Revenue Assurance Academy

About the Revenue Assurance Academy Faculty

Our Teaching Approach
Our dynamic teaching approach engages students with technical sophistication applied to a broad range of narrowly defined topics. We integrate relevant industry information across an equally extensive range of political, financial, operational and organizational domains. The Revenue Assurance Academy teaching style combines technical detail, organizational and operational consequences, along with how to establish and maintain high professional standards and KPIs.

Revenue Assurance Academy classes are more than lecture sessions where the students simply "watch the show." Revenue Assurance Academy classes are participative and interactive. Students are expected to research current practices at their own organizations and participate in problem solving workshops through the training. This enables students to leave class with a renewed sense of identity, confidence and professionalism.


Rob Mattison

Rob Mattison, RA Academy Faculty

Rob Mattison, the world renowned expert in the telecommunications area, is the lead instructor for all courses. He will share with you the global practices he has found and you will benefit from his 30+ years of first-hand experience.
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Pamela Noriega

Pamela Noriega, RA Academy Faculty

Pamela Noriega has been GRAPA's Regional Chair for Latin America since 2008. Her background includes extensive experience is Finance, Risk Analysis and Project Management in several industries, including Banking and Telecommunications.
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