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Grapa has sound domain knowledge which really provided excellent end to end knowledge of telecom. I have learned a couple of key concepts as part of the training.
-Sujeet Gautam
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
This is the most practical training I have ever received and it was presented in a very user friendly way. The trainer Mr. Rob Mattison, have an excellent grasp of the domains extensive experience and most importantly, his teaching method was excellent. I would highly recommend the course to others.
-Ashok Kumar, Senior Specialist RA
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
Knowledge is power and, GRAPA, you have the power!  You managed to demonstrate an outstanding knowledge of telecom by simplifying and aligning the telecom revenue stream controls and merging operational management lenses into one line. Every day of the five days you managed to light a candle inside my high level processes. This allowed me to explore and enjoy the detailed trip. It’s like a mini telecom if not better.
-Haifa D Balfaqih, SM Financial Systems & Methods
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
New knowledge and a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to getting ahead in this field.
-Salim Said Suleiman Al Ruqaishi, Spectrum Management
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
Rob Mattison was an excellent course instructor!
-Nadeem Ilyas Qureshi
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
GRAPA’s basic course was interesting with excellent knowledge of revenue leakage in network and mediation. It also showed us possible ways of detecting fraud. I Hope to take an advanced course from GRAPA in the future!
-Mohammed Sultan Ahmed Ansari
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
Revenue assurance certification training has been a blessing to the organization and its employers! It provided the much needed direction to achieve organized objectives. This course was excellent and provided each participant the most and the best needed information and guidance.
-Zulfikar Hussain Abdulkarim Desai, Chief Auditor
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
I got an invitation from the RA department to participate in the RA training on a part time basis. I was not even sure whether to attend or not as I thought it may not be useful or relevant to me. But when I attended the first day I found the training to be well organized and complete in all aspects. It was very interactive and very useful and interesting. This training gives a strong insight into the entire telecom domain, highlighting the RA controls, lifecycle and governance.
-Janaki Ram Renganathan, Chief Engineer
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The GRAPA training methodology was very effective for Omantel. Participants from revenue assurance, networking, IT, billing mediation, information security, and wholesale business, financial and internal audit now understand the GRAPA controls for RA and have started implementing those controls.
-Khalid Latif, Senior Manager Technology Audit
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The training instructor and the course materials were excellent! The entire subject was explained in a simple language, which helped me in understanding a complex subject. The training was delivered with lots of life examples and explained in a way that has continuing relevance in our company. It was an excellent course; keep up the good work!
-Sudhakar Ippatappu
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
GRAPA training is very effective. In this training I have learned a lot about telecom systems apart from revenue assurance.
-Satish Chalapati
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
The training was a great experience for me. I had a lot of misconceptions in my mind, but after attending the training my concepts regarding telco applications are much better. I do appreciate the effort of all the GRAPA members who came for the training, especially Mr. Rob Mattison.
-Muhammad Naveed
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
In my opinion, this training was very good and beneficial. It covered the most important areas in the telecom sector. I was very interested; hence I gained a lot of technical knowledge in different areas. The discussion was very useful. This training was value added and I am really interested in attending an advance training related to these areas in telecom.
-Mohammad Al Lawati
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Prior to this, RA was Greek and Latin. Now it is more English to me and will help me with the basics of my work.
-Rajesh Dhakappa
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
This has been one of the best decisions I have had in my career. This is the best training for those who are in the telecom business. I call such training a one window for the endless Telco. You can know all the ins and outs together with revenue leakage skills.
-Imran Samad
Omantel, Sultanate of Oman
I have gotten a lot of knowledge from this course that I am sure will be useful for my support of RA and fraud users. Thank you very much; I enjoyed this class a lot.
Overall this course is good. But sometimes you talk very fast.
The instructor has very deep knowledge and experience in Revenue Assurance to share with the students. However, it would be good if the content provided was mentioned in the handouts since sometimes, it was too fast for me to catch up.
This course is very useful for Internal Audit of the telco industry. They can apply these standard practices to their audit of revenue cycles.
-Konnasa Narasrekun, Unit Head of IT audit
DTAC, Thailand
This class provides extensive knowledge of RA in various areas, which allow me to do the jump starts and can be applied to my future work.
-Chatchawan Jaratruangdamrong, Business Analyst
DTAC, Thailand
This course is terrific.  Though it is tough and comprehensive, it is worthwhile for the time spent.
-Kris Charoenpol, Head of Internal Control
GRAPA has given me a clear understanding of the common RA. I wish everyone who works with or is related with the RA function would take the GRAPA course. Thank you for sharing all the RA knowledge!
-Kosol Withoonsomboon, TG Finance Controller
DTAC, Thailand
Rob Mattison took us through five days of an eye opening course. It showed us a scientific standards based approach to RA and what it should be all about. I wish I had experienced this course when I started my Revenue Assurance Role!!
-Abbas Hasan Kizilbash, Senior VP of Business Protection
DTAC, Thailand
From this course, I learned to understand the fundamental knowledge of how the telecom business works, gets revenues and gains margin.  It gives me more confidence in working with technical guys and new technology.
-Chaichana Aunsuwan, Financial Planning and Control
DTAC, Thailand
I am quite new to the telco industry. This course has helped me understand more about the telco business and how the revenue is generated. I think that this course is very useful for people in any telco company.
-Veena Ananthawal, Supervisor-Operational Audit Unit
DTAC, Thailand
A must for RA personnel, Network Engineers, Internal Auditors, Internal Controllers and people who want to know what the RA for telco biz is. I would recommend these techniques, which are very practical and up-to-date, to everyone.
-Phakhanatsiri Anantasawek
DTAC, Thailand
This course was very good. It has increased my knowledge of Revenue Assurance very much. Thank You!
-Worawan Kochaphan, Governance and Internal Control
DTAC, Thailand
This course was very useful and applicable to my job.
-Patarapa Chalermwongsawei, Governance and Internal Control
DTAC, Thailand
GRAPA was excellent in providing a beginning to end view of the Revenue Value Chain. Rob showed us areas that might have problems and gave us specific solutions. The GRAPA Framework is comprehensive and provides systematic ways to implement the controls.
-Teerasak Youyongwatanakul
DTAC, Thailand
From beginning to end, the variety and essential skills for RA people was fantastic. Everything you need to know is in this class!
-Tawee Thanhakarnjanakul
DTAC, Thailand
Nice to see you, Rob and Ida. Thank you very much for all the great knowledge. I hope I have the chance to attend your class again.
-Rawiwan Prompahagul, IT Audit
DTAC, Thailand
Before attending this session, we as a part of Revenue Assurance, didn't know what the responsibility of RA was, but now at least we know what the right direction to head is and how we can make things work.
-Sufyan Murtaza,  Risk and Assurance Specialist
Telenor, Pakistan
I gained refreshing and useful knowledge on Revenue Assurance Standards. I highly recommend it to all RA Professionals as a "self-realization" on both RA strategies and approach.
-Mohd Zulhabri Mat Daud, Risk and Assurance Management
Digi Telecommunications, Malaysia
Before GRAPA and taking the RA course, I had a very limited knowledge of the telco business. You have advised and trained me on how to see the telco in a broader way with a more technical, logical and financial way in ensuring success in this business.
-Kotchakorn Lappichate,  TG Finance Controller
DTAC, Thailand
Rob has given me insight and knowledge on my work as an RA professional. He has also provided me, not only the information and facts that I needed, but also on interpersonal skills on how to deal with other people in the other departments. He also helped me on how to tackle issues and to keep a lookout on new issues that may be coming my way. Best of all, he taught me how to put a value on the work that I have done for my company.
-Jennifer Yen, Assistant Manager
DST Communications Sdn Bhd, Brunei Darussalam
The course provides a great source of invaluable information. The controls provided will be most useful.
-Pamela P Thai, Acting Manager
SingTel Optus Pty Ltd, Australia
The RAF training provides a practical approach to making sense of the scope and responsibilities of an RA practitioner. It also provides framework so that an RA professional can be thorough and relevant to the business revenue.
-Adrian Christopher Alan Keet. Business Solutions Director
Neural Technologies, Malaysia
The course has really changed my perspective about the purpose of RA and the value it can deliver to a Telco.
-Mario Ermacora, Sr. Solutions Architect
MDA, Australia
The course provides a very good opportunity to look at how easily many important revenue assurance controls are missed by operators. Its contents are well organized.
-Stephen Cheang, Business Development Director
Neural Technologies, Malaysia
GRAPA standards provided me with a very interesting and complete control framework together with technical knowledge. This class is a powerful tool for RA practitioner.
This training takes you to the next level of awareness of what you can achieve with the concepts, proven technique and tools provided by peer RA colleagues all around the world. It is up to you now what you do with this opportunity given for RA excellence in your company.
-Luis Hunt, RA Application Manager
Setar NV, Aruba
I, without any reservation, and with immense pleasure recommend anyone who is in need of structured applicable knowledge to attend this training and provide your employer with a well deserved return on training investment.
-Boitumelo Gabaake-Kauta, Head of Revenue Assurance & Credit Management
Botswana Telecommunication Corporation, Botswana
The GRAPA course has given me an extra head start to do my job as an internal auditor. RA is no longer a black box for me. I now have the tools to do RA and manage my department.
-Arnold Brouwer, Manager Internal Audit
Setar N.V., Aruba
Louis and Patricia proved an excellent learning experience that covered a large amount of imperative topics in a digestible and meaningful manner. Certification was absolutely worth it and I would recommend it for anyone involved in any aspect of telco management.
-Christopher Welch, CoGS Engineer
I normally get bored and fall asleep in these sessions, but the instructors were lively and knowledgably and the material was relevant.
Steve Parker, Software Engineer/Mediation Specialist
This course is a capstone that brings together the network, architecture, commercial, and business elements of a telco. A must-do for every telco operator of the day!!
Vinay Sreerama, Manager - Business Development
Cisco Development India Pvt. Ltd, India
A necessary update of my RA knowledge.
Igor Sanabria, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Director
Trilogy, Dominican Republic
After attending the Practitioner and Executive Revenue Assurance courses at GRAPA I’m convinced anyone who manages risk to revenue would benefit from this training.  The curriculum and standard approach GRAPA provides for managers and professionals significantly accelerates the level of understanding needed to bring high value Revenue Assurance practices to your organization. 

The presentation of very complex topics is delivered in a simple manner with an effective problem solving approach that every Revenue Assurance professional will appreciate.  Attendees will leave with the confidence they can effectively plan for known Revenue Assurance issues today as well as apply a standardized process to the future.
- Matt Dodson, Business Solutions V.P.
Neural Technologies Limited, USA
GRAPA completely changed the way I was thinking about and doing Revenue Assurance. I was doing revenue assurance based upon my best practice and knowledge. GRAPA has showed me what real RA is based on, standards from revenue mapping to revenue recognition. and how to maximize revenue in my company. I highly recommend this training for anyone in the field of revenue assurance.
-Mustafa Ozair Ghayoor, Asst. Manager Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance
Etisalat Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Highly recommended training for people related to RA and fraud in the telco industry. Lots of learning, great experience, new deep professional scope.
GRAPA training has really enlightened me about telcom operations and my role as an officer to be proactive in my company and my duties In the real sense. That is to identify, quantify, report leakages / risks and put necessary controls in place, having in mind the revenue of telecoms which is cost x change.
-Beatrice B Eluwole
This program was beneficial to what I do on a daily basis. I can walk away feeling armed with the tools I need to correctly do my fraud examinations. I learned things that I never would have been exposed to and for that, GAPA, I thank you.
-Donte P Douglas, Network Transport Accounting Manager
Connexion Technologies, United States
Being new to revenue assurance, this was a fantastic course to get to know revenue assurance in a theory and structured format before having to apply it to the company structure.
-Jennifer Miles, Revenue Assurance Manager
Bell Canada enterprises, Canada
The course content covers Telcos as far as what Fraud, Internal Audit, Revenue Assurance should know. Before the training I had problems with e-network topology but I can comfortably say I know more. I would recommend GRAPA training to all those without engineering background. Thanks Team.
-Dick Kamukama Agaba, Senior Internal Auditor
The course was very informative and insightful. Practical and realistic material was presented and the ideas and concepts were very prevalent in today's environment. The course will definitely enable me to become a better revenue assurance manager and add more value to my organization.
-Gireen Naidu, Revenue Assurance Manager
Cell C, South Africa
This course was an absolute eye opener. For me this was extremely a must and very useful. Getting to learn all the controls, all about the principals upon which this function was built on, and how many advantages one can derive from the appropriate implementation of these controls and assurance.
-Gerhard Novengi, Internal Auditor
An excellent course with an in-depth look at all the elements of the telecommunications network that touch the revenue assurance value chain and has the impacts on operators margins. The course material is of good value and a source of references to the revenue assurance professional.
-Tony Short, Revenue Assurance Technical Manager
Cell C, South Africa
GRAPA certification for revenue assurance offered the best knowledge of revenue assurance principals and operation standards. This program has equipped me to understand how to streamline our companies RA operation standard to the understanding and expectation of the entire company and how to increase profitability of company through revenue assurance control principles.
-Siphiwe Dlamini, Revenue Assurance Project Manager
Cell C, South Africa
This training puts it all together no matter the experience and number of years in the industry. It is one training where you will understand why Telcos operate the way they do.
-Sekoala Tsukulu, Manager
This training is really the fundamental for all teams working in the revenue assurance division. With those notions we are capable of minimizing the leakage and giving good information to management for good decisions. It's very good for all.
-Patrick Tshimanga Kapuba, Revenue Assurance/ Fraud Specialist
Vodacom, DRC
This training was very instructive and the instructor and his team are very sympathetic. The knowledge gathered was very valuable and useful.
-Patrick Nkenda Nzayi, Revenue Assurance/ Fraud Specialist
Vodacom, DRC
For basic understanding of the revenue assurance function this is an excellent course. The content is really in-depth and relevant. After attending this course you are guaranteed to learn something new and something you will do better within your operation. Most of all, Nikki made the course and stay very enjoyable. SHE is AWESOME!!!
-Msimisi N Fakudze, Revenue Assurance Analyst
I can definitely recommend the Revenue Assurance Starter Kit Program for all telco professionals, especially those new to the Revenue Assurance discipline. I experienced many moments over the three days and my favorite take away from the course is the action plan with details about my personal commitment of how i am going to change the way I currently do revenue assurance. Thanks Rob and Team for a great training experience.
-Candice Arendse, Revenue Assurance Manager
Cornastone Telecommunications, South Africa
The course is very interesting. It helped me with many unknowns that I had on various topics. I would like to do the second part of the course as it is very interesting.
-Oscar Monsalve Rincon, Analista de Aseguramiento del Ingreso
Tigo, Colombia
I learned about telecom and the possible fraud, this very important for my world in MIC. Additionally, I learned about the follow up between revenue assurance and sox compliance.
-Kattia G Fonseca Camacho, Regional Compliance Officer
Tigo, El Salvador
The course is very helpful to focus and guide the department of Revenue Assurance.
-Giovanna Sanchez, Analistas de RA
Tigo, Colombia
I learned the basis to implement controlled relations with revenue assurance. Also understood the difference between sox controls and revenue assurance controls and the objectives of each other. I learned to use the equipment of the network and how these work in the prepaid, post paid and interconnect services.
-Francisco Tobar, SOX Officer - Tigo Home
Tigo, El Salvador
The course has, in a big way, widened my horizons as the how the gap between revenue assurance and fraud can be closed. It has also taught me ways and means of once and for all drying out revenue loss via fraud and leakage.
-Erick Ujiji, Consultant
Basset Global, Sweden
As a vendor, the objective was to gain knowledge and understanding of revenue assurance that was independent, unbiased and a mix of operator and training experiences that described challenges and issues of RA. The training course was beneficial to me to understand and improve sales, presales activities and ensure customer needs. This will also allow us to provide input into product evolution.
- Luke Taylor, Commercial Director
Neural Technologies, United Kingdom
One of the richest experiences of my life. On this training, I was presented to the real revenue assurance world, what is really valuable for telcos to maintain their revenue safe, plus the rich culture exchange with professionals of all parts of the world.
-Rodrigo Rodrigues, Deployment Engineer
Neural Technologies, Brazil
The Revenue Assurance Foundation training is a very good overall training which provided me with a total foundation from the network to the collection of money. All risks from very early beginning are pointed out.
-Jos Opschoor
Ziggo, Netherlands
I really enjoyed participating in the Revenue Assurance Foundations Program. It helped me to get a structural way of analysis and acquire some technical telco background to perform in a professional way the revenue assurance at Mobistar.
- Son Nguyen, Revenue Assurance Manager
Mobistar, Belgium
The content and the instructors of this training, organized by GRAPA, were great. I've gained lots of information and experience changes which are very useful and which will be used by me in the future investigations and analyses.
-Mikail Mahmudov, Fraud & Credit Control Unit Specialist
Azercell, Azerbaijan
The Revenue Assurance Foundations course is the best training course I have ever attended. The instructor is very, very knowledgeable and the topics covered are so detailed and relevant. I definitely will apply what I had learned in my work.
-Edmond Lim, Manager
DST Communications, Brunei
It’s difficult to imagine that I could have got this level of relevant, detailed information from anywhere else. Attending this course has definitely improved my ability to perform my job.
-Adrian Harris, Senior Consultant
Neural Technologies, United Kingdom
The training provided me with a solid understanding of the best practice and approach to Revenue Assurance. There are too many wrong ways to assure the business. This course provides a structured, logical approach.
-Hayley Daniels, Senior Business Development Consultant
Neural Technologies, United Kingdom
This course has completely developed my way of thinking toward what Revenue Assurance actually is. Although a massive amount of content has been covered, the week has given me a great sense of clarity and I feel confident that I can now return to my company with a greater understanding of the bigger picture.
-James Buxton, Revenue Assurance Officer
Manx Telecom, Isle of Man
The course was an excellent review of all telecom revenue streams.
-Antonio Baretta, Solutions Architect
Ericsson, Ireland
Excellent program. The structure and framework for the training was structured so it gave good insight of the basic fundamentals which helped in understanding overall big structure of telco and revenue assurance within. I am planning to attend and looking forward for the future programs.
- Sivakumarbabu Muthuswamy Balasubramania, Business Development Manager
United Kingdom
The revenue assurance course was relevant to current situations and gave a thought provoking insight onto the risks that arise at all levels of a telco I would recommend the course to my colleagues and any telco passionate about securing their revenue.
-Mbakiso H. Khupe
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
Rob’s general knowledge is brilliant, and he highlights how things will work if the methodologies are used. This is the key, because with a new technology, you wonder what your angle should be. With the principals, it is much easier to approach. His examples are spot on.
-Douglas Jardine
This has been a great networking opportunity that has been very useful because people are from different backgrounds and companies.” The attendees at this particular training came from very different roles. Some are vendors. Some are working at telecoms, “And everyone is telling his story. I am learning more, not just from the content of the training, but from the others that are there. I think we all are learning from real life scenarios.
-Dherar A AlReshaid
The GRAPA handbook has become such a convenient tool for finding solutions to many, if not all the difficulties, in my everyday job. With the information provided by GRAPA, I have been able to explore the cracks into which most revenue that should have been realized falls into. If it had not been for the information in the handbook I could have not identified and tackled some of the problems with network infrastructure and revenue management.
-Reginald Masenyane
The training for me was exciting because, although I have attended some revenue assurance workshops before, I now have more experience on the job. The experience combined with the training has helped me to better understand the concepts we discussed and to envision how everything fits into the over all picture.
-Chijioke Obuna
I’m forming a better picture of defining what the scope of revenue assurance is and how to translate that so management understands. 
-Raynner Okpara
The information in the training is very relevant and I have learned things that I plan to use. The standards are important as we establish the professionalism of this role. I read Rob’s Revenue Assurance Handbook, and wanted to be GRAPA certified.
-Rodrigo Valencia
I can see within the GRAPA training, there are things that span the whole of the telco world: interconnect, mediation systems and the CDRs. And billing systems cross into everything. There is definitely a lot I can use, and I've been making a to-do list and have been listing the people I want to talk with. I have a lengthy checklist I’m taking back with me.
-Jen Olson
The training was a very good experience for me. I gained an incredible amount of insight and knowledge and learned how to approach the specific revenue assurance situation in my country. I used techniques mentioned at the training to help my managers understand what was needed to have an effective revenue assurance department.
Through GRAPA training, I had a better understanding of what revenue assurance team is doing right now, what their standards should be and what we should assign to other assurance functions.
-Ahmed Ezzat
The benefit of the GRAPA training is that the instructor has given me such a thorough overview. He went into the technical aspects, and that has helped me appreciate the revenue assurance challenges that operators face. Without that background, I did not understand things from an engineer’s standpoint. However, the training has clarified the whole picture for me. 
-Solomon Igbayue
This might sound patronizing; I remarked to the group yesterday that apart from the decision to marry my wife, coming to the GRAPA training is probably the next best thing I have ever done. It’s been quite an enlightening experience for me.
-Kennith Aigbinode
High level approached on the course by lecture helped me to align myself with the modern world. Wish there could be refresher so that we continue to expand our knowledge on the controls. I strongly recommend it for other networks.
-Moshe G. Koitsiwe, Business Support Supervisor
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
Before the course I did not have a full understanding of most areas of the telco business and how they relate to my area of expertise. Thanks to Grapa I now know how I can improve my work because I understand the processes better!!
-Lesego T. Letsapa, Roaming Business Analyst
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
The course was very beneficial and provided a clear framework at how Revenue Assurance fits into the other operational departments of a telco. Responsibilities at each department were clearly mapped out and the risks that these departments are exposed to where identified as well as controls that should be implemented.
-Palesa M. Machacha, Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance Analyst
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
I joined mobile telecoms about seven years ago on the business side and never really took the time to thoroughly appreciate the technical side this was the perfect opportunity for me to do so.
-Onkutule E. Masima, Distribution and Campaigns Manager
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
A very enlightening course and the instructor was very good.
-Amantle Mothuti, Network Engineer
This course has taught me a lot not only about revenue assurance for telcos but for aspects of any industry how they can reduce revenue loss and minimize risks.
-Tumelo Ndlovu, Credit Controller
The training was very important to me; it answered all the questions that I had before as a Revenue Assurance officer. I have learned what my core activities are and the values that I bring in to the company the importance of quantification and compliance.
-Tapaphiwa Nsengathekwe
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
The course was quite good. But I would have appreciated if, for us non technical students, the instructor to take us through the basic terms of technical. The material is also too much to grasp in a period of a week. I liked the fact that he mapped everything in real life situations.
- Ikageng Cathy Ramorukuru, Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance Officer
Mascom Wireless, Botswana
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