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    As a Revenue Assurance Manager, the program gave me the opportunity to not only increase my technical understanding of the business and the area, but also an idea of how to accomplish our jobs with a sensitive perspective of revenue flows in our industry. It also helped me strengthen my leadership skills through industry insights and awareness of key managerial best practices, both to help identify and define clear objectives and accomplish them as a team.
    I have also enjoyed the opportunity to network and collaborate with managers and leaders from different organizations, as well as the speakers in the event.
    - Pamela Noriega, Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance
    Nuevatel PCS de Bolivia S.A., Bolivia
    El entrenamiento de Revenue Assurance”con personas experimentadas a nivel mundial es un nivel de aprendizaje  al que vale la pena asistir para enriquecerse, no puedes tener  una visión de las tendencia mundial de  Revenue Assurance  si sólo conoces, el Revenue Assurance de tu país y de tus países vecinos o tus competidores.
    Cuando  estas presente con personas experimentadas de países de centro y Sudamérica, de otros continentes,   del otro lado del mundo  es una experiencia excepcional. La tecnología usada en  las Telecomunicaciones a nivel mundial es muy diversa, como lo es la forma tan diferente de enfrentar el mismo problema, cada miembro del grupo en el entrenamiento expone sus experiencias, problemas, retos, Controles Clave implementados para Asegurar el ingreso, evitar el fraude tanto en prepago como pospago.  Por lo que el entrenamiento en Revenue Asurance te lleva a un nivel superior de conocimiento de tu mismo entorno.
    Las sesiones tienen un programa y contenido que enriquecen y complementan tu conocimiento de cómo funciona la tecnología en las telecomunicaciones y cuáles son los puntos más importantes de control que debes tener monitoreado para implementar un “Control integral de Monitoreo de Tráfico End To End”.
    Que evite fraudes o riesgos de pérdida de ingreso, Es seguro que rodeado de personas experimentadas aprendes como robustecer tus controles y ofrecer a tu compañía un área de Revenue Assurance completa, robusta y sólida.
    - Luis Alberto Gonzalez Neria, Sub-Manager
    Cablemas, Mexico
    I found the course useful for me as it positioned Revenue Assurance as a Risk Management issue. I have used the information gleaned from the course to have some good discussions with the RA professionals in our company, as part of the annual audit planning process. And with respect to our audit teams, I will continue to propagate the approach of assuring revenue streams.
    - Reyaaz Hassan, Senior Manager, Group Internal Audit
    MTN Business Risk Management, Nigeria
    Revenue Assurance is now evolving in TSTT. This course has served to open our eyes to the underlying aspects of RA, how RA is applied throughout the organization and most importantly, how to express leakage risks and mitigation processed to the entire company in a way each person can understand from the CEO to persons now entering the organization. We are now able to focus on the true leakage areas and we have the ability to prioritize based on the revenue at risk.
    - Nadine L. Rahim, Engineering Assurance Analyst
    TSTT Ltd.
    , Trinidad & Tobago
    I have been working in the Telecommunications industry for more than 10 year and after doing the Revenue Assurance training I have acquired a better understanding of how the various aspects of a telecoms company can impact company's revenue. 
    Basically everyone has a part to play to ensure minimal leakage. 
    The course also gave me a better understanding of what can be applied in my area (Carrier Services), with assistance from our Revenue Assurance team, to minimize revenue leakage.
    - Natasha DeCoteau, Head Carrier Services Sales and Operations
    TSTT Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago
    The training was great, although it was cut short due to circumstances beyond my control. The Lecturer was great. I work with the TSTT engineering group in the optimization section thus our group functionality is to ensure that the Network nodes always performs at its best.
    One advantage I gained is in the understanding that Revenue Assurance should cover a much wider spectrum within TSTT by an international comparison to cover much more areas of potential leakage.
    - Matthew Ransome, Senior Cellular Systems Engineer
    TSTT Ltd, Trinidad & Tobago
    The telecom industry is evolving and becoming important to our daily lives, but with it comes more threats. As part of Zain group of Telco Operations, I see it daily and appreciate the intensity of the jobs of revenue assurance departments that have become a corner stone in the industry. It is my opinion that the training, which was aptly named as Xtreme, is a must for any person working in the revenue assurance industry. It has changed the way I view the role and the responsibilities that I hold as a Revenue Assurance manager. The course is very well outlined and Rob is the best trainer I have come across in my professional life. The discussions with my fellow professionals in this field enriched the event. I hope to attend more specialized training with GRAPA in the future to hammer what I learned.
    - Samer Mohammed Kurdi, Revenue Assurance & Fraud Manager
    Zain, Saudi Arabia
    As revenue assurance is very new to me, I have found that it has been a very beneficial training for me. I have learned the major factors of revenue assurance that will help me with my future in this area.
    Also, I loved that the training was taught in a way which kept us always interested and not bored at all! I am looking forward to more trainings with GRAPA.
    - May Al Subaie, Revenues Assurance & Financial Control Analyst
    Viva Telecom, Kuwait
    I would like to let you know that the whole idea I had about Revenue Assurance has changed now. Now I know what the Revenue Assurance department matters to telecom companies and what things the team can do to be proactive, KPI driven and risk-based to save millions of dollars and play a part in minimizing revenue leakages. This is in addition to the work and tasks we used to perform like supporting other departments, measuring the losses that have already occurred, dealing with CDRs that covered 90% of our daily job and other miscellaneous tasks.
    Now I can say that through GRAPA training I have learned a lot about GRAPA Standards, Revenue Assurance Lifecycle including disciplines to actual practices, standardized framework and many others.
    - Mohammad Amin Karimi, Deputy Manager, Revenue Assurance
    Roshan, Afghanistan
    Let me say this training has opened my eyes in terms of new experience being gained mainly from the lecturer, Rob, who has shown a lot of experience from different Telcos etc. Other additional expertise, I must say, is always gained from class members coming from different disciplines of the Telco industry.
    I must say my understanding of critical requirements in terms of getting revenue streams for the company has changed a lot. The RA life cycle is definitely the key to any Telco, or any company, be it small or large.
    - Nick Mogopa, Traffic Analyst
    Botswana Telecommunications Corporation, Botswana
    I want to state emphatically that the training could not have come at a better time. This training has definitely set me apart from and ahead of other telco auditors that have not gotten the opportunity to attend the training.  I have especially been equipped with the necessary arsenals of knowledge for reviews in telco's revenue and roaming & interconnect operations. The training has made me a specialist and an authority in telcos audit.
    What a wonderful experience that I recommend for any telco auditor who would have anything doing with revenue assurance.
    - Lawal G. Olofin, Group Internal Audit
    Zain, Nigeria
    The Revenue Assurance course was a steep learning curve. It was exciting and full of live examples from the industry. It provided me with the knowledge of the basics of telecom, key technicalities, how the telecoms work, risk exposure scenarios and how these risks can be addressed with appropriate controls. The training has provided me with knowledge, best practices and standards to handle my day to day tasks and responsibilities.
    Rob is an excellent trainer. He keeps the sessions lively and interactive.
    - Aruj Verma, Consultant
    Protiviti, Kuwait
    The GRAPA training was, in a word... empowering!
    My background is in IT Audit, however, I did not have Telecoms experience prior to my current job as an IT Auditor in a Telco. My audits prior to the GRAPA training were challenging due to the complex nature of the Telco environment and my limited understanding of the infrastructure and operations. Post GRAPA training I am no longer intimidated by the Telco lingo or interviewing auditees who are more familiar with the environment. In the coming year, I hope to taken on Revenue Assurance reviews as I am equiped with  the knowledge and skills now that I am GRAPA certified.
    - Bridget Bundi, IT Auditor
    Protiviti, Kuwait
    Excellent and insightful training!!!
    It has opened my eyes to what Revenue Assurance is all about, how to identify and measure risk and how RA complements other departments like Network, Billing and Internal Audit. Revenue Assurance will not be the same anymore!
    The training was real ammunition. I am well equipped to add great value and safeguard my Telecom clients’ revenue!
    Thank you Rob for the great initiative!
    - Anna Njuguna
    Protiviti, Kuwait
    GRAPA training provided new insights into the role we all play in the area of Revenue Assurance. My view that this was a departmental role (i.e. The Revenue Assurance Team) has been expanded to understand that it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the organization's revenues. In particular, for my role in Credit Management; how we do our job, the policies and procedures we have in place and the metrics we use. I can apply the tools and processes I have learned such as predictive modeling for Credit and Collections Management
    Joanne GayLord
    TSTT, Trinidad & Tobago
    Revenue Assurance with TSTT Ltd is now evolving with the RA Section of Finance and the Risk & Network Fraud Section of Security working closely. Our recent experience with Rob has opened our eyes to the world of Risk, Revenue and Fraud, simply put. We never realized how in depth RA really is and what is required by every section in protecting, identifying, mitigating and monitoring our Revenues, hence safeguarding and increasing our bottom line. Thanks to Rob who has a unique way of presenting and keeping a class together, he made it fun while at the same time it was a great learning experience.
    − Ryan Hosein, Risk and Network Fraud
    TSTT, Trinidad & Tobago
    The course was very valuable and unique and we learnt the things that you don’t normally get at workshops. At last we now have focused training in RA disciplines. The instructor, Rob, knows his stuff very well and was very well organized. We are currently revisiting our scope and objectives and applying the methodologies learnt during the training. I will be able to give a proper assessment in due course on the effectiveness of the training programme which is already guaranteed. I have also considered attending the Masters certification programmes in the near future.
    -Elliot Mashumba, Service Risk Manager
    Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe
    In my entire 13 years career in the telecommunications industry, the 5 days of GRAPA training is a memorable event. I was very impressed with the training session carried out by Mr. Rob and would definitely want to express my appreciation for his training skills which was motivating for all of us in the class. We had lots of good and new learnings on revenue assurance; sometimes I felt that I was attending the final PhD session of telecom engineering. It was mind blowing and a true experience of togetherness, happiness and knowledge. It was a perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge of all telecom terms which made each and every participant so proud!!
    Kalyan Hariharan, Internal Auditor
    Protiviti Member Firm, Bahrain
    The course of Revenue Assurance for Internal Audit was very exciting with lots of insights on telecom revenue assurance. The course helped me in understanding the key technicalities of the telecom operations. Since telecom is a technology driven business, understanding the flow of information, how various components of the telecom architecture communicates with each other, various risk exposure scenarios and how these risks can be addressed with appropriate controls is highly important. I’m sure I will be able to apply my new knowledge while executing my job as an internal auditor as well as in future upcoming roles. The training has made a significant difference in my knowledge and understanding of telecom revenue assurance between where I was prior to the training and where I am after the training.
    I would strongly recommend the course to everybody who wants to understand the basic concepts of telecom business and how telecom works.
    For Rob, I would say that he is a great teacher. To maximize the benefits of Rob’s class, people need to ask as many questions as they want. The interesting part of our classes was that they were very interactive and we got a lot of knowledge from other people asking their questions and sharing their experiences.
    Internal Auditor
    Multi-National Wireless Provider
    The course was very interesting and with excellent content. We were also given a good outline of the history and future of the telecoms industry and an excellent explanation of how both a wired line and a mobile telecoms network are set up. This helped me better understand the OSS side of the business and potential risks associated with it.
    Overall, the training helped me broaden my knowledge and I now have a better appreciation of the impact of RA across the whole business.
    − Bernice DeMarco, Senior RA Analyst
    The Carphone Warehouse, United Kingdom
    Frankly, I initially was not expecting much from the training. I had doubts about the content and result of the course. I was afraid it might be another one of those fruitless trainings that one might attend if he has some money to burn. But fortunately, from the first day it was obvious that I was mistaken. The content was very informative, broad, deep and practical. The way the training was being conducted was very attractive. I am 100% sure that what I have learned from the training will be a beacon for ongoing RA implementation projects in my company. Before this training, we were like being lost in darkness with only a candle in hand. Now we know where we need to go and how to get there. Now my team is more systematic and more efficient.
    My thanks Rob and his team. Wishing you personal health and great success in your endeavors. We are eager to see your next job – Revenue Assurance benchmarks!
    − Batbold Dashnyam, IT Auditor
    Mobicom, Mongolia
    Having a financial background, this course has provided me with a great technical view and with some very useful tools in my work. Understanding the Revenue Assurance roles and possibilities is crucial for the effectiveness of the SOX Compliance process. In the fast moving environment we are involved and with more and more specialization going on, it is very difficult to find the global knowledge that Rob has on the industry. Simply the best in market!
    − Miguel Alonso, Compliance Manager
    RA to the Xtreme was truly that- Extreme RA! I probably learnt more in 5 days of disciplined learning than I have in 6 years of working in a telco! The biggest addition to my toolkit is the methodology of Forensics & process Revenue Mapping. My team and I are now, no doubt, ready to demonstrate professional standards in our work.
    Thumbs up to the GRAPA team!
    − Hawas Matta, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Zain Uganda
    The experience was great. Rob as instructor is very patient and he explained with sufficient detail. The examples he gave us during the training helped me to have a better understanding of the Revenue Process.
    After the training, I took the challenge to perform an audit review in Interconnection Revenue Process, based on what I learned from the training. This is an ongoing process; in the future I will perform audits in other revenue processes such as Prepaid and Postpaid to apply the new knowledge.
    − Carlos Duron, Internal Auditor
    As an Engineer in a Telecommunications environment I had few expectations of the Revenue Assurance workshop. However, I now understand from the workshop that without assuring the different streams of the business, the success of the Telecommunications industry is far from reached. The furtherance of Revenue Assurance into a Professional Association will ensure that different professionals come together to build a sustainable industry and the training in RA is key to this attainment.
    − Samuel Muwonge, Principle Engineer, VAS & IN Solutions
    MTN Uganda
    The training is an eye opener to all RA people out there at all levels. For the beginner, it sets out a road map for what to look out for, pitfalls to avoid and introduces a structured approach to the rather chaotic world of revenue Assurance. To the intermediate to experienced person, it adds structure to the unstructured approach and introduces you to future trends which will be coming to most markets soon if not already there. It also gives tips on how to handle the most difficult aspect of RA which is the politics of the organisation.
    I plan to have a more structured approach to revenue assurance problems and the knowledge gained will definitely come in handy in identification of key areas (revenue mapping) to expend most of my time on.
    − Charles Njihia, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Zain Kenya
    This training strengthened my understanding of telcos as the most vulnerable businesses in the world when it comes to revenue leakage and fraud. Telecoms infrastructure is so incredibly complex and is changing by the minute. This and a volatile business environment makes it incredibly easy for revenue losses to go unnoticed and for employees and “smart” customers to figure out ways to bypass normal processes and "steal" millions of dollars worth of services. This training is an eye opener because it tells you where to look for the revenue and plug the leaks and I look forward to concluding my Masters Certification.
    − Chijioke D. Obuna, Carrier Relations and Credit Management
    MTN Uganda
    I am grateful for the course and must commend it as one of the best I have attended.
    − Samuel Gitta, Business Risk Management
    MTN Uganda
    I enjoyed the training a great deal. It was like a tour round the telecom company and with the discussion of each revenue stream, came a detailed explanation of the Revenue Assurance Professional’s role. I realized the need to take a more proactive role in the process of change management. This will go a long way in aiding the success of new product development and launches in Zain Uganda.
    − Deborah N. Sseguya, Change Management & Process Improvement Officer
    Zain Uganda
    My experience with the training was phenomenal, owing to the fact that this was a goal I set at the beginning of the year. My minimum was to certify as an associate and yet God made it even better, to certify as a professional. I later modified the goal, when the training was confirmed, that I would be top student and I was;  and so the training made me realize that when you set your mind to achieve anything you certainly will.
    As for my job, I now realize that the way forward is to have what top management’s appetite for risk is, in scope and that is to put them into the RA Lifecycle. Rob rightly said and I quote “Nothing is in scope until it has gone through the RA Lifecycle”. All our efforts will be wasted until we do this simple but important task.
    My gratitude goes to Hawas Matta of Zain Uganda who birthed the idea of the Uganda training/certification event and made it possible; also to my CFO who gave us the opportunity to certify; and to Rob for being able share what he has learnt in years in a space of 5 days.
    − Sheila Leta, Senior Executive, Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management
    Warid Telecom Uganda Ltd.
    I am back to Tanzania and for sure this course is a key that will open a lot of new doors in my profession as a consultant.
    Thanks Rob and thank you very much Enid for your support.
    − Allan Kawele, Managing Consultant
    Etalon ICT Services, Tanzania
    At the training I met a lot of people and we had some great talks about RA that made me think. Really, I learned more about RA than I expected and I now know what it means. So the RA is bigger than the practices that I see in many companies. If you want to implement RA in the right way, you need to join GRAPA and attend RA courses.
    − Fuhaid Aldafiri, Project Manager, Technology, IT Dept
    VIVA, Kuwait
    The training was very relevant for me, especially the part of Network Assurance and understanding the billing cycle for prepaid, postpaid, roaming and interconnection.  I now understand how to detect most of revenue leakages in the network and how to plug them.
    − Mohamed Ramy Ahmed, Presales Engineer, OSS/BSS Business Unit
    Alkan Telecom, Egypt
    The course has expanded my RA horizon, giving clear end-to-end insight to value adding revenue impacting issues within the Telco industry. This would in no doubt impact positively on my company's bottom line.
    The course was delivered in a professional and excellent manner and highly recommended. It has simply made my RA dream come true
    − Olusolape Daji, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager
    Zain Telecommunications Ghana
    As an internal auditor in a Telco, I have gained tremendous clarity of knowledge on the importance of revenue assurance (RA) and the structured risk-based methodology of approaching RA that is applicable not only to RA professionals, but also to Telco internal auditors. The Institute of Internal Auditors' (IIA) risk-based auditing approach fits nicely with GRAPA's risk-based RA methodology taught during the course and would be very beneficial to Telco internal auditors in performing their audit projects.
    Rob's extensive experience in RA has also made the training so enriching and effectively delivered to the participants. This course is highly recommended to ALL internal auditors working for telecommunication service providers.
    − Faizul  Bin Abdullah, Internal Auditor
    Mobily Etihad Etisalat, Saudi Arabia
    Firstly I would like to thank Rob Mattison for his remarkable contribution towards Revenue Assurance and especially for sharing the knowledge globally through GRAPA.
    Rob’s passion for RA was clearly evident in his presentation, which in return made the course informative yet exciting. Being part of an MVNO and now understanding the full architecture, revenue streams and the challenges that faces a Network Operator was an enormous learning curve.
    With the knowledge gained, my outlook of RA within the business has definitely been enhanced and we have already changed our focus in order to save the company money and reduce risk.
    I would definitely recommend this training course to all revenue assurance specialists/managers as it would afford them an improved understanding on Revenue Assurance.
    − Jacques Kleinloog, Head of Revenue Assurance
    Virgin Mobile, South Africa
    The Revenue Assurance core curriculum course has been one of the best courses I have ever attended. I started working in the RA area 8 months ago and with this training all pieces came together. I really feel that I now have a better understanding of my job.
    The ability of the trainer to present highly technical and complex subjects to practical and easy to use concepts was just amazing. I will definitely apply the things I learned in the course in my work. Maybe most useful in that respect is the RA lifecycle to apply as a standard way of working.
    − Katja Eshuis, Revenue Assurance Manager
    KPN, The Netherlands
    This was the first course in a while to keep me on the edge of my seat.
    For me, the best thing was getting clarity on several aspects within the GSM environment. The technical environment is not always clear, but Rob was able to explain things with great clarity.
    The course has provided a different perspective to me with regards to the technical setup within the telecoms industry. The biggest value-add I found was the confirmation on certain control processes that should be in place to mitigate the risks within the business, which we are currently deploying.
    − Stephan van der Walt, Manager: Revenue Assurance
    Cell C, South Africa
    I liked the course very much, especially the SS7 part and how network elements are communicating with each others. I was really surprised by the history of switching technologies and how it evolves.
    For me, the best in the course was how the revenue assurance profession can be a very crucial part of the telecom business by identifying and quantifying risk on revenues and being a part of the change management process. I also liked the benchmarking part which depicts a bigger picture of what most of telecom companies do and how in the revenue assurance area.
    I would definitely recommend the course to all assurance services providers.
    − Ahmed Mahmoud Ezzat, Senior Internal Auditor
    Vodafone Egypt
    All the topics covered were highly relevant and interesting, and the sessions interactive and focused. On top of that, the presenter was very entertaining and kept the audience on their toes.
    I believe the best results our company gained as a result of the Onsite course were, firstly, understanding the GRAPA standards - the whole RA scope, and the approaches to specific areas.
    Many practices and approaches we had already initiated, but we never could confirm this against any standard out there. We were now able to confirm them. The course allowed us to benchmark ourselves against the RA standards. We also gained confirmation of current challenges we face in relation to the rest of the industry. Last and not least, the course helped in getting everybody on the same page; ensuring that all members of the team have been exposed to the same body of knowledge, whether on a high level, or in more specific areas.
    − Johannes Walters, Executive, Revenue Assurance
    Cell C, South Africa
    I was very pleased with the course delivery; it was delivered in a very exciting and simple to understand manner.  It gave me a more complete picture of the fragments of information that I had. It put everything in perspective for me and gave me a clear picture of how to tackle revenue assurance down to the nitty grittys. It was very specific and practical.
    I learned that I can do revenue assurance better if I tackle one revenue stream at a time and I can add more value that way. This really helps me to do my work differently because I can be done with one task and move on to the next. This is even easier for me now because I know exactly what to look for in each stream and what kind of controls I can place. Another exciting thing I learnt is the origins of the telephone and how that set the stage for modern day telcos.
    Opportunities to save my company money / or reduce risk were always there, but previously I didn’t know how to deal with them and how to present value out of them. With what I have learnt I am optimistic that I will save my company more.
    I will definitely recommend this course to any revenue assurance professional out there. There is so much to learn from it, you can be a novice or even if you feel like you already know what Revenue Assurance is, you will be surprised at how much more you can do. It will cause you to look at the industry with a world view, and you can benchmark your company against others.
    − Mpho Netsianda, Revenue Assurance Specialist
    Virgin Mobile, South Africa
    The Revenue Assurance core course was good and I learned lots of news things. Especially I liked the core network areas such as SS7, network architectures etc… and also revenue mapping and revenue maximization. The material was ok and useful. I am really thankful to GRAPA for arranging my choice of food.
    I was amazed how Rob kept everybody involved, always asking questions of me, and I was pleased to be able to give answers. I also shared my knowledge, which was useful to other colleagues and also useful to Rob.
    This course is a must attend for whoever is working in this field.
    − Rajesh Babariya, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Mobily Saudi Arabia
    I liked the course a lot. I particularly found the real examples and case studies to be very useful. I was surprised to learn about the different risk tolerance and different techniques used in other countries. I will be able to apply what I learned in many projects to come. I now have a completely different view of what RA is about. This course is very important to any revenue assurance finance team.
    − Mohamed Raafat, Senior OSS Engineer, Telecom Unit
    Giza Systems, Egypt
    This training added a great value to the way I think in RA. It puts emphasis on the principles we use, RA is Policy, to help operational managers and to be successful with them you must speak their language, understand their mindset, work on the common areas of interest. It also changed my RA strategy. I always thought that RA is about identifying leakage source and saving revenue; now I think of RA as Risk Identification.
    I like the concept I learned of being a company inside the company and preparing a business plan and having sales and marketing for RA, segmenting business departments into customers, investors, partners and competitors. I plan to reorient my polices after this course.
    − Eng. Eman Kamel Mohamed Gawish, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Telecom Egypt
    The GRAPA training has helped me define the scope of revenue assurance, especially in situations where time and resources are limited.
    Achieving my CM-RAM now makes me the first real local practitioner of revenue assurance, in an environment where expatriates have often occupied managerial positions. Unlike many revenue assurance professionals I have met, who for various reasons don’t have a clear vision of how they can grow within the field, I feel my journey has just begun. While the GRAPA certification may well raise my profile within my company, it will really be recognized when what I have learned through the training is applied, and bears fruit. I have a better understanding of how to tackle problems; how to work together with management in other departments to solve them. When you can offer solutions, others become much more willing partners.
    − Mark Munanura, Manager - Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management
    Warid Telecom, Uganda
    The course was very interesting to me - I benefited from it a lot, especially, the from the core course. For me, the best thing was the overview I gained of the telecommunications business, as in my job I normally only look at it from an IT perspective
    I now see that the scope of Revenue Assurance can be expanded; and that RA can really play a role toward accomplishing the organization’s objectives and targets by controlling, monitoring, and correction.
    The training will make a difference in my work; helping me to speak the same language as the users. It expanded my knowledge so that I can support them better and focus on the same goals.
    I have already spoken to my group about establishing centralized data warehousing; also most of standard forensic KPI should be coming from the group only. By this we will have more accurately controlled data. This should save my company money by having centralized warehousing since we will have a centralized operation teams control in the implementation interface, where most of the IT cost would be.
    − Saif Mohamed Al Khouri, IT-Enterprise Senior Manager
    Etisalat, Nigeria
    My overall impression of the course was very good – a lot of different subjects were put together, which made it very challenging, but Rob managed to cover the main topics and give us a good idea of everything we need to focus on in RA.
    I was surprised to find topics such as churn and marketing assurance included, but I now see this is where the future of revenue assurance lies.
    I will definitely do things differently from now on…the scope for my projects will now be much broader, and when I deliver services, I will include these areas that I was not seeing as RA before.
    − Antonio Baretta, Solutions Architect
    Ericsson, Ireland
    As a participant of the training, I attest that it was highly successful. My boss used to refer to Rob Mattison as Mr. Revenue Assurance; this fact was confirmed throughout the training session.
    I have attended Revenue Assurance courses in London, South Africa, Ghana and Netherlands, but none could be compared with the broad knowledge impacted on us by Mr. Mattison during the two weeks program in Lagos. It was near on-the job training as practical situations were commonly illustrated and analyzed.
    The knowledge gained would certainly assist me to chart a new approach in tackling the Revenue Assurance challenges in my organization.
    − Isaac Ogide, Senior Manager, Revenue Assurance
    Multi-Links Telkom Group, Nigeria
    Two weeks ago I was attending 5 days core curriculum training. In my opinion these courses are very informative, well structured and cover all of the RA fields in telco. How RA activity should be created, revenue mapping, forensic analysis and techniques, fraud management, what is important for controlling postpaid and prepaid revenue streams - all of these things and much more were analyzed during trainings, going deeply into the essence with technical details of each.
    My experience in revenue assurance is not very big, so I was getting a lot of new knowledge. Now I know what should be my next steps.
    So, my first job will be to care about mediation. This system in our company is being monitored by third party. Now I understand what are the risks and the need for additional controls, CDR quantities alignment.
    The trainings were very intensive. We had tests every day from material that was presented during the day; it didn’t allow for relaxation J.
    Rob Mattison’s energy, experience and deep understanding of teaching subject made a great impression on me. He is a brilliant teacher.
    I can recommend this course beyond all manner of doubt.
    Indrė Bobraitienė, Revenue Assurance Specialist
    BITĖ Lietuva, Lithuania
    The course was very good, it met my expectations. I learnt a lot, the RA standards, the Switch environment, the Network elements, the SS7 and its functionality, the CDR points, what could go wrong, etc.  I now clearly understand some of the grey areas in RA, and am furnished with the technical language to properly engage the Switch Engineers and other Network professionals.
    Rob is very experienced and at home with RA. He really knows how to impart the knowledge, with life examples.
    I certainly recommend these workshops. I will also register as a member of GRAPA and will get the staff at my company working with me to do the same.
    Uzo Odunukwe, Partner,
    Akintola Williams Deloitte, Nigeria
    The course was really interesting - it exposed the gray areas in Revenue Assurance in a well structured and understandable manner. I now have a better outlook/understanding of Revenue Assurance.
    I learnt how to properly handle Revenue Assurance issues and now have the ability to properly define what should be "in-scope" and "out-scope" of a Revenue Assurance job prior to beginning. And of course, I can now better navigate the politics involved.
    The instruction was superb, Rob's knowledge of the subject is great. I recommend the workshops to others.
    Moshood Ikandu, Support Engineer
    L.M. Ericsson Nigeria. Ltd
    The Revenue Assurance training in Lagos has now enlarged my view about revenue assurance in the telecom industry. I have attended some training programs on RA before but none has been so simplified, so practical and so real as this one by GRAPA.
    Special thanks must go to Rob who not only demonstrated his knowledge of RA beyond any reasonable doubt, but ensured that the knowledge was brought to bear in presenting his message to the participants to the extent that even those of us in audit never felt left behind.
    I do hope more of such programs will be coming up from time to time.
    Amos Dina
    Akintola Williams Deloitte, Nigeria
    Rob Mattison is a guru... the Kasparov of Revenue Assurance. 30 years of Telcom exposure is not a joke!!!!.
    The course was an eye opener, loaded with information. I was well exposed to the function and role of a Revenue Assurance professional. I now have a good understanding of how Revenue Assurance professionals work. This has given me the ability to detect leakage and suggest proactive action to prevent it, to work as a team with operational team.
    I would recommend the workshops to my friends in the industry.
    Ambrose Aiwerioghene, Support Engineer
    L.M. Ericsson Nigeria. Ltd
    I have the responsibility of auditing telecommunications companies and can now confidently audit without difficulty. So even though I am not working in a telecommunications company I gained a lot from the training. The training gave me a full grasp of telecommunications and the technology terms used, as well as several IT related issues, so that the challenges I previously had in obtaining assurance are a thing of the past.
    Rob can really impact knowledge on someone. He was able to carry everybody along and go extra mile to make sure that you really understand the lecture.
    I have even recommended the training for most of our clients.
    Chizoba A. Onyebuchi, Audit Senior
    Akintola Williams Deloitte, Nigeria
    The course was interesting and I enjoyed it as well. Mr. Rob has the ability to answer any kind of question in Revenue Assurance or Fraud management and that was a very essential part.
    I think this course is very important for everybody who works in the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management field to build up his or her knowledge. Also, meeting with Mr. Rob and other people, and sharing the experience is really important.
    − Aqeel Al Ali, Fraud Analyst
    Batelco, Bahrain
    L’un des meilleurs cours en matière de Revenue Assurance non seulement, l’intervenant vous redéfinit, et  montre l’intérêt du métier peu connu et vous montre  comment le faire comprendre aux autres services  au delà des contrôles standards à mettre en place.
    Le meilleur de tout c’est de pouvoir échanger et partager les expériences et les problèmes des autres opérations de divers environnement ethniques.
    C’est ce qui est étonnant  de ROB, ce qu’il comprend et répond à tous les problèmes avec précision comme il travaillait en ce moment avec vous .
    La recommandation, une recommandation personnelle et pour une forte communauté c’est de pouvoir suivre le cours en Français car je ne pouvais être bavard en anglais.
    −Gaolibele Houtoin, Revenue Assurance Forensic
    Zain Tchad
    My experience in telecommunications is very much in the commercial side.  I don't have much technical experience, but despite of this, I still learned a lot from the course. Rob Mattison managed to make the subject very easy and accessible and enjoyable for each one of us. The information I learned from the course will help me greatly in making the switch from commercial side to technical side of the business. The whole experience was very informative and enjoyable for every one!
    − Iliya Daibes, Risk Operation Administrator
    Palestine Cellular Communications (Jawwal), Palestine
    Rob Mattison is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, with many long years of practical experience in the field of Revenue Assurance. I took two courses, Best Practices, and Mangers Workshop, and found them both very useful. It was certainly a worthwhile week. I would recommend the training to anyone working in the revenue assurance field!
    − Rami Ratrout, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Paltel, Palestine
    The course was comprehensive and well structured, addressing the key pertinent issues in the current RA world. Identifying the revenue issue before scheduling checks, and the importance of prioritization.
    The presentation around forensics was very apt.  Rob has an unusually good knowledge of his subject. I recommend this course to others and for myself; would like to follow up by doing the Managers course.
    − Joseph Nderitu
    Safaricom Ltd., Kenya
    Rob really knows his stuff and is very passionate about it. If you really want to get a wider perspective of what revenue assurance is really about, then he's the man to go to! He challenges his attendees to be able to take back the GRAPA vision of what revenue assurance is and to have the courage to stand in front of their organizations and challenge their view of what revenue assurance is or is not.
    The course is intense and extensive but none the less highly enjoyable. My personal goal to better understand the network aspects of RA was 110% achieved. I would highly recommend the course equally to those with both a technical or non technical interest in the subject.
    − Doug Kuit, CMS Business Project Manager
    DU, UAE
    The course was very insightful, interesting and detailed.  It covered quite widely the role of Revenue Assurance to mobile telephony.
    − Teresa Nkonge
    Safaricom Ltd., Kenya
    This is one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. It teaches RA specialists how to deal with all relevant cases.
    Rob Mattison is an unbelievable lecturer! He can give the maximum benefit with simple words. I am recommending my team to take such classes with GRAPA.
    − Mohammad Eter, Revenue Assurance Administrator
    Palestine Cellular Communications (Jawwal), Palestine
    The course was quite relevant.  I am in the billing area. The course was somewhat of an eye-opener as to the way we do our billing operations. For instance, we have not been doing a lot of checks to ensure we are not leaking revenue.  I now understand that Billing and RA need to work hand in hand.
    Secondly I found the broad picture of RA interesting. RA is not just about putting controls on the software to ensure we are rating everything correctly.  I discovered that it is a proactive way of ensuring we minimize potential revenue loss.
    I liked the way the course started right from the basics of GSM through network layer, the switches all the way to Mediation and Billing systems. So we now have a broader picture of Revenue Assurance.
    − Kennedy Mbago Amwoyo
    Safaricom Ltd., Kenya
    A very interesting course and I learned from it very much. The course goes into the telecom details as well as giving a new perspective of Revenue Assurance.
    The course is very rich in information and knowledge. Telecom Engineers and IT would also benefit greatly from such courses as it lets them know more about RA and what it involves.
    I would encourage others from telecom to participate in these courses as they will benefit a lot from the experience. I hope to join more GRAPA courses in the future.
    − Sayed Ibrahim, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Etisalat, Egypt
    The course was very informative, an eye opener to all of us.  In practical terms we learned a lot that will apply in our work.  It was good for all of us to spend this time with Rob. I would recommend others involved in RA to take the training; also those from other departments in any telco organization will benefit.
    − Patrick Kinoti, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    I was particularly enlightened as to how we can give Assurance on the Network side. The course opened my eyes on a great deal of the scope that Revenue Assurance needs to actively address.
    − Kenneth Kangethe Wainaina
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    The Fraud Management course was very good. Rob Mattison is very experienced and presented the subject in a very well organized matter. Excellent course!  I would recommend it to anyone involved in revenue assurance.
    − Aisha Hassan Ahmed AlHassouni, Fraud Analysts
    Etisalat, UAE
    The topics were very relevant to what we do. Rob gave us a good perspective of what is done out there; and how we differ or are the same. He presented everything in one well organized manner.  In our normal work we focus primarily on our own streams, so the course gave a rare opportunity to open our eyes to the whole picture of what RA is all about, new challenges and emerging trends. My horizons were expanded well beyond what I am normally responsible for.
    − Hesbon Omanjo
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    The course was very informative. We learned a lot.  We discussed how to handle day-to day reconciliations, where to obtain the details to use in our reconciliations, and much more. It was very practical and useful.
    The lecturer is very knowledgeable and the content was well arranged. The course addressed the specific needs we had highlighted to the lecturer.
    − Martin Nyaga, Payments Integrity Analyst
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    This was the best Revenue Assurance training I have ever attended. The course was very practical and tailored to a great extent; it felt as though months of research had been put in. The introductory topic (especially RA in telecoms environment, how different departments view revenue risks, accepting their views and managing this to achieve RA goals) was just the one. The scope and depth was excellent.  
    Rob Mattison is competent and objective, and he ensures that all members have grasped all topics. The sessions were very interactive and productive. Rob is my RA mentor and he motivates me. I would definitely recommend the workshop(s) to others.
    − Della Ayugi, Analyst
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    The training was so interesting and more so practical. I liked the way the instructor kept referring us to our operational units and guiding us on how to resolve certain issues. The questions he kept asking would guide one on how to apply the RA techniques. The training also gave me a clear understanding of what RA is and hence know how to deal with people and issues in the RA field.
    The instructor himself is an experienced guy who knows what he’s teaching about. Rob’s application of techniques is just amazing. He makes the whole RA mystery so simplified.
    I left the training a changed person. The attitude towards RA has changed since then and life seems better. I look forward to attending more trainings/workshops with GRAPA, and I recommend everyone in the RA field to take up the trainings.
    − Jennifer Mbabazi, evenue Assurance Analyst
    MTN, Rwanda
    We really enjoyed the week. Rob is a wonderful speaker. The course covered a lot of areas in RA, and I especially found the discussion around the technical side of networking an eye-opener. I definitely recommend this course to others working in RA.
    − Peter Kenyansui Kirazy, Senior Billing Analyst
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    I found the course to be very good.  It gave me a new approach to RA.   I have been in RA for two years, but I gained a new perspective that I have not had before.  A great deal was covered in the three days, and I’m sure there is still more to be learned.  I will carry this new approach into my work, and hope that my colleagues will have a similar chance in future.
    − Zakaria Kamweru, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Zain, Kenya
    The course was very informative.  I gained a lot from the in-depth analysis of assuring network elements and billing systems.  I found particularly valuable the discussion of the future of Revenue Assurance - looking at RA in terms of the next generation technologies and the challenges we expect to face with change in technology. Also moving from the traditional end-to-end reconciliation to margin analysis and proactive revenue assurance.
    − Emmanuel Tarus, Payments Integrity Analyst-Int
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    The course was a really great learning experience for me.  The topics covered were highly relevant!!  I particularly liked the way the content was unpacked, and the discussions surrounding it. 
    A tremendous amount of material was covered in the short time we had. It was a pity we did not have longer, the better to take it all in.
    − Miliswa Mamba, Revenue Assurance Manager
    MTN Swaziland
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