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RAS101: Network Foundations: Access, Service Delivery, Provisioning and Triple "A"

foundation for successNetwork Foundations focuses on the underlying infrastructure that makes any telecommunications service delivery environment function. All material covered on this day focuses on how telecommunications services are delivered to customers, and how those services are organized in order to guarantee that it is secured and that billing can happen with integrity. We begin with a review of the fundamental building blocks of all communications services - the Operational Environment and Teams themselves, and the different media that are utilized to deliver services.

Building upon this foundation, we will then introduce the concepts of Access Architecture (the way customers gain access to the network) and Service Delivery Architecture (the way services are actually delivered). Based upon this foundational knowledge we will then introduce the concepts of AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) - which forms the basis for all revenue management integrity.

Based upon these core principles we will then provide a step by step review of the Circuit based architecture. We will review the history of voice systems, how they work, how they are secured (AAA) and how they are provisioned to make this possible. We will then shift to a parallel review of the same for Packet. We will review the history of Packet, Data and IP delivery, including the internet and the role of the ISP, and then see what the AAA and Billing architecture issues are for this environment, especially for VOIP.

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Practical Applications

  • Learn the details of how Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are accomplished in the GSM, CDMA, DSL, WIMAX and other environments
  • Understand how network operations are organized, and how different media are harnessed to deliver services
  • Differentiate between the various methods of delivery and AAA for different environments and media
  • Perform BAA - Billing and Assurance Architecture
  • Utilize key control protocols for each environment (SS7, IP, SIP etc) , and understand how these protocols define and deliver security and revenue

Key Concepts

  • OSS Operations and Organization
  • Fundamentals of wireless and wireline media
  • Access Architecture organization
  • Service Delivery Architecture components
  • AAA for Access and Service Delivery
  • Circuit Technology Delivery
  • SS7 - Principles, Components and Dialects
  • Principles of CDR generation
  • Principles of operation, organization and assurance for SMS and MMS
  • Femtocell billing architecture, operations and assurance