Margin, Market and New Product Assurance

Stopping the Worst Revenue Losses at Their Source

Make sure your Finance, Audit and RA practices are on the cutting edge and apply core principles to the assurance of markets, the marketing process, as well as the new product development. Learn how successful Finance, Audit and RA teams have put in place controls over those processess to protect the revenue integrity of the organization. Many of the key sources of revenue loss originate from the marketing and new product development processes, so learn the techniques your Finance, Audit and RA team needs to manage this risk.

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Unit Objectives

  • Utilize industry standard financial assurance and revenue assurance controls for market assurance
  • Master the basic forensics, controls design and implementation of margin assurance in a wide range of application areas including interconnect, roaming, and CAPEX planning
  • Improve your ability to assure new marketing plans and product launches, and ensure that you know where the biggest risks to revenue emerge in the marketing cycle
  • Encourage Finance, Audit and RA involvement in the New Product Development process and prevent major revenue risks from going unnoticed before products launch and there is little time for recovery