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    The training covered a wide area of RA practices and provided a good understanding of how to follow revenues from the subscriber’s handsets to accounting.  I would only recommend some additional financial control training for IT guys doing RA.
    - Douglas Raymond, Revenue Assurance Supervisor
    This course is opportune and allows me to bring much perspective to the holistic approach of Revenue Engineering.  I can now utilize the knowledge I've gained to build on/enhance what we currently do and deliver more value to the organization.
    - Lydia Courtney-Francis, Head of Business Controls and Revenue Assurance
    LIME Cable & Wireless, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    The week has been the most comprehensive week for RA that I've had in my life.  Thank you GRAPA for continuing to open my eyes and enabling me to perform my job function with better accuracy.
    - Chevano A. Cooper, Senior Associate
    Bahamas Telecommunications Company, Bahamas
    The "Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme" training surpassed my expectations.  It is a comprehensive, practical training that provides a framework and specific guidance so that RA Managers can better assure end to end.  I highly recommend that anyone involved with assuring revenue attend this training.
    - Carol Wilson, International Compliance Director
    Trilogy International Partners, USA
    I very much enjoyed the days I spent with Mr. Rob Mattison, his team and with GRAPA colleagues.  When you meet Mr. Rob, you can not help but to come away with a lot of new information and learning new techniques in Revenue Assurance and Fraud.
    - Badee’ Mohammad Awwad, Revenue Assurance Supervisor
    Wataniya, Palestinian Territory
    Me gusto mucho porque presenta de una forma clara y concisa el area de accion de los profesionales en RA.  Adicionalmente explica facilmente los componentes de la red y la relacion directa con los servicios y los productos.
    - Mauricio Alfaro, Revenue Assurance Coordinator
    The right course in billing and RA domain for any outsourcing firms.  This course definitely provides the foundation for an outsourcing firm to align its service offerings in RA and telecom billing domain.
    - Lijo Joseph, Program Manager
    Infosys BPO Ltd., USA
    Excellent coverage of the in depth issues facing RA professionals.  Building expertise from the ground up.
    - John Myers, Senior Principal – Consulting
    Blue Buffalo Group, USA
    It's my best experience in RA, Fraud and telecom network.  It's the perfect combination between knowledge, experience and the RA GRAPA Standards.
    - Amado Hernandez, Fraud Sr. Analyst
    Compañía Dominicana de Teléfonos C. X A., Dominican Republic
    The course is very interesting and will help me to improve my controls and the way to see new scenarios of leakage and how to prevent it.
    - Analia Mejia Navarrete, Prevention & Control Head
    TIGO, Honduras
    This training is the one I've been waiting for since I entered the telco industry.  It explains in simple words the network topology and the process of Postpaid, Interconnect and Prepaid Billing Systems.  It is very helpful to know the logics and GRAPA controls to assure the revenue streams of our company.
    - Arleen Melissa Ortega, Prevention and Control Supervisor
    TIGO, Honduras
    In my personal opinion, it was a good experience to improve our knowledge and improve skills.  Due to this, we have to put in practice those concepts and practices to improve the company performance and RA targets.
    - Jose Martinez, SOX Analist
    TIGO, Honduras
    Thanks GRAPA for giving me such knowledge.
    - Jorge Ibarra, Administrador de Aplicaciones
    TIGO, Guatemala
    I now have a different point of view to assure the revenue of the different billing models that my company gets.
    - Erick O Villagran, Data Warehouse Mgr
    TIGO, Guatemala
    During the week I have learned very important things that describes my context and this knowledge is going to be applied in my work.
    - Marcos F. Merida, Billing Manager
    TIGO, Guatemala
    The course was very helpful.
    - Erwin Ortiz Ortiz Paiva, Fraud Analyst
    Telecel, Bolivia
    In my personal opinion, this training was good because it helped me understand many of the terms, processes and how things work in my company.
    - Carlos G. Ovalle, Risk Analyst
    TIGO, Guatemala
    I really learned a lot about the telco business.  I appreciate all of the teachings.
    - Dennis Fernando Cabrera, Risk Analyst
    TIGO, Guatemala
    Being in this course represents for me a huge opportunity to increase my telco knowledge and encourage me to perform my job in a better way. Being a GRAPA Member definitely gives me an international support of what I'm able to do in a RA Telco Department.
    - Edna Mariela Torres, Impact and Process Analyst
    TIGO, Guatemala
    I now have new concept of the Telco Business.
    - Jorge Castellanos, Analista Revenue
    TIGO, Guatemala
    Aprendi algunos conceptos tecnicos que no tenia conocimiento de ellos. Todo Exelente.
    - Wilson Garcia, Analista de Riegos Monitoreo
    TIGO, Guatemala
    It was a great overview of the technical and administrative aspects of Revenue Assurance.
    - Roger A. Sandoval, CIO & Pricing Manager
    TIGO, Guatemala
    The training course was very useful and rich in context to develop standards, best practices and apply experiences of other countries in our operations.
    - Jorge Lopez, Revenue Assurance Head
    TIGO, Honduras
    This course confirms the importance of Revenue Assurance in the Telcos and all the skills and knowledge it takes to make a good management of Revenue Assurance.
    - Walter Alvarez, Revenue Assurance Manager
    TIGO, Guatemala
    After working in RA for a year, I had not seen the big picture until now.  This should be given at an introduction level so the new employee has a better idea of how everything works.
    - Dirk Breeuwer, CISO
    TIGO, Guatemala
    The complexity of the telecom industry requires specialized professionals, particularly in those areas where the risk is managed.  Since the revenue assurance function is now a day part of the risk management, it needs a constant knowledge update of the ra profession so GRAPA is now the way that the telecom companies have to train their personnel in this important function.
    - Carlos Navas, Fraud Manager
    Telemóvil, El Salvador
    I am not in the Revenue Assurance Department but the contents of this course are very useful to me.  The most important things are it explain all chains of the network elements, how the CDR's have been generated and how to handle the points of risk.
    - Claudia A. Salguero, Billing Coordinator
    Telemóvil, El Salvador
    The course completed my expectations.  I learned many methods to apply in the detection and control of fraud and revenue assurance.  I am glad I participated in this course and I hope to apply every concept in my job.  Thank you so much.
    - Eric W. Carbajal, Fraud Analyst
    TIGO, Honduras
    The RA training program is helping me to understand the principles, techniques and profession of Revenue Assurance.  Now I have a base to define my strategy, goals, objectives, tools and process as a Revenue Assurance Manager.
    - Cecilia Victoria Rosales, RA Manager
    Telemóvil, El Salvador
    This training opened my mind in terms of how much fraud and assurance is out there. Also, "wakes you up" in terms of how much you need to learn technically and regulatory (laws, agreements) in order to get the job done.  A very exciting experience.
    - Guillermo Valladares, Risk Management
    TIGO, Honduras
    Este curso ha sido do mucha ayuda ya y nos brinda ma referencia de como maximizar las actividades del dia a dia del grupo de aseguramiento de ingreso.  Ha sido grandiso el curso.
    - Robert Acosta, Risk Products Assurance
    Telemóvil, El Salvador
    This course is useful for all revenue assurance members to improve skills, knowledge and effectiveness at work.
    - Dennis G. Rivas, Fraud & RA Manager
    TIGO, Honduras
    When I came to the course I didn't know what to expect but as the days passed by, it all began to make sense.  I learned a lot here and will take back a lot of knowledge to put in practice when I return to my duty in Guatemala
    - Diego A Reyes, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    As a new Revenue Assurance Professional, this course sets the foundation for all future job related activities.  It was an excellent course!
    - Roberto Castaneda, Physical Security Manager
    Comcel, Guatemala
    I appreciate this program very much. It will be very useful for me in my daily work. So many thanks to GRAPA, many thanks to Sir Rob Mattison, our instructor.
    - Akim Musimwa, Fraud Analyst
    Zain, DRC
    I am a network Engineer. I knew almost nothing about RA before the training. Now, it sounds like I know everything, I mean, I know where to start looking. It was so great.
    - Salim Moanda Nsiama, Core Network Support Engineer
    Zain, DRC
    I am very happy to have attended this training. I am able to do my job more efficiently and understand the telecom architecture.
    - Jimmy Mudibu Kalonji, IT Engineer
    Zain, DRC
    The course is very practical, structured and helpful. Now I clearly understand the concepts of RA which were not very well defined. Now I see a scope of moving up in my professional life. GRAPA is making a great contribution to RA profession and professionals as well. In my opinion, it is a standard. On my side, I have to work very hard in order to be a complete RA pro.
    - Norbert  Wupona, Revenue Assurance Coordinator
    Zain, DRC
    GRAPA's class is a very interesting course.  I would recommend this class to people who want to increase their knowledge in networks. There is so much to know and learn like CAMEL, postpaid, network architecture and how all these work as far as billing is concerned.
    - Pandi Solvay, Specialist, Process Assurance
    Zain, Congo
    Well, I'd like to testify that I got exactly what I had expected. I can certify that I will be professional in my job.
    - Dido Ruessi Shamavu
    Zain, DRC
    This has been the second time I had the opportunity to follow this program over a 4 year span. I was delighted to see the quality of the training being improved further and content information enriched. The interaction in the class and sharing of experiences have been of great value.
    - Hoolass Lochee, Group RA-FM Specialist / Ag.Head of  RAFM
    Zain, DRC
    This training is very clear and important for all telecommunications industry.
    - Yves Ekinga, Prepaid Team Leader
    I think that the RA is a big challenge for Telco, and professionalism and integrity are both key factors for us. There are a lot of endless jobs in RA in terms of revenue maximization and Fraud prevention and I think it’s a great challenge for us. After this training, my mind has changed about RA and I am full of hope.
    - Youssouf Mahamat Agoub, Fraud & Business Process Specialist
    Zain, Chad
    In Zain, we say everyday; "One team, one Goal". I am from marketing and this session gave me a clean definition of revenue assurance's role and what we need to take in consideration if we need to increase revenue. We need more focus on the business and RA role.
    - Serge Mabulay, Product Development & Devices Manager
    Zain, DRC
    After this training, I have a better knowledge of how to approach RA and network. I found the best way to implement controls for revenue streams.
    - Nathalie Wella Bakoko, Business & Process Analyst
    Zain, DRC
    I am so happy after the course. I learned some strategies and technical knowledge to improve my performance at work. Rob is a great instructor but he should learn French.
    - Blaise Bolikota, Billing Assurance Analyst
    Zain, DRC
    The course was focused on the day-to-day RA functions and objectives. I am sure that most of the participants discovered how critical is the B number table controls and have gone back with an action plan on this.
    - Ephrem Mugangu
    Overall, I've had an excellent experience of this course. The content of this training is applicable to real world situations. I can say that I have become a professional in RA and I am so proud to be a GRAPA member.
    - Jérémy Kuyakana, Roaming, VAS , Interco Analyst
    Zain, DRC
    It is a very good training.
    - Roch Corneille Ngoubou, Fraud Specialist
    Zain, Congo
    I enjoyed the course. The course was a great experience for me as a newbie on the RA team. It helped me to know what I must do as RA by showing me the logic to apply and the way to do so.
    - Christian Bwanakawa, Fraud Coordinator
    Zain, DRC
    I am in charge of RA & Fraud Management in my company. My team and I run more than 200 controls requested. But, with the GRAPA RA Academy I discovered 75% of new controls that I should have implemented earlier. GRAPA increased my RA skills.
    - Ghislain Elenga Pourou, RAFM Manager
    It was a pleasure to attend the TFO seminar. It was an eye-opener to evaluate where the Fraud management function in our Telco stands. Especially liked the areas of technical knowledge (BSS, CELL, LAN, WAN etc), Cereberus, setting up of the Telco Fraud Office. Also, it was an opportunity to meet people from other Telcos/Vendors and share or learn from their experiences as well. Thanks a lot Rob!
    - Jerusha Juhi, Assistant Manager
    Idea Cellular Ltd, India
    The course content is quite comprehensive despite the fact that fraud is a wide and dynamic area. It gives good insight on what can go wrong, what are the vulnerabilities in various revenue streams in telecom including the new ones like in banking etc.
    - Ramesh Chander, Head Revenue Assurance Mobile Services
    I have attended several trainings to date, maybe more than 50+. However, this was the best training I have ever attended. The vast knowledge of Rob and the training techniques, methods and procedures is splendid! I have actually gained immense knowledge from this training. Thanks Rob and thanks GRAPA.
    - Sumeet Chatterjee, Assistant Manager
    Infosys BPO Ltd., India
    It was great to learn and get insights into the RA domain. I have got few ideas after attending the course that will help me in fixing the burning issues of a client which is a European wireless operator. Rob is a telecom genius and inspires me to be better at what I am doing.
    - Aseem Mehta, Assistant Manager
    Leading Off-Shore Company, India
    The program definitely exposes you to real life scenarios of RA. The sessions are logically arranged and presented. Rob holds a huge pool of knowledge and experience in this field. His experience helps in understanding the subject with real life examples.
    - Amit Bhura, Process Specialist
    Infosys BPO Ltd., India
    It was surprising to experience such an in-depth and exhaustive knowledge bank in one person called ROB "Ra-Operations-Book".
    - Nishant Arora, Head Process Analytics and Fraud Management
    I am happy that I am part of this training in Delhi. I suggest that you keep this training up.
    - Kabiruddin Ahmedi, Fraud Analyst
    Roshan Communications, Afghanistan
    I am an accountant by profession and currently performing some of the RA analysis and some RA reconciliation. After attending the course, I understood relevant technical aspects, control points and how I should develop RA function in the company more effectively in the future.
    - Priyal Mahendre, Accountant, Revenue Assurance
    Suntel Ltd., Sri Lanka
    Truly, the RA to the Xtreme program provides a principle-based approach to our current understanding of RA.
    - Vinod Winston Albuquerque, Sr. Associate Consultant
    The course brings great knowledge. Very knowledgeable instructor.
    - Essam Almashoor, Senior RA Analyst
    Very good program with useful information about RA which will make the Telecoms able to take that function to the extreme.
    - Yaseen AlAbbasi, Mgr, RA and Fraud Mgt
    Batelco, Bahrain
    Rob passes extensive experience of RA issues globally. Great training with even greater presentation skills. I am hoping to partner our organization with GRAPA/Rob to import regular training for our RA professionals
    - Ankur Kheterpal, Head Governance, Revenue Assurance
    It was a nice experience assembling through 5 days of intensive programme, interactive session among diversified participants and nice ambience. It will help me a lot in future, in building my knowledge and career in RA.
    - Poonam Kumari
    Infosys BPO Limited, India
    During the course of the training I had a of growing understanding of the standards and their combined usefulness. I will take a lot of such insights with me to be better at assuring revenues.
    - Rogier Wouters, Revenue Assurance Manager
    KPN Telecom BV, Netherlands
    Solid course and very useful for everyone working in the RA business, but also for persons working in other telco departments.
    - Davay Tatan, Manager Revenue Assurance
    KPN Telecom BV, Netherlands
    5 intense days! I was not bored for a minute. [This class offers] very high value.
    - Andre Broskij, RA Senior Analist
    KPN Telecom BV, Netherlands
    Excellent course which gave me much better understanding of Telecom and will help me add structure and improve day to day work.
    - Robin Bakker, Jr. RA Specialist
    KPN Telecom BV, Netherlands
    I definitely have a better appreciation of the RA role in the Telco. The dynamics of the interrelationship of Telco functional areas require a team focused on revenue streams leakage prevention - RA. As the Internal Consultant, highlighting potential revenue leakage areas on a continuous basis ensures risk mitigation factors are put in place and frauds are detected asap.
    - Olusola Oladokun, Chief Risk and Control Officer
    Reliance Telecommunications Limited, Nigeria
    This training should be a must for all RA professionals. Managers will not only be better steered in the right direction, but will also boost themselves, while beginners are privileged to be incorporated in good time into the RA thinking and ways of achieving results.
    - Olachi Oruye, Technical and Network Revenue Assurance Member
    Great Course! It was an excellent time for me participating in the course. The body of knowledge for the course is very rich. I like Rob - he is a good communicator with exceptional skills. My view now about RA has changed from “Old School RA."
    - Emmanuel Unoka, Engineer
    Reliance Telecommunications Limited, Nigeria
    I would have had lots of regrets if I hadn't seized the opportunity to attend this training in RA. Now I can identify and measure what I have been missing all this time. I will no longer be intimidated by the core network team with the jargons and I get to add my quota to the numerous RA issues like Interconnect, Margin, Market, Rate Plan, Network, and Post and Prepaid Assurances.
    - Emmanuel Afedi, Internal Control Manager
    Kasapa Telecom Limited, Ghana
    The RA to the Xtreme training is certainly one of the very best courses on the subject to have ever attended, anywhere, ever. The subject matter experts and their vast experience and practical examples make it an unmatched package to take back to your office and instantly apply the skills. I highly recommend this course.
    - Mark Sam Luswata, Senior Information Systems Auditor
    MTN, Uganda
    My participation in this course has afforded me the opportunity to know what to look for in Revenue Assurance and how to be effective in the discharge of functions to add value to my organization’s objectives.
    - Tom Iwueze, Treasurer
    Reliance Telecommunications Limited, Nigeria
    The course has been an eye opener in many aspects. I especially think the standard controls applicable to network are very important when doing fraud risk assessments. I think this will be of great assistance to me in completing and evaluating the control section of our fraud risk assessments at MTN Uganda.
    - John Kamanyire, Manager-Forensic Audits
    MTN, Uganda
    Very educative. It is a course I recommend to any Revenue Assurance personnel.
    - Rotimi Oni, Revenue Assurance Specialist
    Etisalat, Nigeria
    I really enjoyed the training; the level of depth was outstanding. As a person with Internal Audit background, the training really exposed me to the intrigues and possible fraudulent practices in telecom which I never imagined.
    - Adewale Edalere, Internal Auditor
    Etisalat, Nigeria
    I came to the course having an idea that we will mostly cover finance and a bit of network gaps, only to be surprised that we covered so much of network, IT, wireless and even the roaming aspect of service delivery.
    - Goaba Moilwa, Accountant
    Botswana Telecom, Botswana
    After attending two of Rob’s training sessions, my confidence in my ability to add REAL value to BTC has quadrupled. Our cross division attendance will surely positively influence achievement of the BTC strategic goal.
    - Boitumelo Gabaake-Kauta, Head of Client Accounting
    Botswana Telecom, Botswana
    The course is exactly what I needed.
    - Monty Carlos Siamangwe, Technical Analyst
    Botswana Telecom, Botswana
    The Revenue Assurance course reveals the key business processes that are generally given less attention than they deserve. First, appreciation of technological changes by all stakeholders/user departments and involvement in minimizing risk either as RA Team Member, Developer, or Operational Support Team Member is key to the success of the corporation.
    - Julian Tirelo Letlole, Billing Manager IT Dept
    This is one of the best courses that I have attended; it has holistically addressed the telecommunications revenue streams and how to assure them. I believe, if implemented by any Telco, the organization would realize positive revenue stream within 6 to 12 moths.
    - Modise Mokgathong, Head Of Network Security & Fraud
    Botswana Telecom, Botswana
    I found the Revenue Assurance Training both invaluable and informative as well as practical. The knowledge gained will be used to complement business operations at BTC.
    - Morongwa Moloi, Manager: Wholesale  - International Business Management
    Botswana Telecom, Botswana
    The Revenue Assurance course is and will always be an important aspect of every business management geared towards operational excellence. This came at the right time for BTC. Future reference course on the subject would keep members abreast.
    - Gabriel Ngele, Chief Accountant Business Support
    Botswana Telecom, Botswana
    The training was great and certainly one of the very best you can ever attend on this subject anywhere in the world.
    It was so eye opening and it was so practical. It should be attended by every serious revenue assurance professional at any level of a Telco.
    - Mark Luswata, Senior Information Systems Auditor
    MTN Uganda
    The information in the training is very relevant and I have learned things that I plan to use. The standards are important as we establish the professionalism of this role. I read Rob’s Revenue Assurance Handbook, and wanted to be GRAPA certified. From the perspective of potential customers, I now have a better point of view. It is also interesting to learn about people of different backgrounds and situations that are going through similar challenges. This training has certainly broadened my perspective.
    - Rodrigo Valencia, Senior Consulting Manager
    CLO S.A.,
    I attended the GRAPA Xtreme Revenue Assurance certification training in Las Vegas (December 2009). As a GRAPA alumnus, I was already familiar with the intuitive structure of the course and the illustrative anecdotes from Rob’s broad personal experience. Nonetheless, I was still impressed by Rob’s ability to involve a very diverse telecommunications audience (e.g. regulatory, vendors, consultants, managers…) in stimulating class discussions and experience sharing, based on a knowledge basis which is comprehensible for the novice, yet challenging for the more advanced.
    I am convinced that this five-days training completed and updated my theoretical understanding of telecommunications revenue assurance, and through the GRAPA standards and control framework I noticed that this comprehension can be efficiently applied into the day-to-day reality. In addition to this, the professionalization of the function, the class networking aspect and the recognition through the formal certification process are the principal benefits of GRAPA and its training curriculum.
    - Stijn Elisabeth, Senior Risk Advisor
    Ernst & Young, Belgium
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