Next Gen Telecoms: Meeting the Financial Controls Challenges with Audit and RA

Bridging the chasm between traditional Accounting controls and the new generation of financial telecoms challenges

Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance are practiced in very different ways across the range of telecoms environments, with products and services at different points of maturity. This unit focuses on how these fundamentally different approaches to financial controls and risk assurance can be applied to the modern, highly volatile, complex telecoms environment. The challenge is figuring out how to apply a consistent set of controls and risk containment strategies when different lines of business are at vastly different stages of maturity. This unit help professionals create a standard based profit, risk and assurance approach that can be applied consistently and effectively in all of these diverse situations.

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Unit Objectives

  • Utilize Main Street risk and profit controls. Understand the role of Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance in a mature, stable product environment that has received widespread market acceptance, and end-to-end implementation of controls across relevant domains
  • Master Financial Controls and Assurance when new products are in “Before the Chasm” (BTC) stage. Learn how to increase the value of Finance, Audit and RA services in the initial phase of product launch, and throughout the product development process
  • Use industry standard techniques for Finance, Audit and RA in the “Tornado” Phase. Utilize those financial assurance methods that have the greatest value during the most important phase of a product’s lifecycle, when the product is seeing mass market uptake and demand rapidly outstrips capacity. Learn RA postures, role of revenue accounting, pricing controls, promotion controls and profit controls for this stage