Roaming Operations Lifecycles
(Signaling, Postpaid, CAMEL, USSD)

Understand the Most Complicated Line of Business in Telecoms

This unit details the operational standard practices for the various roaming environments. In particular, the use of roaming signaling for authentication and authorization, the postpaid business model and various means of credit management (HUR and NRTDE). Both of the two seperate models for prepaid billing - CAMEL and USSD will be discussed, and we will review the lifecycles associated with each of those operational practice areas.

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Unit Objectives

  • Learn how the roaming environment works and where the biggest risks to revenue occur
  • Ensure that your alarms for roaming credit management are calibrated appropriately and that your organization is not losing money from overextending roaming credit to customers
  • Get better control over your organization’s relationship with the DCH, and make sure that their roaming reports are accurate