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Revenue Assurance Academy Onsite Event Calendar

Available Dates - Status

This table provides the latest information about the weeks that are available for training. This page shows:

Not available
Reserved for Public RAA training events
Tentative Public Training Event (based on demand)
Under contract for private on-site training
Tentative Public Online Training Event (based on demand)
An organization has expressed preference for a date
The week is potentially available, even though an organization may have expressed interest in the date

Dates are awarded based on the level of commitment made by the organization requesting the training. For details on the scheduling process, see the instructions below.

week # wk start event dates Rob Mattison


16-Mar   Chicago
13 23-Mar   Chicago
14 30-Mar   Amsterdam
15 6-Apr   Amsterdam
16 13-Apr   Dubai
17 20-Apr   Dubai
18 27-Apr   Available
19 4-May   Cape Town
20 11-May   Cape Town



How to schedule a date for your onsite event

One of the biggest challenges in setting up a training event is scheduling the date. While Revenue Assurance Academy would like to accommodate everyone, that is not always possible. The main problem is that most people want to reserve a date so that it is guaranteed for them and THEN try to get funding and approval. Unfortunately, many times, the funding is not approved and then the event must be cancelled.

Although we understand this process, it creates some very difficult problems for us. We would like to promise specific dates, but there are usually several people interested in the same dates at the same time. When this happens, we need to have a method for resolving the conflicts.

Unfortunately, certain dates seem to be very popular with everyone, and we can have as many as eight companies wanting a particular dates, while other dates are of no interest to anyone. We therefore need a method to manage these conditions and to schedule fairly and efficiently.

The method we have developed is as follows:

Step 1: Express 'Interest'

The first step in the process is for you to tell us the dates that you are interested in as a possibility for training. When you 'express interest' you are simply letting us know which dates you might be interested in.

An expression of interest is NOT A COMMITMENT, but it does mean that your Membership Manager will continue to keep you informed if there are any changes to the status of a date.

When you express interest in a date, we will try to encourage others to choose different dates, and we will keep you informed of the status if others are bidding on the same dates that you are.

* Failure to "refresh" your interest at least once every 2 weeks (via email or phone call) will result in the "release" of your stated interest.

Step 2 : State your 'Preferred' Date

After you have worked on developing a specific training event (usually after you have completed the Onsite User Guide steps of identifying the targeted students and training objectives), you will want to express a 'Preferred Date.' A 'preferred' date indicates a stronger claim on your chosen date than the claim made by people with an 'interest.'

You will be given preference when it comes to prioritization, you will be informed if anyone else is trying to escalate their claim on that date, and you will be notified if the status of your claim on the date changes in any way.

In the calendar above, this week will be marked as "Tentative."

* Failure to "refresh" your pending status at least once every 2 weeks (via email or phone call) will result in the "downgrade" of your stated status to "interested."

Step 3 : Set the date as Contract 'Pending'

After you have obtained a proposal and have confirmed to us your intention to accept the proposal and date proposed, your status will be upgraded to 'pending'. Pending dates receive an even stronger commitment on our part and we will actively discourage others from taking the date.

* Failure to "refresh" your pending status at least once every 2 weeks, (via email or phone call) will result in the "downgrade" of your stated status to "preference."

Step 4 : Set the date as 'Reserved'

After you have received a final approval on the date, and you have communicated your commitment to us (through a purchase order, deposit, or other formal confirmation), the date will be set as "Reserved" and all other interested parties will be informed that this week is no longer available.

We Make Organizing Onsite Events Easy

We have extensive experience organizing these onsite programs, and have developed approaches that make the process of designing and delivering a customized program easy for you. For more information, download any of the listed informational guides.