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"As an analyst with programming background, I thought I was too smart for the job with a handful list of areas for assurance. After attending the training, obviously I could not be more wrong. The new knowledge attained posed as a professional challenge and yet a chance to be a real telco asset. Personally, I am more confident."
- Samson Wasira, Revenue Assurance Analyst
TIGO, Tanzani

"I enjoyed the course. The course was a great experience for me as a newbie on the revenue assurance team. It helped me know what I must do as revenue assurance by showing me the logic to apply and the way to do so."
- Christian Bwanakawa, Fraud Coordinator
Zain, DRC

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The Revenue Assurance Academy offers tailored Revenue Assurance training and certification events for all types and sizes of Telco, no matter what your specific needs may be. Our customized training programs allow you to get the most out of revenue assurance training.
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RA Academy Student Testimonials

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The Revenue Assurance Academy has trained and certified over 500 students since 2007, when the Revenue Assurance Academy became the official training organization for GRAPA.
Students come from all sorts of backgrounds and functions within the Telco, including Revenue Assurance and finance, Fraud Management, Internal Audit and more.
After attending training, students often feel more focused at their job, and go back to work with the knowledge and skills that allow them to succeed in their career. Read below to see what some of our students have said about Revenue Assurance Academy training programs.

  1.  Revenue Assurance and Finance Professionals Say:Revenue Assurance Training Testimonials
    "[The training] is a comprehensive, practical training that provides a framework and specific guidance so that Revenue Assurance Managers can better assure end to end. I highly recommend anyone involved with assuring revenue attend this training."

    - Carol Wilson, International Compliance Director
    Trilogy International Partners, USA


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  2.  Telco Fraud Professionals Say:Telco Fraud Professional Training and Certification
    "The course completed my expectations. I learned many methods to apply in the detection and control of fraud and revenue assurance. I am glad I participated in this course,
    I hope to apply every concept in my job. Thank you so much."
    - Eric W. Carbajal, Fraud Analyst
    TIGO, Honduras
  3.  Internal Auditors Say:Internal Audit Certification Training
    "I really appreciated the huge volume of knowledge, terminology and real cases we studied in this course. I wish that many people from my company would attend these kind of trainings. Thanks GRAPA."
    - Slim Gantara, Internal Auditor
    Tunisie Telecom, Tunisia

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  4. Consultants Say:Telecoms Consultants RA Training
    "This five-day training updated my theoretical understanding of telecommunications revenue assurance, and through the GRAPA standards and control framework I noticed that this can be efficiently applied into the day-to-day reality. In addition to this, the professionalization of the function, the class networking aspect and the recognition through the formal certification process are the principal benefits of GRAPA and its training curriculum."
    - Stijn Elisabeth, Senior Risk Advisor
    Ernst & Young, Belgium

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  5.  Regulatory Compliance Professionals Say:Regulatory Compliance and Revenue Assurance Training
    "When I discussed GRAPA training and the services GRAPA provides it really got the attention of my managers at work. There is a real lack of training and resources for those wishing to practice revenue assurance. My director was very enthusiastic about me coming to the GRAPA training. [It gave me] a good foundation and overview of telecommunication services and the revenue they generate."
    - Tarig Rahamtalla, Senior Financial Analyst
    Universal Service Administrative Company, USA
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    Operations Managers Say:Billing Operations RA Training
    "Attending the GRAPA course opens up a new dimension for revenue Assurance and Billing practitioners as the modern Telco lives in the middle of revenue loss and risk. So big and un-imaginable is the revenue exposure of most Telco’s yet they are oblivious of this fact and indeed leak massive revenues through processes, fraud, poor product design, inaccurate margin analysis and other leakages. The GRAPA course provides the modern Telco with tools to combat these challenges."
    - Simon Peter Bukenye, Billing Manager