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    We learned a lot from the course, especially in the area of forensics.  The variety covered in the course was also interesting to me because it covered areas far wider than my normal background.
    − Edwin Ndegwa, Risk Support Engineer
    Safaricom Ltd, Keya
    The course was very well organized. Good material. Rob knows his stuff and how to bring it to the level of those who don’t actually work in telcos. The three days were quite intensive; we covered a lot of content in a short time. The venue was also very good.
    − Anastasia Kariuki, Support Engineer
    KPMG, Kenya
    The course was awesome. It gave me an entirely new perspective of revenue assurance I was never aware of.  I realized the value is risk mitigation rather than leakage detection.
    One very big frustration was solved. It was the frustration of attempting and constantly failing to get new product implementation to slow down so that revenue assurance can do a better job. Understanding that the telecoms industry will never slow down in this regard made me appreciate more the fact that RA was better placed identifying risks and letting management determine their appetite for risk. Now I feel a lot better about my work.
    The best trainer I have had in a loooooong time. I could have decided not to take notes and I still would have remembered 90% of what he taught. He brought the issues to bare.
    Would I recommend the workshop(s) to others? Two words:  MOST DEFINITELY.  And not only for revenue assurance people but for billing people as well and for other operational teams - an opportunity to appreciate what revenue assurance is all about.
    − Rudolf Akrong, Head, Revenue Assurance
    TIGO, Ghana
    The training was a great success. It opened our eyes as to how to look at Revenue Assurance in our company and the revenue map and risk factors.
    The presentation was very good and I would recommend this course to others.
    −Johnson Bam, Billing Manager
    MTN Ghana
    El workshop de “Revenue Assurance for Managers” es una excelente oportunidad de intercambiar aspectos de planificación, estrategia y conducción para todos aquellos que lideran áreas o proyectos  de Revenue Assurance.
    Rob conoce su materia, domina los conceptos y genera un ámbito de debate de gran provecho. Muy recomendable.
    −Rubén D. Rodríguez, Revenue Assurance Manager
    DIRECTV Argentina
    I found the training very enlightening. The material was treated in detail, so you can understand the whole idea of RA -  a complete definition. I now feel able to deal with people and issues in other departments better. 
    Rob Mattison really knows what he is talking about. He employed all means of keeping our interest. You do attend trainings that are boring but this one was different. We are planning to send our colleagues to the next GRAPA training.
    − Emmanuel Tetteh, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    TIGO, Ghana
    In the past, I did my job without knowing which necessary and relevant checks to carry out to assure revenue. I’m an Interconnect specialist and the training has taught me RA checks I can adapt in delivering quality output. The workshop was short, all-encompassing , straight to the point and very easy to understand.  The training manual is now with me constantly.
    − Olufunlola Oyekan, Interconnect Specialist
    Zain, Nigeria
    The only word for this course is – Fabulous!  The venue was conducive, the course enlightening and informative. Rob has an in-depth knowledge of the whole Revenue Assurance industry.
    I feel it is now time however that Rob starts to “duplicate” himself so that other people can work with him and start learning how to facilitate the modules himself. Another suggestion  - the training was fantastic, but attendees do need to keep reinforcing what they have learned.  Participating in the townhall webinars will help and should be compulsory for all members.
    Lastly I also cannot place a monetary value on the contacts which we built up at the workshop and new friends we made amongst our peers in the industry. This was a very valuable component of the workshops.
    − David Immanuel, Business Analyst
    Zain, Nigeria
    This informative course broadened my RA horizons. I now have more appreciation for what RA is all about.  The presentation was very good, very fast, very detailed.  Rob is on top of his job!
    − Olusolape Daji, Revenue Assurance
    Zain, Nigeria
    Informative and educative, exposed me to a lot of issues in RA  - things we have not been considering before now.  It made me look at RA from a different  perspective and widened my scope and I can now approach RA with increased confidence.  
    Rob afforded us all the opportunity to contribute, to express ourselves, give our experiences, the areas we need to correct.  I would like to attend more of this type of training from Rob.
    − Chikere Azza, Revenue Assurance
    Zain, Nigeria
    Best Practices in Revenue Assurance es un gran curso. Amplio, profundo y con todo lo necesario para aquellos que quieren introducirse o profundizar los conceptos de Revenue Assurance.
    Rob es un gran instructor, conoce su materia, domina los conceptos y mantiene el interés del auditorio en todo momento. Altamente recomendable para todos aquellos que se inician en la profesión.
    − Rubén D. Rodríguez, Revenue Assurance Manager
    DIRECTV Argentina
    I now have a broader understanding of Switching, mediation systems and SS7, and some things that we need to look for in our CDR reconciliations.
    Rob really knows his onions!  I recommend these workshops highly.
    − Ernest Eso, Revenue Assurance
    Zain, Nigeria
    The workshops were very enlightening. The courses drove me step by step into the RA world and gave me the required knowledge in a simple and easy way. Simultaneously, I was able to benchmark my activities with what can be termed as “best practices” and relate it back to my work.
    Rob has taken care to explain the subject in an exciting manner, without being too technical- but at the same time, not sacrificing the important conceptual aspects and details.
    I recommend it to all telecom professionals who would like to get an in depth understanding of the revenue assurance process.
    − Ebele Eghobamien
    Zain Nigeria
    I have never had a training that good! I've never had the overview of the billing system from switch to bill explained that well before. Rob talked out of personal experience, which brought it alive. I am already working on recommending this workshop to our colleagues.
    − Kingsley Unah, Manager, Voucher Management, Revenue Assurance
    Zain Nigeria
    The best thing for me was the new perspective of RA that I got, and how top management appreciate the value that RA can deliver. Revenue mapping helps us know where to prioritize. I now have an appreciation.
    The interactive nature of the course helped us share best practices and get new perspective. Very likely, next time GRAPA organizes training in the region my other colleagues should attend. It’s a ‘must have’ course.
    − Lawrence Anderson, Revenue Assurance
    Scancom Ghana Ltd. (Member of MTN Group), Ghana
    The training was very educative and interactive. It gave us a good idea of how RA functions should work. In the introductory course we got a good grip on the basics. The Revenue Assurance Managers course exposed us to the politics which we need to overcome in order to succeed as an RA Manager. Rob's interactive style kept our interest. Definitely value for money, we all added value to our profiles.
    − Henry E. Whyte, Head, Revenue Assurance
    Ghana Telecom, Ghana
    J´ai trouvé cette formation excellente et enrichissante. La chose que j´ai aimé surtout c´était le fait d’avoir bénéficié de l’expérience de tous les participants et surtout de celui du formateur. J’ai bien apprécié Rob par sa manière d’aborder les sujets. J’ai également beaucoup apprécié le fait qu’il a réussi a créér une atmosphère de partage d’expérience tout au long de la formation en prenant le temps d’écouter chacun d’entre nous et de répondre à toutes les questions qu’on lui posait. Je vais recommender la formation à d´autres.
    − Mame Astou Sow, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Tigo, Senegal
    La formation s´est bien passé. L´instructeur était très bien. Je pouvais bien suivire. Je recommanderais la formation à d´autres.
    − Moustapha Thiam, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Tigo, Senegal
    Rob, I would like to thank you very very much for all the information that you gave us. This training was very interesting and allowed us to find out new practices of Fraud Management, CDR transport topology, GSM structures already used in Qtel Group, supported by adequate software.
    Thank you for everything. Hope to see you soon in other trainings.
    − Mohamed Amine Djerebia, Revenue Assurance, KPIs Reporting
    Wataniya Telecom Algérie, Algiers
    Los workshop de Best Practices y Revenue Assurance Managers dan una excelente visión del ciclo de aseguramiento de ingresos en una empresa de servicios, de los elementos clave a ser considerados tanto en el diseño y gerencia de los procesos. El modelo planteado da una buena orientación para estructurar o reforzar el equipo y los procesos. La oportunidad de compartir con especialistas en el área de diferentes empresas y países en un espacio de esta naturaleza es sin duda un valor agregado importante.
    − Déborah Calcines B., Gerente de Qualidade da Receita,
    Diretoria de Gestão da Receita Electropaulo, Brazil
    El compartir y enrsiquecerse con las experiencias de los otros operadores, soluciones, métodos prácticos son útiles en las operaciones y el desarrollo diario de nuestras actividades. Considero que el curso tiene un enfoque que va mas allá de solo un concepto.
    − Pamela Noriega, Revenue Assurance Manager
    NuevaTel PCS de Bolivia S.A.
    Como auditora interna el curso me resultó muy útil para obtener un panorama general del aspecto técnico del funcionamiento de una telco, así como de las partes más importantes de la revenue chain. La relación duración del curso/contenidos es muy buena.
    − Sofia Settembri (CIA), Auditoría Interna, Dirección de Auditoría
    Telecom Argentina SA
    La experiencia de haber compartido temas comunes a otras empresas fue muy enriquecedor. Uno no se lleva sólo conocimiento teórico sino vivencias de otros que comparten contexto cultural y geográfico.
    − Ruben O. Nieva, Gcia. de Evaluaciones Especiales - Dirección de Auditoría
    Telecom Argentina SA
    This course provides an outstanding opportunity to structure and arrange knowledge and skills you have. Rob's training can help to form a revenue assurance roadmap that will definitely be useful in your job and future career.
    − Vitaly Starodubov, CISA,Assurance & Advisory Services
    Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V., Russia
    This training broadened my understanding of Telecoms and the Role of Revenue Assurance in a Telecoms sector…. The best part was the workshop, which broadened my understanding of how different operations handle RA aspects. The training was an eye opener and makes one think of how to “be the best “ in RA.
    − Susan Kasule, Revenue Assurance Manager
    MTN, Uganda
    It was wonderful meeting someone who has a quarter of a century experience in RA, Mr. Rob Mattison. Meeting and discussing with other people working in revenue assurance was very interesting and made me realize what a small world RA is.
    − Badee' Awwad, Team Leader
    Palestine Cellular Communications Co., Ltd., Palestine
    I am very happy that I attended the revenue assurance workshop in Dubai. It has gratefully helped me to understand the telecom network and its topology, and the other telecommunications OSS/BSS; MSC, mediation, rating, billing, postpaid and prepaid billing.
    This workshop is very strong and comprehensively teaches how to assure the revenue practically and in a professional manner. It covers the consideration points that we should keep our eyes open for. This workshop is very helpful. I really recommend it for anyone who is looking for "How to assure the revenue in the telecommunications industry."
    − Moussa Elakkad, System Analyst
    DU, United Arab Emirates
    I am extremely privileged to have participated in "Best Practice in RA" and I can tell you that Rob’s experience is just more than enough. He is an all-rounder with the telco service provider and RA matters.
    The additional skills I gained in coordinating both the Telecom Operations Network and RA together cannot be quantified. The documents and presentations were extremely good.
    I need to get a lot of people on this RA course so as to widen their telco experience as well.
    − Bimbo Dada, GM, Service Networks
    LM Ericsson Nigeria
    As a graduate of computer science, I have always believed in the scientific approach to real life problems. I have had an unclear view of the Revenue Assurance Discipline. Rob Mattison “skinned this cat” for me, and I now think like a real revenue assurance professional in my day to day RA duties.
    − Disang Magashula, Revenue Assurance Analyst
    Mascom Wireless (Pty) Ltd, Botswana
    The RA Managers course provided me with many insights and tools to assist with set-up and management of the RA function within an organization. From my consultant’s perspective, this course provides valuable and practical knowledge and learning in terms of real challenges that RA managers face and working methods and approaches to address these challenges.
    − Mark Kahts, Director, Assurance Solutions
    Unisyn Solutions (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
    I found the content of the RA Best Practices course to be very comprehensive and relevant. The needs for standards, references and guidelines in the industry and RA practice are real. This course and GRAPA provide a practical mechanism to address these needs.
    − Mark Kahts, Director, Assurance Solutions
    Unisyn Solutions (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
    Vodacom found the RA course to be extremely beneficial in its theoretical contents, practical application, knowledge of the trainer and group interaction. We would most definitely also attend future GRAPA courses, especially the “Manager Course” which we were unable to attend.
    − Martin Siebrits, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Vodacom, South Africa
    I always like Rob’s workshops. It’s a combination of theory, strategy and practical operational experiences that he had for many years, suitable not only for beginners but managers too!! If you are not a techie person that does RA, join Rob’s class. You will gain so much knowledge that you can’t get from ordinary consultant.
    − Irdawati Binti Mohd Nor, Head Revenue Assurance and Fraud
    DiGi, Malaysia
    The RA Managers Workshop provided an excellent methodology for re-building and refocusing the Revenue Assurance Department. Rob goes even further by helping the managers to identify the stage of development of the team within the organization and openly discuss options for raising RA profiles.
    Highly recommended for any RA manager or supervisor.
    − Gail Niles, Manager, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Cable & Wireless Barbados
    The Best Practice in Revenue Assurance session was excellent. Presentation, documentation, the scope also, and the methodology was very good.
    The Revenue Assurance Managers Workshop also was very important. This session showed us how we can improve and take action in a company. Now, I will have a special session with my team to improve my capacity and to apply the recommendations from this training.
    This will not be my last training session with GRAPA and I am looking forward to the next one.
    − Vernes Jean Baptiste, CPA, Control & Risk Manager
    Comcel Haiti
    J'ai particulièrement apprécié ce seminaire en raison de la densité des cours et de son côté pratique: mise en situation et adaptation des pratiques de RA à notre environnement de travail. En tant que novice dans le secteur, j'ai beaucoup appris de ce séminaire et encourage toutes les personnes qui visiteront ce site à s'inscrire pour les futures sessions.
    − Pascale Guei, Internal Auditor
    Atlantique Telecom, Côte d'Ivoire
    I really enjoyed the RA Managers Workshop, as much thanks to Rob's deep insight on the subject (I was happy to meet him in "meat and bones") and thanks to the quality of the attendees panel that made it possible to have a lot of interactions on and off the court.
    − Marc Vloebergh, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Belgacom, Belgium
    I had the opportunity to partake in the training course “Best Practices in Fraud Management.” I found it a very comprehensive training on the fundamentals of any telecoms fraud management function.
    − Mischa Hendriks, Fraud & RA Manager
    France Telecom, Netherlands
    Rob Mattison is a very enthusiastic speaker with definitely a lot of practical experience. I have really enjoyed listening to him. I am sure everybody will recognize something in the topics he discusses and, because they are presented in a sound structure, it helps you to see everything in a larger perspective and gives it a place in the RA framework.
    After attending the workshops (and I especially preferred the one with respect to the Best Practices) you will be eager to apply this structured approach and clear vision in practice.
    I can also only welcome the initiative to share practices among different telcos so we will end up with uniform (and especially practical) standard practices.
    Rob, keep up the good work!
    − Jan Borzée, Director Change & Internal Control
    Telenet NV, Belgium
    Excellent course!
    I was impressed by the practicality and clarity of the presented material. Especially the “Best Practices” module was inspiring.
    Rob's workshops provide valuable insights you don't find elsewhere. The classes enabled me to fit all the pieces I knew about into an overall RA approach. I appreciated the way in which Rob openly shared his personal experiences and I also learned a great deal from my fellow participants as we discussed the presented material.
    − Werner Luyts, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Telenet NV, Belgium
    Although I classified our RA Department as very alerted and sophisticated, we benefited a lot from the workshops … even from browsing the course contents.
    − Abdulaziz S. Al-Rezaiza, Sr. Manager, Revenue Management
    Mobily, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Ces cours sont d'une importance capitale pour nos jeunes compagnies de téléphonie mobile dans la mesure où ils permettent non seulement de faire un passage en revue de tous les domaines vitaux du métier mais surtout d'apprendre à optimiser et à sécuriser nos revenues. Monsieur Rob Mattison par la maîtrise parfaite du sujet nous a facilité la compréhension et l'assimilation du cours. C'était très enrichissant.
    − Baba A. Diomande, Directeur des Systèmes d'Information
    MOOV Gabon
    I attended the Best Practices in Revenue Assurance workshop and I liked that the class was opened for questions and participation by the attendees. On the other hand, Rob’s wide experience and his knowledge make it easy to understand the functions and scope of RA.
    − Susana Neutel, Internal Auditor
    CTT – Correios de Portugal, SA
    The revenue assurance managers workshop gives you a structured overview of all the aspects of managing a revenue assurance team. It provides the basics to revenue assurance managers that are just starting up, but at the same time it adds a layer of structure and insightful interaction with peers for the advance revenue assurance managers.
    This is truly one of the only revenue assurance trainings available that is worth attending.
    − Tim Wulgaert, Senior Manager, CISSP, CISA, Risk Advisory Services
    Ernst & Young Belgium
    The workshop was comprehensive and detailed with respect to the Telecom environment and Revenue Assurance issues for each system. Over the course of the 3 days Rob's energy seemed endless. I think his lectures were interesting and informative.
    − Ruthy Rubin, Revenue Assurance Leader
    PricewaterhouseCoopers Israel
    For me, that I’m beginning a career in the area of Revenue Assurance, this Workshop was important to really understand the function and what should be the main worries of the RA professionals. Although my primary area is not Telco, the excellent explanations by Rob made it possible for me to take advantage of all subjects.
    − Dulce Pires, Internal Auditor
    CTT – Correios de Portugal, SA
    Next to the “Revenue Assurance Best Practices” course, I also attended the two-day training session on the fraud management principles. In my opinion, this course is an excellent introduction for everyone who has to deal with telecommunications fraud, but has no relevant experience in it.
    In only two days, my knowledge on the various types of known telecommunications fraud was broadened not only by theoretical insights, but also through stimulating class discussions and experience sharing with the other participants and Rob’s extensive experience.
    − Stijn Elisabeth, Senior IT Auditor
    Ernst & Young Belgium
    The Revenue Assurance Best Practices course, which I attended in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) was enlightening both from a technical and business perspective.
    Through the intuitive structure and the illustrative anecdotes from Rob’s personal experience, I am convinced that these classes are comprehensible for the telecommunications novice, but at the same time are also challenging for the more advanced.
    One of the most important advantages of this training is the diversity of the participants group and the opportunity that the training creates for in-depth discussions. This results not only in a great networking experience, but it also allows that the theory is tested by practical cases.
    − Stijn Elisabeth, Senior IT Auditor
    Ernst & Young Belgium
    The GRAPA course that I have attended was an eye opener. I have learned a lot during those days. Even problems that we thought were only in our companies, we found out that it is actually a common problem within the telcos. We will use the knowledge that we acquired to improve our Revenue Assurance.
    − Mbu Bonang, Revenue Accountant
    BTC, Botswana
    I attended the training in Kolkata (India). The workshop was very much informational on the practical aspects of Revenue Assurance and Telecommunications as a whole. I loved Rob Mattison’s illustrative way of explaining the concepts and relating them with his real life experience with RA. Now I would be able to take on the RA related problems of Connectiva's clients and understand the business in a better way. Thanks Rob.
    − Lalit Jha,
    Connectiva Systems, Inc., India
    My company invited Rob to provide training sessions on RA and Fraud. This training has really helped me to gain a better understanding of RA.
    The truth is that the classes are really good and provide useful tools to do RA.
    I would like to say that the Revenue Assurance Managers Workshop was very effective and important to me even though I have been in the Revenue Assurance business for almost ten years. This training has given me a wide strategic vision about what exactly revenue assurance is, and about what the principal functions and goals are that all revenue assurance manager should pursue.
    Rob Mattison’s great knowledge and deep experience in this business gives me a strong confidence and comprehension.
    Armando Gaona de Stefani
    Coordinator of the Nat’l Center of RA & Traffic Recovery, TELMEX, Mexico
    Prior to joining the RA Academy training, my RA approach was not structured. I was doing everything not in a standardize manner. Now, l have a better risk mapping on how to handle RA in my company. I shall adapt the GRAPA standards with a systematic and holistic approach to minimize risk to an optimal level. I now know that I have more responsibility to deliver to the company and I shall add value based on my knowledge. I thank GRAPA for it.
    − Wan Mahadzer Isllah Wan Puteh, Manager, Fraud & Revenue Assurance
    U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
    I attended the Best Practices in Revenue Assurance workshop and I liked that the class was an “open environment” for questions on the fly. Rob is great at teaching and has very good skills when it comes to conveying complex issues and making them easy to understand for listeners.
    This class has given me a comprehensive understanding of Revenue Assurance and a set of tools that will help me and my colleagues in the RA group to create useful business in the field for our customers.
    Anna-Maria Gustafsson Solutions Manager
    Ericsson Inc., USA
    The entire course was well worth it. It has provided a clear benchmark and framework for effectively improving and setting up the revenue assurance function. The scope of the course sets the text book for having a successful RA team.
    The Revenue Assurance Managers workshop is a very complete course that helps to identify the basics for the operation of revenue assurance and teaches the main functions and responsibilities of the revenue assurance department. This workshop is ideal for new managers with little experience. It is an excellent starting reference, also from the strategic point of view.
    Carlos Rubén Cepeda López
    Gerente de Aseguramiento de Ingresos, Mexico
    I went to the Revenue Assurance seminar with little knowledge of how a revenue assurance manager should start a RA department in a Telco. The only knowledge I had on the topic came from the book published by Rob Mattison, which was a great starting point and gave me a good idea of the functions and scope that a RA department should cover, but still I had many questions.
    The course provides detailed information on what the functions of RA should be and what should not be covered by RA, but by other departments like Internal Audit, etc. The course covered a lot of material and the handbooks provided were of great help on taking notes and as feedback tool as well for the future. Rob covered in detail all of the sections that form part of the revenue management chain and how to secure them. All the knowledge Rob Mattison provided plus the comments and expertise of colleagues that attended the seminar made it one of best courses I have ever attended.
    − Cindy G. Barchi, Revenue Assurance Manager
    Americatel Corporation, Miami, FL, USA
    The Revenue Assurance Manager Workshop is an excellent guide and a good starting point for new RA Managers. I have learnt a great deal from the training, and the training material and standard will definitely assist me and my department in carrying out the RA function in a systematic and consistent manner.
    It was a great pleasure to meet RA managers from different parts of the world and sharing knowledge and experiences of RA practices in different operators.
    Bee Ching Tang,  Manager
    U Mobile, Malaysia
    It was a great privilege for me to be able to attend Fraud Management classes hosted by Mr. Rob Mattison. First and foremost it has broadened my knowledge on the various types of fraud categories around the world. Since telco management became borderless with roaming in place, it alerted us to fraud activities around the world. It also broadened my knowledge in systematic ways how fraud investigation should be done.
    Samsudin Sujak, Revenue Assurance
    DiGi, Malaysia
    The RA Training Class really open my eyes to realizing how wide the RA area of coverage is and how important RA practice can be. This RA training helps me a lot to understand the Telco way of operation and RA application. I personally was impressed with the professionalism and level of experience that Mr. Rob Mattison shows as he gave real life examples on the application of RA practices.
    Chris Chiang, Revenue Assurance Systems, Business Support Systems
    DiGi, Malaysia
    I have attended Rob Mattison's training and this has opened a lot of new windows for me which I did not know existed :).
    − Debika Ghosh, Implementation
    Connectiva Systems Inc., India
    The program was very nice and a very good learning experience. We learned how to put the entire revenue management process into a structure and keep assuring the different sub-processes. The various techniques of revenue assurance were also new for me.
    Suman Kumar, Finance Head
    !Idea Cellular, India
    I’ve been waiting for a comprehensive course that can provide avenue/mean to assess/evaluate our Revenue Assurance functions & performance in line with best practices, standards and benchmarking with others. The three day “Revenue Assurance Managers for Telecommunication” course, organized by GRAPA, has given me deep insight and stronger appreciation of assessing ourselves and more important is the confidence in mobilizing the Revenue Assurance functions in Telekom Malaysia to greater height in reference to standard practices. It’s a comprehensive course that’s recommended for all RA practitioners & organization senior management.
    Anwar Abdul Jalil, General Manager, Revenue Assurance
    Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia
    The course was very enlightening as people in telecom domain have a lot of misconception regarding Revenue Assurance. The training gave me insight into what exactly is revenue assurance and how we can build a revenue assurance organization without spending millions of dollars. It’s just how we handle people, processes and technology efficiently and tactfully.
    Kavita Jha, Consultant
    Xalted, India
    It is one of the best training I have ever attended. I am amazed by the ability of the trainer to conceptualize a highly technical and complex subject to an easy to use, relevant and practical business solution. The trainer’s in depth knowledge and broad experiences help to stimulate the audience responses from time to time, thus making the session highly interactive and constructive.
    I would encourage all RA practitioners to attend the training
    Chong Choong Fei, Assistant General Manager
    U Mobile, Malaysia
    It was very good to meet Rob Mattison and to attend the workshops with delegates from so many companies. It really helps understand the various practices being followed across companies and also in building your network.
    The Fraud Management class was really interesting for me. To be able to understand and discuss about the various types of frauds identified in the telecom industry and along with Rob sharing his case studies it was indeed fruitful. Also, in the Best Practices in Revenue Assurance class, I found the concept of revenue mapping to be especially interesting.
    Overall, I was very happy to be there and it certainly has resulted in quite a few learnings for me. Thank you, Rob, for all the effort and hard work you put into the workshop.
    Prateek Goel, Senior Manager, Credit & Revenue Assurance
    !Idea Cellular Ltd, India
    Today we finished the wonderful training of Revenue Assurance and I thank you very much for providing such valuable information about the many different aspects. I am hoping to meet Rob Mattison again in near future in some other amazing training session.
    ̶  Sourav Majumder, Development
    Connectiva Systems Pvt Ltd, India
    This is more than just a class. This is real revenue assurance training!
    I wish my CFO would attend this class.
    I just don’t learn anything when I go to a conference.
    All three of the courses taken were indeed a great investment for my company. I am very pleased that my colleagues and I attended such thought provoking and informative sessions. I have begun putting what I’ve learnt into practice and I cannot wait to reap the positive rewards that education brings.
    − Yvonne Vitalis, Manager Business Controls & Revenue Assurance
    St. Lucia
    I came to the two modules courses (Best Practices in RA and Fraud Management) with no experience in Revenue Assurance, since I just started creating the function in the area.
    The courses were very interesting and clear. Although my background is Finance and Auditing, I was able to understand all sections, even those related to engineering and systems.
    What is especially good is the way the classes are structured since they allow you to understand the revenue assurance as a whole and as a chain in your company. Also very good is the fact that the participants come form different companies, backgrounds, and level of experience, which creates healthy discussions.
    The courses are highly recommended for persons of all level of experience.
    − Frederic Zuniga, Director of Financial Operations and Risk Management
    Americatel Corp, USA
    Very good workshop! It will help me to execute my duties more effectively. The course content is a lot to grasp in just three days. The networks section was an eye opener.
    The course was extremely useful for me as we are just starting the RA department in our company. This course was an excellent guide on what should be the focus of RA in a company and the tools to use to cover the different areas in the revenue management chain. The material was very practical with good examples to apply in real life.
    This course really helped me to understand what revenue assurance includes and how to focus the implementation process in the company. It also helped me to detect the weakness in the revenue chain and the stress in charge.
    Conferences only provide surface information, leaving a problem with execution. This workshop is an execution class – it tells you how to do it.
    We were so lost – now I am excited to get on with the work. I go back with a clear vision and mission. Applying what I have learned here will bring tremendous value to our organization.
    I wish my CFO would attend this class.
    You don’t have to have a technical background; anybody can sit in the class and understand. I have learned so much. Now I can be confident that I am asking the right questions.
    The classes are very well structured and the information provided is highly useful with immediate application to our own situation. Rob Mattison is highly knowledgeable and an excellent instructor who makes even very complicated concepts easy to understand.
    Rob is an incredibly dynamic trainer who portrays a lot of experience in the subject matter. Along with the excellent collection of material and presentations, the workshops provided a very useful framework, enhancing both organizational and individual performance.
    − Adrian Fowler Revenue Assurance Officer
    Cable and Wireless (Barbados) Ltd., Barbados
    I would like to send my appreciation for the wonderful RA workshop conduct by Rob. I'm excited now to make my career in a RA a success.
    We had the Best Practices in Revenue Assurance training in 2006. This course is very interactive, both with Rob Mattison and with the other attendees.
    You come away recognizing that there is no topic in which you may say you know it all. The training makes you realize how much you need to do and how little you know about the processes and systems within your company.
    The level of the training is excellent. My colleagues and I were very satisfied with it and, of course, we had a lot of work to do afterward. The difference was that we had learned how to do it, how to measure it, and what our weak points were.
    Revenue Assurance Analyst
    a South American Carrier
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