Assuring Corporate Services: Leased Lines, MPLS, Cloud and Corporate Sales Assurance

The Emerging Role of Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance in the Commercial Services Areas

The vast majority of wirelines carriers, a good number of wireless providers and a huge pool of small independent service providers generate most of their revenues from commercial grade leased lines, corporate clouds, virtual circuits and other forms of high capacity communication. In this unit we will concentrate on the technologies, architectures, AAA and other assurance issues for the corporate services area. Learn about the assurance of leased lines, cloud services, MPLS, MetroEther and a vast assortment of esoteric and powerful specialty technologies. Learn also about the corporate sales, provisioning, billing and collections cycle and the many different leakages and fraud risks they involve, and how to assure them.

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Unit Objectives

  • Understand the basic nature of commercial services and the critical role of the OSI 7-Layer model in understanding and managing them
  • Utilize the DSSA Methodology as a standard method to financially assure corporate and commercial services
  • Take advantage of the GRAPA controls and methodology that are helping carriers to optimize the cloud for their own revenue opportunities
  • Review case studies of good and bad corporate services and sales assurance techniques to better build a strong financial assurance strategy for your organization