Interconnect Operations Lifecycles
(Business, Technical, Operational)

How Does Interconnect Work and is it Really That Complicated?

Understand the operational, technical and fundamental business model of interconnect. We will specifically focus on the nature of the business, how the environment works, key systems and processes, and the industry standard responsibilities of operational teams. We also spend significant time reviewing how to work with interconnect partners, interconnect agreements and settlement, technical details for trunking, signaling and CDR generation, as well as rate change protocols.

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Unit Objectives

  • Understand how the interconnect environment works, where the biggest risks to revenue occur, and the industry standard financial, audit, and revenue assurance controls to protect interconnect revenues
  • Better assure interconnect partnership agreements, and make sure your organization is not losing money in these relationships
  • Implement finance and audit controls throughout the interconnect revenue stream to ensure integrity in the revenue management process