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The course was comprehensive and really gave me a good idea of the issues around revenue recognition in telecoms, and the controls that can be implemented in the billing environment.
- Russel Schafer
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
Really appreciate the efforts of GRAPA in putting these training materials together. The training gave me a deeper knowledge of telcos and most especially in the areas of securing the network equipment. Thank you GRAPA.
- Olufunmilayo Balogun, Consultant
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
The course was very focused on IT technical material. I feel more time should have been spent on revenue recognition than focusing most of the time on the IT Technical material. More exercise should have been done in order to regularly test to knowledge of the participants.
- Muxe Mambana
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
The GRAPA training gave me essential guidance for revenue assurance, it was very practical because case studies that were used by the instructor were very detailed and I could apply them to our clients. He also demonstrated full knowledge of the subject matter.
- Bonolo BH Moseki, IT Audit Consultant
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
The GRAPA training was a waterfall of knowledge. I thoroughly consumed the interactive sessions with case studies. It is an eye opener to how complex telecoms are. I would definitely like to attend more of these sessions.
- Priya Amrathlall, Manager
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
The 3 days of training have been very useful and informative. As an auditor this will help equip me in ensuring that I integrate the work done by IT auditors on revenue assurance. The level of detail has been well, even though at some point I got a bit lost in the terminology used.
- Luvo T Mvinjwa, Manager
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
Course content is excellent and brings one up-to-speed in understanding complexity of the network architecture to be able to understand the fundamentals of revenue recognition.
- Brian Mungofa, Audit Partner
Nkonki Inc, South Africa
GRAPA definitely has the work experience around revenue recognition that I have ever seen. The knowledge of revenue systems, accounting and recognition is so well presented. Any revenue assurance work contemplated needs to ensure this kind of knowledge is understood before such starts. Auditors with such knowledge would be very effective in performing audit assurance process with so much ease.
- Abidemi O Adeboje, Managing Consultant
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
It gave me an understanding of how modern day telecoms operate and the relationship to accounting and revenue recognition and assurance.
- Mahomed Osman
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
The course is very informative I have learned a lot in terms of revenue as well as the different processes involved. Learned a lot in terms of what can go wrong and how quick the industry changes and the securities involved.
- Tendani T Mulovhedzi, Audit Supervisor
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
The interactive workshop really gave me deep insight into the bolts and nuts that read to and also make up revenue recognition. The deep discussions opened up thinking process of how to be open minded to industry practices internationally and have equipped me to do the job.
- Sayed Yunus Fakroodeen, Senior Manager
SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
Eye opening and informative. Re-enforces that you do not know what you do until you know!
- Godfrey G Ngwenya, Audit Supervisor
 SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
I loved being involved in telecoms audit, and I have never looked at audit work that way. I have learned from this class, so because of this class I have changed the way I look and will continue to look at the audit work. This class has added so much value in my way of auditing.
- Tiisetso Tsiki, Audit Clerk
 SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa
I thought I knew what revenue recognition was until we discussed it. Next, the information was useful, relevant, and very helpful. I believe that I will be able to practice what I have learned. This course was an eye opener. I am going to reward myself for attending. Thank You Rob.
- Matlhogonolo Seabo, Assistant Billing Manager
 Sentech, South Africa
Provided a lot of insight to a number of important areas which I had not previously considered important. Gained confidence on applying approach and practice. Was able to exchange “know how” with other RA practitioners.
- Abdul Hakeem Abdul Razzaq, Fraud and Revenue Assurance Manager
 Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Private Ltd, Maldives
I found the training very insightful, enlightening and guides you how to execute revenue assurance tasks professionally based on standards and best practices. After the training, and as training continues, I already figured out which areas to focus on (most revenue affected). BIG-UPS GRAPA!!!!!
- Tsepo A. Chapi, Manager-RA & Fraud
 Econet Telecom, Lesotho
I found the course very informative and I believe it is an essential part of any person’s training wanting to enter the telco industry. I believe that senior level management will find the course to be excellent in order to assist them in understanding their business on a higher level as well as their respective departments.
- William McDonald Spence, Business Analyst
 4C IT Software Solutions, South Africa
Very interesting course, gave an overview of the elements within a telco business and the areas that a RA Team should focus on. The Network Topology session increased my knowledge significantly (after 15 years in Telecoms). I understand the value that a RA Team can bring a company and the professional standards that should be applied.
- Paula Cross
 Vodacom, South Africa
I liked the training; I learned a lot. When I came to the training in Cape Town I had the basics of revenue assurance, but now I am much more clear about what revenue assurance is, and I´m very proud to have taken part in the training.
- Bernardino M Bazar, Revenue Assurance
 MCel - Mocambique Cellular SARL, Mozambique
This is obviously the most comprehensive and structured Revenue Assurance training available. The instructors are deeply knowledgeable with unique presentation styles flowing from years of experience, focused research and global industry interactions. It has certainly validated a lot of our current methodologies and provided direction for others. Overall, the training has helped me put the various bits and pieces of Revenue Assurance information in context.
- Olanrewaju Yusuf,  Senior Manager, Revenue
 Etisalat, Nigeria
This was my first time to attend formal Revenue Assurance training and now I see why my CEO only speaks three languages, which are "Controls, Controls and Controls.” Without knowledge of what to control and how to do it, then we are just a bunch of jokers. The training has closed that gap and I will be surprised if my CEO will not be happy that we will be speaking the same language. Of more importance is the fact that I will NOW be able to contribute to revenue maximization.
- Franklin F Moyo, Billing Manager
Telekom Networks, Malawi
Class was highly interactive and I enjoyed interacting with people in my profession and share the experiences with them. I liked the way it was organized by the GRAPA team. I give them full marks on the wonderful arrangements. I look forward to attending more learning from GRAPA very soon.
- Rizwan Abdul Hayi. Director Revenue Assurance
Worldcall Telecom Limited, Pakistan
We have shared more experiences during these sessions. This training gives me another view of Revenue Assurance based on new environments of telcos industries. I now definitely know that RA has to help all operational departments to achieve the company purpose, that is maximizing revenues and reducing risks and cost.
Very happy that I could join this revenue assurance foundation training. It is an excellent training for those who want to improve their knowledge to do revenue assurance better.
- Jarot Widyatmoko, Senior Officer Revenue Assurance
PT. Telekomunikasi, Indonesia
I think this class is useful for the internal audit staff because it highlights different risks in telecoms organizations and introduces the standards for RA.
- Abdulkarim Ahmed Alhinai, Senior Auditor Technology Audit
Omantel, Oman
It was a good experience and we covered almost all aspects of the foundation course that would help for better understanding of the assurance process.
- Muhammad Azhar Saeed, Assistant Chief Internal Auditor
WorldCall Telecom Limited, Pakistan
This was an excellent opportunity to assess where we are and assure that we follow best practice to close any loops. A wonderfully structured approach that reduces the need for guess work and "on the spot" decision making. This allows the RA agent to truly enable the company to maximize revenue.
- Marinda Groenewald, Manager, Revenue Assurance
Neotel (Pty) Ltd., South Africa
The RA Certification class was very informative, interactive and comprehensive in its coverage of all the key aspects of Telecoms Revenue Assurance. I really enjoyed debating and discussing various scenarios and practical applications with Rob and the other participants. I would recommend this course to any telecoms revenue, business or financial manager seeking greater insight into the revenue workings of the industry.
- Floyd Munetsi, Senior Manager: Revenue Assurance
Altech Autopage Cellular, South Africa
The course has actually enabled us to: Separate politics from actual RA work and apply scientific methods in executing our duties and position ourselves in the organization as a clear and real value-add function that is seen to contribute to ROI maximization versus revenue leakage policing.
- Neotel, South Africa
The class was an eye opener and will definitely be of great value to my company and myself.
- Weddington Masawi, Senior Manager: IT Audit
Nkonki, Inc., South Africa
Excellent! A great job of providing this relevant course! It was very enriching, very eye opening, and very beneficial! Thanks & regards.
- Sekola Phakoe, Coordinator: MIS
Vodacom, Lesotho
I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues! I understand revenue assurance better. Louis made it look easy and simple to understand the complicated course material.
- Matlhogonolo Seabo, Assistant Billing Manager
Sentech, South Africa
Well streamlined and very well delivered course. Definitely a must attend for all Revenue Assurance staff /Internal Auditors.
- Monica Nankya, Systems Audit
MTN, Uganda
Wonderful course......made me understand the telecoms business better! I would definitely recommend it for any auditor, fraud practitioner or revenue assurance practitioner in telecoms to take the course.
- Joshua Mukwaila, Internal Audit Manager
Zambia Telecommunications Co., Zambia
It is good to finally understand Greek. This course has provided me with a detailed insight into the operations of a Telco.
- Shepherd Mwanza, Manager, RA & Fraud Mgmt
Zambia Telecommunications Co., Zambia
This class was excellent for people who are serious about understanding Revenue Assurance in Telcos.
- Brian Mungofa, Audit Partner
Nkonki, Inc, South Africa
The knowledge I received at GRAPA Academy will help me so much in organizing and performing my RA activities better. Following the GRAPA standards many control points will be much effective.
- Baltazar T Ngomane, Revenue Assurance Analyst
TDM, Mozambique
Wonderful training course! If my company decides, I would like to take a fraud training course. I enjoyed the course and was good to know people who actually know what RA is.
- Bernardino Bazar, Revenue Assurance
MCel, Mozambique
I enjoyed the class thoroughly. I learned a LOT. The way Louis has been able to break the chaos and confusion down to understandable bite-size chunks has been great. I walk away a richer professional.
- Attie du Plessis, Junior Systems Analyst
4C IT Software Solutions, South Africa
Although many of the items were familiar, it was good to know that we, as an RA Department, are working on the correct things and moving in the right direction. I will also be taking away a number of new things that we can look at and perform and change the way we look at certain things. This course has definitely added value for me. I wish I had done this course years ago. It will definitely not only benefit anyone working in RA but also people working in other areas of the business.
- Andre Viljoen, Principal Specialist: Revenue Assurance
Vodacom, South Africa
Excellent course and a must do for finance and audit managers.
- Abel Apollo Bogatsu,Group General Manager Finance
Botswana Telecommunication Corporation , Botswana
Louis did a tremendous job covering Telco Revenue Assurance. He made the experience very informational.
- Elizabeth Connors, Quality Auditor
 Bell Canada Enterprises, Canada
The course gives you a general understanding of Revenue Assurance and the responsibilities required. The topics that are covered relate to the real world business issues and help us find out the best way to approach them after understanding the concept. A great experience, I recommend for all revenue assurance agents.
- Gilbert Soudir
 Bell Canada Enterprises, Canada
Great course! Thank you so much Louis! This course gave me the chance to enhance my learning on the Revenue Assurance Practices. I hope you have the chance to visit Djibouti one day; this course will be very beneficial to them.
- Nasra Barre, Quality Auditor
 Bell Canada Enterprises, Canada
I thought this course was a great learning experience. I have been given the tools and knowledge to take my career to the next level within Revenue Assurance.
- Giuliano Filoso
Bell Canada Enterprises, Canada
The course was extremely useful in putting my practitioner's experiences into a clear theoretical model, which is scalable over different revenue streams in current and future telco and IT environments
- Taavi Tamkivi
Skype, Estonia
Great strategic approach with practical examples of why revenue assurance needs to lead the way in today’s telecoms world. I found this course gave real knowledge and essential guidance for Management and Revenue Assurance professionals to realize the full impact in the business strategy.
- Kostas Perrikos
Excellent course; clearly identifies the areas to concentrate and work on in telecom's existing and emerging technologies.
- Mohammed Mohiuddin, System Analyst/Telecom Billing Services Unit
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
It's a good course for people seeking structure and methodology in understanding RA as a domain.
- Angelica Li, Business Consultant
Basset, Sweden
This class is a must for anyone who is involved with revenue assurance. Rob is a master of the subject and knows how to effectively communicate his knowledge to participants.
It was a great class that demonstrated how critical revenue assurance is in all aspects of the business. I left with a better understanding of the controls that need to be implemented in our business.
- Lisa Gascoigne, Vice President
Connexion Technologies, USA
The course was well delivered and the material was timely and pertinent to my current revenue assurance development needs.
- Gary Smith, Manager RA, Fraud & IA
Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd., Bahamas
As always, I've taken away valuable information on Revenue Assurance and how it pertains to our market. Throughout the week, I've formed some great relationships and lifelong contacts. I look forward to the next event from GRAPA.
- Ryan Lijertwood, Fraud Analyst
Digicel, Trinidad and Tobago
When I decided to attend the RA Foundations course with my RA team, I thought I would only be there to coach them and that the Foundations course was not for me. Only after starting the first sessions did I realized that this course was not just refreshing our knowledge but, in addition, started to enlighten us towards some misconceptions about RA.
- Mohamad Kahil, Sr. Manager, Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management
Zain, Kuwait
The training was excellent and I would strongly recommend to our management to arrange for GRAPA's Advanced Revenue Assurance training course.
- Nagarajan Subramaniam, RA Specialist Zain, Kuwait
The old man is too good, practical and clear. I would definitely want to be in his class again on other serious revenue assurance subjects.
- Parminder Singh Protiviti, Kuwait
The course has definitely benefited me, especially since I'm very new to the revenue assurance industry. The course was well structured and flowed well, but 40 hours is not enough time to take in the large amount of information. However, this provided a good picture or direction to investigate more in certain areas. Controls were my priority for each stream.
- Hanan  L Alshammari Zain, Kuwait
This training course has greatly enhanced my knowledge in revenue assurance and it has opened my eyes on a lot of issues that I did not know existed. Also, this course helped me in improving the methods I use to resolve revenue assurance issues.
- Abdullah J Al-Khateeb, Revenue Assurance Analyst Zain, Kuwait
The training is a must for all telecoms professionals or those aspiring to be in the revenue assurance business. Rob is an amazing teacher. He makes all his classes extremely interesting with his vast industry experience and exposure to telecoms worldwide. The GRAPA people are doing a great job and I wish them all the best.
- Irfan M Shaikh, Senior Consultant Protiviti, Kuwait
The training course provides the basic, as well as technical, knowledge which is required and a must for people involved in revenue assurance.
- Raghwendra Agarwal, Manager Protiviti, Kuwait
The course was very comprehensive and practical. It did provide a good level of information to better control the RA function. I highly recommend this course to anyone involved with assuring revenue or operations.
- Abdullah M Al-Qabandi, Revenue Assurance Manager Zain, Kuwait
I found good information in this course and I learned some materials that will improve my skills. Also, the teacher, Louis, was very interactive, flexible and engaging for us. So many thanks to Louis and GRAPA.
- Mushtaq Talib Khalil Zain, Iraq
I received good knowledge in this course, which will help me and support me in my job. I enjoyed this course very much, especially with the materials contents and the way the instructor treated it to make the participants focus on the course. So, in general, this course was very enjoyable and it is very important for all telco employees.
- Ahmed Najim Abdullah Zain, Iraq
I think that it is necessary for all communications companies to get this training because there is a wealth of information. I believe that GRAPA has great experience and everyone in the field of communications can take advantage of it. Thanks
- Husam Ridha Zain, Iraq
I would like to thank GRAPA for this course of training in the RA field and especially Mr. Louis for his cooperation and patience with us for answering more and more of our questions and repeating explanations when we requested more clarity and examples. Based on this training, now I have more deliverables that must be applied to my company.
- Ali Muhsen Al-Jouboori Zain, Iraq
Usually we have an impression that trainings are boring! Not in this course as I liked the instructor's initiatives in adding a smile to the course. On the other hand, I like the open mind and heart in accepting the questions that we ask and answering them.
- Ali Abi Ghaida Zain, Kuwait
This is a critical course that gives key insight into the revenue assurance professional. It's also a great experience to share with other professionals globally in order to enhance our skills. I would recommend this for every practitioner of revenue assurance.
- Vincent Sidede, Revenue Assurance Analyst
Safaricom Limited, Kenya
This is a must-have training for any revenue assurance practitioner. You think you are very excellent at your job, but trust me, this training will open your eyes and mind to a whole new big picture of revenue assurance. With the ever improving and changing technology, one needs to be part of the certified practitioner course for personal and company gain.
- Michael Lukyamuzi, Executive Revenue Assurance Risk & Fraud Management
Warid Telecom, Uganda
This course has been a very critical one in my revenue assurance career and has equipped me with vast knowledge and understanding of the telecom business and how to strengthen the telecom revenue position. Actually, this training was ground breaking and the best of its kind.
- James Bruce Busulwa, Senior Executive Revenue Assurance
Warid Telecom, Uganda
I had an excellent training experience, gaining deep concepts of revenue assurance techniques and also technical understanding on most of the wireless telecommunications technologies/revenue streams.
- Daniel Vijayaruban Samuel Thiagarajan, Director of Revenue Assurance
Telephone Systems International, India
The course gives very useful insights into the practice of revenue assurance that can directly translate into improved performance. It is interesting to realize that knowing how to fit RA into the normal organizational politics can give an RA professional visibility.
- Francis Kariuki Kamau, RA Analyst
Safaricom Limited, Kenya
I have definitely learned a lot of new controls within the five days. Listening to different issues faced by people from other organizations made me realize that….I am not alone!
- Anne S. Kilindu, Fraud and Revenue Assurance Manager
Zantel, Tanzania
First, I want to congratulate GRAPA's initiative to permit us to increase our performance, particularly for African Telecoms. I think our company/management will learn how to maximize our revenues and minimize risk.
Let's move from traditional RA to mature RA. According to the material and lessons delivered during this course, the manager I've become will move my team to more analysis and to assure margin and market for my company.
- Justice Kombila, Revenue Assurance & Subscribers Fraud Head Of Department
MTN, Congo
GRAPA is able to establish the RA Standards effectively in the telco industry through these RA certification programs. Personally, I have not experienced any training in my lifetime at an academy that knows the subject matter of RA in such an extensive manner.
- Daniel Vijayaruban Samuel Thiagarajan, Director of Revenue Assurance
Telephone Systems International, India
This was one of the most exceptional workshops I've ever attended. Best part is that it gives a full frame work of the total Revenue Assurance domain compared to just mastering at a very basic level. I'm counting the days to have the “Launch Pad” rolled out at Etisalat Afghanistan.
- Rusham Monsoor, Manager-Revenue Assurance & Fraud Mgmt
Etisalat, Afghanistan
I liked the training and especially how the networks work and making difficult things much simpler for understanding. I enjoyed the class and will definitely apply for the next mastership session.
- Orkhan Mustafayev, Director of Program Management and Business Assurance
Azerfon, Azerbaijan
The whole experience was amazing and it gave me the information I need. I will definitely join all the courses if I get the chance. I will really try to change what I am doing currently if it is less RA work.
- Ahmad Wali Usufi, Interconnect Analysis
Roshan Communications, Afghanistan
The last 5 days of the workshop was an eye opener into the world of RA. I learned how big the scope is for RA within the telecom business and how RA can positively influence the company to take the right decisions. I also would like to thank Mr. Rob for sharing his enormous experience with us and making the training very lively.
- Ajitkumar Ayyappan, Account Director
Traditional telecoms will change in the near future by replacing voice leading by packet leading. RA also must change the perspective and will take a lot of challenges.
- Justice Kombila, Revenue Assurance & Subscribers Fraud Head Of Department
MTN, Congo
Revenue Assurance Foundation training is a must for all RA Professionals. It was an unbelievably great experience and was a great class. Mr. Rob's teaching methodology is unique. I really enjoyed this training.
- Fazlerabi Momand, Senior Analyst Fraud Management & RA
Etisalat, Afghanistan
In reference to GRAPA training, I have gained a lot of new revenue assurance technical information, like how to put controls on the market, sales, interconnect, etc. To join GRAPA is to gain and increase your company revenue and punch the risk.
- Hanifullah Amiri, Chief Supervisor Fraud & RA
This was an excellent training. Best part of the training is that now I know a systematic approach to revenue assurance, which I did not possess earlier. I am planning to get the "Launch Pad" rolled out very soon!!!
- Rusham Monsoor, Manager-Revenue Assurance & Fraud Mgmt
Etisalat, Afghanistan
I learned much in the training course and improved a lot. I feel that helping the Revenue Assurance Department will be much easier from the IT perspective because knowing the business with IT will make me an expert. Thank you. I had a great time with you and I will see you later in other GRAPA courses.
- Hussam Alburaidy, Senior Business Analyst
The GRAPA Revenue Assurance Governance model proves Revenue Assurance will be of paramount strategic importance, not only to telcos but to ALL companies out there. A real eye opener!
- Ludwig Bollaerts, Founder & CEO
ATHREE, Belgium
Before the training, I'm sure that the controls learned will be useful to my Telco.
This was exactly what I was looking for! The real life examples were very good, useful and funny (in their own sad way). Thank You!
- Mari Toikka, Revenue Assurance Manager
Elisa Corporation, Finland
I recommend taking this course from GRAPA. I learned a lot of things such as the structure of networks, billing, and also how to control revenue leakage.  In addition, it is very useful to understand the revenue assurance and to prevent revenue loss.
- Saif Ali Al-Khafiri, Roaming Billing (IT)
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
Apart from the basic telecom courses I have attended, this is the best course that has been introduced by Omantel. Being a finance guy, now my knowledge is not purely limited to numbers on the financial statements. Now I also know how telecoms work when somebody makes a call until the revenue is recognized in the books. This is a great course.
- Marco M. Layco
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The course gave me insight on how the telecom business is done. Revenue assurance is very important, critical and unique to Telco. Being a hardcore accountant, I was not aware how the call originates. After attending the course, I can say that my knowledge about telecom has increased to a higher level.
- Amit  Sikaria, Manager Accounting
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The training was very beneficial. Apart from revenue assurance we have also learned the topology of the network and mediation and billing systems.
- Masoud Mohammed Salim  Al Shukairi
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The instructors have a great deal of knowledge and experience, which gave me a good understanding of the telecom field both business and technical.
- Ahmed Nasser Amur Al Saidi
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The training had a great presentation and the style of the instructor was very good. I suggest that all case studies and lectures be uploaded to the website.
- Mohammed  Moqeet ur Rab
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
It is going to be really useful in this weak economy. Until now, I needed to go to multiple internet sites to understand how various things worked, but now the five day training and the book are going to be my lifelong reference guide. In particular the games and videos were beneficial in understanding the concepts.
- Prasath Manohar
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