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NextGen Wired 101: NextGen Fiber, Cable, Cloud & Internet

foundation for successThe first day of this program provides an overview of NextGen Wired technologies, business models, security issues and controls. During the first half of the day, students will become familiar with the technologies involved in NextGen Wired including WiFi, FTTH, Fiber, FastEther, MPLS, Commercial VOIP, Docsis3.0, IMS and Integrated Cloud services and products. The second portion of this day is dedicated to understanding the Internet, where students will review internet-based architectures, topology, operations, and business models.

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Part 1: NextGen Hard-Wired Overview

The first part of this day is focused on the migration of existing wired telcos into the new world of WiFI, FTTH, Fiber, FastEther, MPLS, Commercial VOIP, Docsis3.0, IMS and integrated Cloud services and products. As we delve into the nature of these changes, we will detail how the different technologies fit together and review the key role of revenue assurance in mitigating the risks of the migration process. Professionals will walk away with an understanding of the synergy of each technology, and, more importantly, they will see how this new technology affects telecoms revenues, profits, and business models.

Practical Applications

foundation for success
  • Learn what is meant by the term "Next Generation Wired"
  • Differentiate between the characteristics of WiFi, FTTH, MPLS, Fiber, FastEther, IMS and the Wired cloud
  • Understand the major differences and challenges faced by telcos that are moving into the use of these technologies
  • Learn the key role that revenue assurance plays in the securing, assuring and profitability of these new deployments
  • Apply the industry standard roles of marketing, sales, network, billing and other participants in the next generation wired deployment process and the concomitant risks that the telco faces when making this migration
  • Learn how the revenue assurance department can deliver key, strategic and tactical value to the telecom throughout the process of the migration to and deployment of these technologies

Key Concepts

  • Key characteristics of architectures for WiFi, FTTH, MPLS, Fiber, FastEther, IMS and the Cloud services
  • Key business models and commercial applications of WiFi, FTTH, MPLS, Fiber, FastEther, IMS and the Wired cloud
  • Key pressure points where revenue assurance methods provide the greatest benefit to NextGen Wired operations

Part 2: Understanding the Internet

For decades a vast majority of the people have seen the internet as a cool, free technology that could revolutionize the way we do business. Well, the good news is that this is exactly what has happened. The great news is that with the internet world, there are hundreds of carriers, suppliers and other parties who are realizing that the internet represents BIG MONEY. But, with BIG MONEY comes big competition, big investment and a technological and a business model free for all. During this series of modules, students will become familiar with the business, security and control of Internet products and services.

foundation for successPractical Applications

  • Learn the principles, tools, practical applications and case studies that show how Revenue Assurance adds value to NextGen
    Wireless Deployments
  • Use revenue assurance forensics, corrections and compliance to mitigate risk and assure the profitability of NGW services
  • Understand the key components of an internet "cloud" - the way it is built, managed and packaged as a service
  • Review the participants in the delivery of public internet services to ISPs and end customers (corporate and consumer)
  • Learn the technical protocols and arrangements that make the internet public network function
  • Differentiate between the various business models that make up an internet "cloud" service
  • Understand consumer cloud, corporate cloud and custom cloud application design
  • Review the different services that can be offered via the internet delivery architecture and the issues associated with their security and billing reliability
  • Learn how to secure and bill internet services

Key Concepts

  • The 3 Primary Functions of RA (Forensics, Correction, Compliance) as they are applied to NGFCC
  • The 4 Layers of Revenue Assurance Coverage (operations, accounting, margin, market) and the way they are mapped to the NextGen Fiber, Cable and Cloud problem space
  • The GRAPA Domain Analysis Methodology and its use in the developing and running of Fiber, Cable and Cloud revenue streams
  • What is the internet and how does it work
  • The principle methods of securing internet access and tracking internet activity
  • Methods for the authentication, authorization and accounting for internet activity