NextGen Finance for the NextGen Telco

Finance, Audit and RA methods to help assure the profitability of the Modern Telco

Given the dynamic nature of the modern telecoms financial environment, the key questions are... How can my Finance, Audit and RA team keep up? What are the key principles that drive my priotization and application decisions? What is the role of Finance, Audit and RA in this world of continuous change and operational flux, and how can the Financial Assurance professional hope to add value when none of the traditional benchmarks or touchstones exist upon which to base the controls?

In this unit, students will learn about the application of the GRAPA Standards approach and methodologies. Designed by practicing finance, audit and revenue assurance professionals, these standards provide the foundation upon which a flexible set of controls can be established.

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Unit Objectives

  • Utilize Telecoms Standard Practices for Finance, Revenue Assurance and Audit. Learn the controls and methods to make sure that your teams are in line with industry standards
  • Practice GRAPA Standard Methods and Approaches to Next Gen Telecoms Assurance. Take advantage of a standard set of controls and methodologies to help decompose the modern telecoms environment into discrete assure-able areas, classes of controls
  • Understand the nature of Profit and Risk Recognition in the modern telecoms environment. See how to use standards to help manage the revenue recognition, profitability management and risk containment processes.