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RAS102: Billing Foundations: Assure Any Billing System with Confidence

foundation for successRAS102 is dedicated to the assurance of billing systems and billing models. We will review the different types of billing systems including Traditional Postpaid, Classical Prepaid, Radius, Diameter, Specialized and the new Generation of Convergent Billing Systems. Student will be familiarized with a complete spectrum of alternative billing models and scenarios including Postpaid, Prepaid, Radius, Diameter and Convergent. Coursework will include the entire accounting process associated with each of these systems including the alternative architecture models -- Postpaid:Postpaid / Postpaid:Prepaid / Prepaid:Postpaid / Prepaid:Prepaid.

Furthermore, during this day we will also map out complete revenue streams and sets of billing controls. We will consider the alternative methods utilized to assure each stream. Finally we will review the management of credit and fraud risk associated with each of these systems, and the determination and allocation of credit risk. Additional emphasis will be placed on the assurance of sales channels, external and internal channels and revenue controls regarding the sales force.

Overall, this day is focused on the operational details of post and prepaid systems. The major technologies covered will include the traditional BSS Based billing systems -- typical in Wireline and Postpaid GSM/CDMA -- as well as the network centric billing systems (Prepaid Voucher based systems) and IP based systems (Radius/Diameter) and the new generation of convergent systems. Attention will also be paid to manual, in-house developed and specialized billing and accounting methods.

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Practical Applications

  • Understand the methods of revenue capture, processing and billing, collections and revenue recognition for major billing architectures
  • Learn the standard controls for each type of billing system, and the industry standard methods employed to assure and secure them
  • Utilize a rationalized, cost effective, risk containment strategy for different billing environments in addition to a standard-practice approach to the forensics, corrections and controls for each
  • Perform the standard billing methods for all lines of telecommunications business, and efficiently troubleshoot problems and initiate proper investigations, corrections and controls

Key Concepts

  • Mediation Systems architecture, operations and assurance
  • Channel architecture, operations and assurance
  • Sales tracking commissions and controls
  • Provisioning, Credit Management and Collections (dunning) operations, controls and assurance
  • Postpaid Billing Systems architecture, operations and assurance
  • Prepaid Billing Business models and billing architecture, operations and assurance
  • Convergent Billing Systems - alternative architectures and their assurance
  • M-payment Principles and Assurance
  • Radius and Diameter Billing Assurance and Controls
  • M-payment fraud exploits, methods, detection and deterrence
  • Location Based billing business models and billing architecture, operations and assurance