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RAS103: Partner Foundations: Partner Protection Principles

foundation for successThis day is dedicated to the understanding and assurance of partner based business models and the special assurance issues and revenue risks associated with them. The assurance of partner based business models like interconnect (CABS), roaming, content, VNO and Outsourcing add a significant number of risks to the operational model. During this 8 hour session, students will review and learn about the standard approach to manage risks in these models. This day will be focused on traditional Wireline, Wireless, Internet and other forms of Inter-carrier connection, Inter-carrier Roaming, Content delivery and VNO/Outsourcing.

Coursework will include an in-depth review of the entire revenue management domain for each of the following:

  • Voice Interconnect (International and Domestic)
  • Internet Interconnect (International and Domestic)
  • VOIP Partnering, Voice Roaming (International and Domestic)
  • Data Roaming (Wifi, WIMAX and HMA)
  • Content delivery
  • Broadcast / Streaming Delivery
  • Virtual Network Operation Partners
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Practical Applications

  • Identify and apply the GRAPA standard controls for each of these partner-related domains as well as industry standard practice for all of them
  • Develop a complete understanding of how to analyze, assure and apply the GRAPA standard controls to the Interconnect, Roaming, VNO and Outsourcing Domains
  • Learn about Partner portals and the special assurance, AAA issues and controls required to deal with them
  • Create and apply rate, settlement process, and the negotiation process controls
  • Build and implement partitioned revenue maps, boundary controls, deep controls

Key Concepts

  • Partner Domain Controls
  • Interconnect Business Models
  • Interconnect Billing architecture, operations and assurance
  • Interconnect technical environment
  • Regulators Dilemma for Interconnect
  • Denial of Revenue in Interconnect
  • Internet Interconnect
  • SIMBOX operations and fraud containment strategies