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"The Revenue Assurance Consultant's Master Class," is a specially customized onsite certification training program focused on the unique needs of Consulting organizations. This program has been developed to meet the needs of consultants and systems integrators anxious to take advantage of growing demand for telecommunications support systems/services relating to Revenue Assurance, Fraud Deterrence, Revenue Operations, Margin/Market Assurance, and New Product Development Design.

The program assumes you have a well qualified, technically knowledgeable team, with some experience in telecommunications support. That being the case, what we provide is an "extra boost" to help them gain the critical competitive advantage required to win the next telecoms deal that comes your way – while also filling your project pipeline with many more such deals in the future. Put simply, the core objective of this certification training is to enable consulting companies find and take advantage of more opportunities.

Through GRAPA Certification Training, Consultants will Learn:
  • The urgent consulting needs of RA decision makers
  • New opportunities in the changing RA landscape
  • Effective RA proposal writing/preparation for sales teams
  • Marketing and pre-sales targeted at RA managers/CFOs
  • How to evaluate RFIs/RFPs from leads/clients
  • System features and functions that most appeal to RA decision makers
  • Using RA Audits as a means of generating project leads
  • Testing your team’s core RA skills to focus them on projects where they can offer most value
Expanded Consulting Curriculum

Because consulting firms have different needs and skillsets then telecom carrier organizations, GRAPA has added additional modules to the Consultants Master Class that focus on how your team can use its enhanced knowledge to win more business. Although the fundamental aspects of our Certification program are still included in this training, your on-site sessions will also include workshops to practice RFP and Proposal Response, exhibiting credibility and showing competitive advantage to clients, and "brainstorming" strategy sessions to capitalize on current market opportunities.

Additionally, as your team is learning how to improve their sales process, they will also be learning how to “speak the same language” as your clients, understand their concerns, as well as how to deliver solutions/services that provide real value, creating ongoing customer relationships and lasting brand loyalty. Especially for consultants new to telecoms, this skill will further encourage future clients that your orgnaization has a firm grasp on the issues they face.

For more information about the Consultant's Master Class please express interest today.

Consultant Testimonials

"This five-day training updated my theoretical understanding of telecommunications revenue assurance, and through the GRAPA standards and control framework I noticed that this can be efficiently applied into the day-to-day reality. In addition to this, the professionalization of the function, the class networking aspect and the recognition through the formal certification process are the principal benefits of GRAPA and its training curriculum."
Stijn Elisabeth, Senior Risk Advisor Ernst & Young, Belgium

"The training provided me with a solid understanding of the best practice and approach to Revenue Assurance. There are too many wrong ways to assure the business. This course provides a structured, logical approach."
Hayley Daniels, Senior Business Development Consultant Neural Technologies, United Kingdom

"As an RA consultant, this course provides very useful content in order to support our clients in their RA functions. It also helped us to understand how a traditional RA department works."
Alonso Guerra, Senior Consultant Eriksson, Mexico

"The Revenue Assurance course was a steep learning curve. It was exciting and full of live examples from the industry. It provided me with the knowledge of the basics of telecom, key technicalities, how the telecoms work, risk exposure scenarios and how these risks can be addressed with appropriate controls. The training has provided me with knowledge, best practices and standards to handle my day to day tasks and responsibilities."
Aruj Verma, Consultant Protiviti, Kuwait

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Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Drive 2014 Business with Telecoms Certification

Scheduling an onsite event in early 2014 will provide your organization with the latest insights into client problem areas, allowing you to propose compelling new solutions before your competitors. Beyond providing your consulting force with a breadth of knowledge to uncover problem areas your competitors do not even know about, we will also help your sales team develop a clear understanding of the complex organizational, institutional, political and technical areas to be addressed. This way, you not only know where to look for you next deal, and the dozens after that, you will learn to use GRAPA's consensus-based approach to closing them.

Because we know that Consultants tend to be busy with clients and projects throughout the year, GRAPA has created a special on-site Certification training offer* for Consulting firms who would like to schedule an event in January 2014. Not only is the best time to get all of your consultants together for group training, but more importantly it will siutate your organzation ahead of your competition for 2014.

To determine if this offer can apply for your organization, please express interest today.This offer ends 15 December, and applies only to consultant or vendor certification on-site training events held during January 2014.

Prove That You Know the Industry

Telco decision makers are beginning to require that consultants and vendors prove that they are especially well qualified to solve their problems, and many are coming to recognize that GRAPA Certification is one of the easiest and most effective ways to QUALIFY the candidates.

Maybe it's time for your team to go through a necessary rite of passage to prove how capable and experienced they really are. GRAPA Certification, based on internationally ratified standards, is now recognized all over the world, not least in the 170+ countries where GRAPA's 6000+ registered members live and work. With the GRAPA standards being the most widely distributed, read, and implemented revenue assurance standard in the world, no other credential will provide you the credibility and independent verification of revenue assurance knowledge/expertise as being a Practitioner of Telecoms Revenue Assurance.