Next Gen Technologies

Financial and Revenue Assurance for UMTS, LTE, IMS, VOIP

The telecommunications industry is driven by innovation and the continuous implementation of newer and more challenging technologies. In this unit, we will review several of the major next generation technologies, and the key to assuring the revenues they generate. This unit includes sessions on: Carrier Grade VOIP (v5.2, H323, SIP) and the ways that voice networks are integrated into VOIP networks; Data Roaming for GSM, WiFi, Wimax and CDMA including GPRS and EVDO; Next geneation wireless migration and the assurance issues associated with (UMTS/LTE/IMS) and Current and Future Cable (coax, fiber and ADSL) implementations including DOCSIS 3.0.

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Unit Objectives

  • Differentiate between the different methods that VoIP (Carrier- Grade, SIP, Consumer, Skype, etc) is delivered to Voice networks, and differences between the SIP, H323, V5.2, MGP and other protocols and Architectural Approaches. Learn the financial controls used for each VoIP method
  • Assure data roaming and be able to protect WIFI, GSM/GRPS, EVDO and Wimax roaming architectures, settlement and billing techniques
  • Improve your approach to wireless migration assurance and better protect your organization’s billing, infrastructure and security as it migrates from 2G-UMTS-LTE-IMS
  • Understand the fundamental architectures, business models, AAA, security and billing protocols for cable, broadcast, ADSL and other wired Triple-Play carriers, and address the revenue and financial assurance issues involved