, this framework can provide valuable direction and structure that can assist you in the formation of your own assessment plan.

    Breakthrough techniques for making your revenue assurance Better-Faster-Easier
    This whitepaper provides readers with a quick summary of some of the most interesting and effective "best practices" in telco revenue assurance as practiced by telcos around the world.

    How to You Determine the ROI for Your Billing System Investments
    This paper explores some of the different methods that carriers have employed in order to assess the value of their billing systems investments. Since billing systems represent one of the biggest investments that a carrier must make, trying to figure out how to assess the value of that billing system, and how much to spend on the upgrade or replacement of that system is a critical concern.

    Mediation - End of An Era?
    Reprint of an article published for This article considers the changing role of the mediation system, and the mediation function in light of the many changes in network technology and service offerings prevalent in the world today. This article explores the role that mediation systems might play, and the changes that they will need to undergo in order to support the next generation of operational challenges.

    Revenue Assurance for 3G
    This paper considers some of the critical issues associated with figuring out how to perform revenue assurance for 3G applications and services. With the appearance of next generation wireless services on the scene, the problems created by video content, geographically based services and other non-traditional forms of service delivery make 3G Revenue Assurance a major operational challenge.

    The Revenue Assurance Renaissance
    This whitepaper considers the many changes that are occurring in the Telecommunications industry today, and the impacts these changes are having on the way Revenue Assurance is perceived.

    Where Should Revenue Assurance Report?
    This whitepaper discusses the latest hot topic for many telecommunication companies, revenue assurance. The fastidious, tedious, and often boring activities of these groups have been perceived by most executives as a necessary evil since the early days of peg counts, hand written bills, and the first ever billing system audit. And yet, against this backdrop of double digit market growth, maddeningly steep learning curves, and the exponential infusion of new technology, new products and new business models into the mix, most telcos are coming to realize that their need for revenue assurance is greater than ever. So, where should it report?


Conferences and Classes

Rob is currently the head teacher, covering these training and certification courses:
  • RA101-105: Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance Training
  • RA101-105; 201-205: Certified Master of Revenue Assurance Management Certification Training
  • RA411: Postpaid Billing Assurance
  • RA413: 3G Assurance & M-Banking
  • RA420: Interconnect Billing Assurance
  • RA421: Roaming Assurance
  • RA422: Revenue Engineering
  • RA423: Revenue Assurance Manager
  • RA424: Revenue Maximization

Rob Mattison, RA Academy Faculty
  • Speaker for the IEC Symposium in Washington DC, 1995
  • Keynote address for the Asian Direct Marketing Association Conference, in Melbourne, Australia, July, 1998
  • Keynote address for the CRM-Asia conference in Singapore May, 2000. Topic “Integrated CRM: The vision becomes a reality”
  • Presented at ITU-Geneva, 1998 , ITU-Asia conference – Hong Kong, December, 2000
  • Keynote address for numerous conferences across Europe, South America and Asia speaking on technology, marketing, sales and strategy issues
  • Rob Mattison, Revenue Assurance Academy Instuctor