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Taking Revenue Assurnace to the C-Level

The Executive Revenue Assurance Advanced Certification class is a five-day curriculum that enables students to certify in Advanced Revenue Assurance. Students will learn about and qualify for several specialized areas of RA management and operations. The objective of the overall five-day program is to provide students with an in-depth familiarity and methodology for applying advanced revenue assurance disciplines to the telco organization.

One specific discipline covered during this course is revenue engineering - the application of scientific and practical techniques to guarantee corporate profitability through the explicit control of margins and marketing. Also covered is revenue assurance governance, or the utilization of revenue assurance operations as the primary agent for the implementation of a comprehensive revenue governance model. The GRAPA revenue assurance governance model has been compiled from four years of best practices from revenue assurance managers around the world. The first two days of XRA focus on Revenue Engineering while the third day covers Revenue Assurance Governance, and the last two days are designed to meet the most pressing needs of RA managers.

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Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for experienced RA Managers, new RA managers, CFOs, CROs, or any telecommunications executive interested in learning how to set up a new RA department.

The primary audience for this Certification Training are those interested in learning:

  • Latest proven innovations from RA managers around the world
  • Techniques for enhancing the effectiveness of the RA department
  • Roadmaps for expanding the scope of the Revenue Assurance function
  • Proven techniques to greatly improve the position of the RA department in the eyes of top management

The Week at a Glance

Mastering Margins
Mastering Markets
Mastering Governance
Mastering Position
Mastering Team
Opening Session Tele-economics:
What is profit?
Market Assurance Fundamentals NGN Telcos/ Last Gen. Governance The Intrapreneurial Approach to RA Your team and the GRAPA framework
Morning Session Marketing Engineering The Marketing Lifecycle NGN Governance:
The Revenue Reality
Marketing, Selling and Promoting RA Working with HR
Late Morning
Pricing Econometrics Revenue Engineering Principles Margin, Forecast & Variance Controls Getting Funding and Building Partnerships Training and Rotation Schedules
Afternoon Opening Margin Assurance Principles & Case Studies The Service Promise Model Domains and Revenue Mapping Managing Competitors Assignation and Designation
Afternoon Session Line of Business Margin Implementing Model Base Controls Confidence Assignation Dealing with vendors and consultants Tracking results and mapping to the RAG
Late Afternoon
Asset Margin Revenue Forecast Controls RA Postures:
Patrol, Panoptic, Plenary
SWOT Analysis Building an Intrapreneurial Team
Closing Session Promotion and Bundle Margin Models and Cases Functional Reporting and Relevance Winning and Keeping Budget Organizing Training, Cross-training

The RA Foundations Program

XRA Home
Day 1: Revenue Engineering 101
Day 2: Revenue Engineering 102
Day 3: Revenue Assurance Governance
Day 4: RA Manager's Workshop 101
Day 5: RA Manager's Workshop 102

Course Information

Our Promise
Students who take the training seriously, participate enthusiastically in activities, and pass the certification exams will be able to perform all practical applications listed under each course description.
Certification Credit
Candidates who have at least 6 months of verified work experience in a telecoms-related area, pass all exams, attend all 40 hours of class, and have previously accomplished Certified Practitioner status will be awarded certification in Advanced Revenue Assurance.
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