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    I believe that all information about RA and Fraud will be very useful and I think that, in my daily work, will help me to identify and do better in my job. Thanks a lot for all of the stuff and I am very happy to have this kind of learning experience.
    -Ignacio Ruiz, Experienced Business Consultant
    Ericsson, Mexico
    As an RA consultant, this course provides very useful content in order to support our clients in their RA functions. It also helped us to understand how a traditional RA department works.
    -Alonso Guerra, Senior Consultant
    Ericsson, Mexico
    As an Internal Auditor, I felt I was lacking in knowledge about the most important part of a telecom: everything that has to do with revenue. After the course, I have a lot of extremely useful knowledge about how the essential processes in the telecom business works as well as how to assure them with the standards.
    -Arnold Brouwer, Internal Auditor
    Setar N.V., Aruba
    The practical information and experience provided in the certification training is very useful to me and my telecommunication company as RA practitioners. It gives you all the tools to set up your RA department to fulfill your responsibilities.
    -Luis Hunt, Data Mediation and RA Application Manager
    Setar N.V., Aruba
    Enjoyed a great week of training with the best team of people-- from Rob's expertise, Louis' hospitality, Nikki's assistance, etc. I would love to return and re-unite with my GRAPA family.
    -Ryan Lijertwood, Head of Business Risk for Trinidad
    Digicel, Trinidad and Tobago
    The training motivated me to learn and expand my knowledge of a telco; that working in a silo will not bring the greatest benefit to my company.
    -Martyn Vitale, Manger Revenue Assurance
    Bell Canada Enterprises, Canada
    I admit that I gained a comprehensive knowledge and experience related to RA functions, roles and responsibility. It provided me the excellent approach of preparing the RA road map. Thanks a lot to Rob, Louis and Theo.
    -Ahmed Said Salim Al Riyami, Senior Manager, Revenue Assurance & Risk
    Omantel, Oman
    Today telecom business is one of the dynamic developing areas and RA becomes more valuable day by day. I'm sure that in the near future all telco companies will implement RA in their areas because the technically changing environment makes it a necessity. GRAPA is the best and most unique professional company in RA and I advise every Telco to gain GRAPA knowledge.
    -Azer Israfilov, Head of Risk Management and Financial Control
    Azercell Telekom, Azerbaijan
    It is a course that must be taken by anyone who would like to be a professional in Revenue Assurance. It is about revenue assurance concepts and standards.
    -Ali A Alharbi, Director of RA/FM
    STC, Saudi Arabia
    I really appreciated this course because I learned things I can add to my fraud strategy for my company.
    -Jean Yves Kouame, FMS&RA Project Manager
    Moov Côte d'Ivoire, Cote d'Ivoir
    Overall, I have found the material, subjects and discussions very useful. I loved the first two days regarding new products and also new technology like GPRS and wimax. To add more value to these subjects, I think that it would be much better if you could have some workshops to show how in reality we should apply these lessons. Data course was not very interesting for me. I think you should work more on the materials. The feeling that I got from data was its just theory.
    -Leila Hakemifar, Fraud and Business Intelligence Manager
    MTN Irancell, Iran
    I gained a lot of knowledge and experience of RA. It is adding value to the way of managing RA departments. It showed me the professional way of managing, monitoring and control of the company revenue stream. Thanks a lot to GRAPA and to Rob.
    -Ahmed Said Salim Al Riyami, Senior Manager, Revenue Assurance & Risk
    Omantel, Oman
    The course was an eye opener for what is happening on a telco environment and also where most of the leakage can happen.
    This training was an eye opener to all the operations of a telco and the gaps to revenue that go unnoticed. I benefited a lot and will implement what I learnt from now on.
    Comprehensive, realistic and extensive insight on the importance of RA in all aspects of telecommunications across functional departments.
    -Mpho V Mokgosi, Product Manager, Voice and Data
    Botswana Telecommunication Corporation, Botswana
    Recommend the course for the rest of the staff, and probably to be part of induction to new BTC employees.
    -Lindie Mokgotle, Accountant
    Botswana Telecommunication Corporation, Botswana
    Course was an eye opener especially as a finance person and was ignorant in most technical areas. Now I am more informed. Excellent.
    - Chelesile Malele, Business Unit Manager
    Botswana Telecommunication Corporation, Botswana
    I’ve been in telecoms for 15 years, and I’ve never known about all these very important things. And it’s not difficult or complicated, in fact, the way the class is structured, it’s all so easy to understand now.
    -Finance Manager, Middle Eastern Telco
    Although I am an experienced Accountant and Systems Auditor, this course validated what I know is good practice. It is very essential for a Manager in a Telco to attend this course because it will enrich their experience and enhance their capability, as well as productivity.
    - Robert Gatonye, Finance & RA
    Leo, Namibia
    This experience is a valuable resource for any professional looking to improve his career and who strives to improve his daily work. I definitely would advise any person who wants to now the real truth about RA and Fraud in Telcos, to take these two certificates.
    - Yonne de Castro, Security Analyst
    NetOne, Angola
    The course was an eye-opener to me. It changed my view which was very myopic on what Revenue Assurance is. It is a unique training course with a valuable knowledge database which one cannot find anywhere else.
    - Juliat Nematadzira, Information Systems Auditor
    NetOne, Zimbabwe
    This was the most eye-opening and enlightening course. I learned so much and there is a lot to implement when I get back to the office. I'm now a real fraud prevention expert.
    - Kano Leping, Senior Specialist Forensic Analysis
    Vodacom, South Africa
    Before, I have put and done some controls without really knowing how to clarify them. Now, after the training, the first thing that I am going to do is the restructuration of my controls and to really complete some other ones which may help me secure my company.
    - Gianni Razafimandimby, Chef de Projet Data Management
    Telma, Madagascar
    Attending the GRAPA course opens up a new dimension for Revenue Assurance and Billing practitioners as the modern Telco lives in the middle of revenue loss and risk. So big and un-imaginable is the revenue exposure of most telcos, yet they are oblivious of this fact and indeed leak massive revenues through processes, fraud, poor product design, inaccurate margin analysis and other leakages. The GRAPA course provides the modern Telco with tools to combat these challenges.
    - Simon Peter Bukenye, Billing Manager
    The course content was so valuable, that all telecom managers and Revenue Assurance professionals need to attend. I like the way that delivery of the material was simplified so you don’t need to be technically proficient to digest the content and understand the risks telecoms businesses face.
    - Dani Zewi, Senior Internal Auditor
    MTN, Uganda
    Practical training to solve RA challenges.
    - Douglas Jardine, Revenue Assurance Specialist
    Vodacom, South Africa
    This course is really appropriate and useful for RA executives. Through this course, all the experience and knowledge from different companies can be shared. As a conclusion, I really appreciate the knowledge that I gained from this course and I recommend all RA personnel to attend this course.
    - Hanim Abd Hamid, RA Analyst
    Celcom, Malaysia
    The training was fun. I got to learn a lot from the expert instructors as well as the discussions with other participants. Because I got to see different ways of doing things, I was able to benchmark these with our practices.
    - Alexander Arroza, Sr. Manager
    Globe, Philippines
    The training in Kuala Lumpur was indeed one of my most treasured events in my life. I consider it another milestone in my career as a Revenue Assurance Professional. Being recognized and certified by a well respected group like GRAPA is really something very inspiring to continue my endeavor and passion in the field of protecting telcos in revenue leaks and frauds. GRAPA training and certification is a "MUST" to ALL Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Professionals working in the Wireless as well in the Wireline Telco. This is, I think, the best organized body where RA/FM professionals would acquire continuing learning in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management.
    - Allan Punzalan, Senior Specialist-Technical/IT/Financial Audit
    Globe, Philippines
    The TFA II training provided me with an eye-opening view of a wide scope of fraud in telecoms that needs looking into. A centralized and organized approach in fighting fraud in a very fluid environment is indeed a challenge and the training gave me that much-needed insight on how to go about it. Knowing that somewhere special people are also doing what I do makes me feel more motivated in my line of work.
    - Christopher Mark Pineda, Supervisor
    Smart, Philippines
    I found a good opportunity in learning from two excellent instructors. Their combined experience in Revenue Assurance and Fraud and dynamic methods help you to learn how to do your best. Thank you very much Rob Mattison and Louis Khor.
    - Badee Awwad, Revenue Assurance Supervisor
    Wataniya, Palestine
    The training was excellent! I enjoyed it very much and at the same time, I learned much more than I've expected. Training was delivered clearly by the instructors and examples were shown, making it easier to understand the issue. Overall, I really appreciate the info we obtained and hope, really hope, to be able to attend whole week of training and get the GRAPA certificate.
    - Nur Diyana Muhammad Ramlan, Revenue Analyst Executive
    Celcom, Malaysia
    GRAPA Training met our needs and covered the most central points. I like it and feel it is important for all RA and FM to follow the standard to save and assure the company's revenue.
    - Elsmoal Osman, Revenue Assurance Senior Analyst
    Zain, Sudan
    You get to learn much more in these 2 days of training than you would by attending Fraud or RA forum for one week. The information given is based on facts and years of experience in the industry.
    - Koh Kuan Wong, Senior Consultant
    Digi, Malaysia
    The course is very much beneficial for anyone who works in RA and Fraud department. It opens my eyes for a lot of new things.
    - Aqeel Al Ali, Fraud Analyst
    Batelco, Bahrain
    The training is a real 5 days crash program to review your concepts from all perspectives (technical, analytical, financial, political, etc). It definitely adds value to RAFM people to reconceptualize their ideas and approaches.
    - Muhammad Arefin Shahriyar, Specialist, RAFM
    Grameenphone, Bangladesh
    Eye opening, useful insight.
    - Henk-Jan van Geldere
    An eye opener! This course has enabled me to become more aware of the complexity within the telecom sector. Furthermore [it allowed me to become more aware of] how I can contribute to improving the Revenue Assurance within my business unit.
    - Ilona Krjukova
    This course helped me to understand more about the methodology of Revenue Assurance and how the technical components in the network are put together. All is explained in a very lively manner by the trainer Rob Mattison.
    - Petra van der Bijl, Financial Controller
    I thought the training was very exciting and going enough into depth without making it boring.
    -Tamara Berben
    Great holistic view of Revenue Assurance. Very valuable for anyone that is involved in revenue processes.
    - Ruud Schelleekens, Senior Consultant
    The course provided a very well-structured description of RA from the ground up which will be very useful for my role in  the future. I would recommend the course to anyone working in or dealing with Revenue Assurance.
    - Ben Dale, Project Co-ordinator
    Roscom, United Kingdom
    Very useful training to get the bigger picture of RA and inside detailed information on risk and controls for some of the revenue streams.
    - Tamara Oosterman, Advisor
    The GRAPA approach to Revenue Assurance fits to the best practices.
    - Daan Steenbakkers, Principal Manager
    PricewaterhouseCoopers, Netherlands
    The course provides a good, complete, and consistent overview of the telecom landscape, its challenges, and what it takes to secure good control over revenue related to existing and new business models.
    - Jos Baart, Director of EMEA Sales
    Martin Dawes Analytics, Sweden
    Excelente conocimiento aplicado a la empresa. Debemos ejecutarlo pronto.
    Muchas gracias.
    - Clara Inés Ruiz Rodas
    UNE, Colombia
    El curso es muy completo. Se cubre desde la topología de red hasta la creación de nuevos. Cubriendo todos los aspectos del las TELCOS y explorando los puntos que podrían causar fugas.Es un muy buen curso.
    - Paulo Cesar Quintero Uribe
    UNE, Colombia
    El curso provee información práctica sobre casos reales y teoría o principios de RA. Definitivamente es un curso intensivo que requiere concentración y empeño, pero que sin lugar a duda, agrega valor desde las perspectivas de RA, auditoría y aspectos técnicos. La profundización en algunos temas resulta impecable por el entendimiento completo de los asuntos relacionados a RA.
    - Alexis Mauricio Serna Patino, Prof. A Control Interno
    UNE, Colombia
    Fué una experiencia enriquecedora, una forma de entender de extremo a extremo- de forma transversal todo el negocio de las telecomunicaciones e identificar algunos puntos clave a considerar como posibles perdidas de ingresos
    - Juan Carlos Yepes Montoya, Subdirector Auditor Infor Y Oper Neg
    UNE, Colombia
    Fue una experiencia enriquecedora. Se aprendieron conceptos nuevos, muy importantes para entender el funcionamiento de nuestra compañía.
    - Rafael Alejandro Pelaez,Profesional Oficina de Proyectos
    UNE, Colombia
    El entrenamiento proporciona excelente información y herramientas para ser incorporadas en el día a día de los equipos de RA.
    - Catalina Maria Herrera Gomez, Subdirectora Aseguramiento De Ingresos
    UNE, Colombia
    Trabajo en la parte de facturación de UNE y en el entrenamiento recibido por GRAPA recogí muchos elementos que me permiten aportar al aseguramiento de ingresos y a comprender la sinergia que debe existir con el equipo de aseguramiento de ingresos de la compañía.
    - Yudy Mabel Benjumea,
    UNE, Colombia
    Excelente experiencia y totalmente aplicable a la empresa UNE debido a que actualmente estamos en un proceso de redefiniciones y revisión de procesos.
    - Mariluz Tejada Zapata, Analista
    UNE, Colombia
    Es muy importante saber lo que hace la mayoría de las compañías alrededor del mundo según su experiencia. Las metodologías sirven pero la vida real es lo que se usa.
    - Diego Fernando Gonzalez, Analista
    UNE, Colombia
    Es una Buena guía para afrontar los retos, los diferentes tipos de casos, conociendo realmente los intereses de la compañía y no especular tanto.
    Es una buena herramienta de trabajo que puede ser compartida con areas operativas que son las que realmente se encargan de asegurar el éxito del trabajo de RA.
    - Pamela Martines, Ingeniero de proyectos
    UNE, Colombia
    Creo que este curso nos dió muchas herramientas para poder ejecutar de mejor forma las tareas de aseguramiento de ingreso.
    También aprendi acerca de nuevos procesos y sistema donde es importante realizar análisis y poner puntos de control.
    - Paola Teresa Cardenas Arias,
    UNE, Colombia
    Fué una experiencia muy buena experiencia debido a que nos puede ayudar a enfocar el área de RA en las funciones claves que deben ser realizadas para cumplir el objetivo de maximizar los ingresos.
    - Claudia Maria Cano, Prof. C Control Interno
    UNE, Colombia
    Creo que el entrenamiento de GRAPA está muy bien estructurado, por lo tanto, me permite tener objetivos claros en el área de aseguramiento de ingresos.
    - Wilmar Alejandro Florez Chica, Professional ingeniero de Sistemas
    UNE, Colombia
    The three Revenue Assurance courses I have attended with GRAPA Revenue Assurance Academy combined the right balance of theory, practical exercises and the trainers own personal practical experience.  The courses were very informative and contained many useful aspects & effective tools that I have implemented in my workplace and opened the opportunity to think about the concepts in a thoughtful and constructively challenging setting. Specifically in clarifying my scope of work and my relation with the upper management.
    They were presented in a very professional manner by an excellent trainer Mr. Rob Mattison, and I highly recommend all colleagues in the same field around the world to attend Trainings conducted by the Revenue Assurance Academy – GRAPA.
    - Sameer Azzam, Fraud & RA Manager
    Umniah Mobile Company, Jordan
    When I came back from this training, all my colleagues automatically developed interest and are making frantic efforts to be in your next training, courtesy what they could practically see as the outcome of the training.
    Based on the intensive training on the various ways to cub revenue leakages, the necessary approval was obtained for the appropriate control forms that were developed soon after the training, to our various branch offices for immediate implementation. This has saved us unquantifiable cost.
    ACL consultants have now been engaged to partner with us in developing appropriate scripts that we can use to tract operators revenue generation from CDRs and other sources as we may direct, other that from the prepared books of the operators. This is expected to generate an additional revenue of over 500% above the current position.
    Our input on the regulators’ present bid to forcefully bring down the industry call tariff is under consideration. The recommendation was based on one of the slides of the training.
    I have a better global view of the industry and its technicalities after the training. It therefore enables me to appreciate some of the operators challenges in a more technical dimension than before.
    The course was therefore simply wonderful.
    - Solomon A. Igbayue, Operations and Process Auditor
    Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigeria
    This training has been an eye opener for me. I have come to realize what revenue assurance job is all about. I have gained a lot by attending this program. I can't wait to come back to complete the program.
    - Reginald Yeboah, RA Analyst
    TIGO, Ghana
    Tous succes a GRAPA. Mon soshanit est que ceffe organisation affeitre les 4 coins du monde. Que tous les telecoms s'affilent afin de proteger le Revenue.
    - Michee Masiala, Fraud & Risk Assistant
    As an analyst with programming background, I thought I was too smart for the job with a handful list of areas for assurance. After attending the training, obviously I couldn't be more wrong. The new knowledge attained posed as a professional challenge and yet a chance to be a real telco asset. Personally, I am more confident.
    - Samson Wasira, RA Analyst
    TIGO, Tanzania
    At the end of this class, I'm happy to confirm that something new has happened to my way of doing the Revenue Assurance job.
    - Bernard Beya
    This training was just outstanding. It'll be a shift for my experience in RA Dept. The standards will help in designing our objectives and scopes.
    - Mohammad Nadeem Joolia, Analyst
    TIGO, Mauritius
    As a learning experience, the training has outstanded my expectations. Being a new recruit and from statistical background, I have been able to situate myself accordingly with the areas for improvement for performing RA tasks as per the standards. Also, I believe the standards will greatly structure RA tasks within my telco operation.
    - Haimwatee Gudgadhurs, RA Analyst
    TIGO, Mauritius
    This training program is opening my eyes to new challenges that our industry is facing with its inherited risks. It totally achieves the shift of RA job from a leakage search perspective to risk management at revenue perspective. Moreover, I have really appreciated Rob's secrets that are very relevant in professional life. Many thanks GRAPA.
    - Papa Mamadou Diallo, Manager
    TIGO, Senegal
    I attended the GRAPA MIC level 1 training, Dubai June 2010, of how RA professionals were handling their duties as I was new in the field, but with the course going on I started loving RA as it opens ones mind into the whole company functionality.
    - Jean Bosco, Competitive Intelligence Analyst
    TIGO, Rwanda
    A must for anyone who wants to be an RA professional. The course provides valuable information about the role and responsibilities of RA and how RA interacts with other departments and organizations inside the telco environment.
    - Vimal Kishore, RA Manager
    TIGO, Mauritius
    Every time I attended the course from Rob, it opens and shows another dimension of the telco revenue and possible risk to the revenue, increase understanding of critical areas of the telco operation and possible ways to identify, quantify and report risk to management.
    - Shahid Hameed, Head of RA
    TIGO, Ghana
    This training helped me to have an extended view in my job at the revenue assurance and I recommend this training to all people who want to improve and increase their experience in this domain.
    - Hugues Mualu, Interconnect Coordinator
    It was a very useful course.
    - Husam Shelbayeh, Anti Fraud Manager
    Palestine Telecommunication Company, Palestine
    It was a very useful course.
    - Rami Ratrout, Deputy Manager
    Palestine Telecommunication Company, Palestine
    I really appreciate this course according to the huge volume of knowledge, terminology and real cases we have studied in it. I wish that many people of my company from all departments participate to this kind of trainings. Thanks GRAPA.
    - Slim Gantara, Internal Auditor
    Tunisie Telecom, Tunisia
    I'm really impressed and satisfied about the whole 5 days training and it added real knowledge and made me more friendly and attached to my field. It taught me that RA is not just a job, it is a collection of jobs and solutions in telco community. I will add more performance and will prove my value more and more in Zain Sudan.
    - Mohamed Bushra Elsheikh, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Zain, Sudan
    The course added technical background and indexed my knowledge based on revenue assurance. Thank you GRAPA and Mr. Rob who devoted his efforts for the best performance and benefits.
    - Abdulilah Sallam, FM & RA Manager
    SabaFon, Yemen
    Thank you for the great course!
    - Abdullah K. Tahboub, Financial Controller
    Umniah Mobile Company, Jordan
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