Revenue Assurance Academy

Revenue Assurance Governance

According to the GRAPA standards and benchmarks, one thing in telecommunications today is absolutely clear: revenue assurance is undeniably a financially-focused function. This one-day course shows you how the GRAPA Revenue Assurance Governance Model can provide top management with the tools, techniques, and standards to get control of the RA function in a way that corresponds with finance.

This course will highlight the new Revenue Assurance Governance model (RAG©), which provides a new, standards-based framework for assigning, tracking, monitoring, and adjusting the investment of different revenue assurance activities, making them directly relevant to top management’s view of the business.

Based on over four years of extensive benchmarking, consensus building, and consultation with CFOs, auditors, and consultants, the RAG© is quickly becoming the absolute standard for the financial-based management and control of revenue assurance activities.

Through the RA Governance Program, students will learn:

business people
  • How to use RA to lay a new foundation for a corporate culture based on integrity in the management of revenues, heightened corporate responsibility by all departments, and a compliance model that fits within your cultural framework and budget.
  • Transform a haphazard, opinion-based, personality-driven RA environment into one that is objective, standards-based, and methods-driven.
  • The three primary postures of a RA department (rangers, farmers, and defenders) and how to use them to meet corporate objectives.

Who Should Attend?

High-level telecoms executives looking for a comprehensive briefing on the GRAPA standards, certification, and governance model. This includes:

  • CFOs, Controllers, and Executive Finance Members
  • CEOs and Top Management Executive Team
  • Internal Auditor/Risk Management Officers
  • RA Managers and Experienced RA Professionals

RA Manager's Workshop: At a Glance

This one-day course provides RA professionals with the foundational pillars of the GRAPA revenue governance architecture. The pillars include revenue mapping, noise analysis, DAM©: standardized enforcement, confidence mapping and more!

  RA Governance 101: Mastering Governance
Opening Session NGN Telcos/ Last Gen. Governance
Morning Session NGN Governance: The Revenue Reality
Late Morning
Margin, Forecast & Variance Controls
Afternoon Opening Domains and Revenue Mapping
Afternoon Session Confidence Assignation
Late Afternoon
RA Postures: Patrol, Panoptic, Plenary
Closing Session Functional Reporting and Relevance

Revenue Assurance Governance is a sub-course of the 5-day Executive Revenue Assurance (XRA) Curriculum. Participants can either enroll in the week-long course, or they can attend specific sub-courses of the training. The one-day Revenue Assurance Governance course is offered during the third day of the week-long program.

Executive Briefing

RAG101: Mastering Governance
This is an executive briefing session designed for RA managers interested in learning how to use GRAPA’s Revenue Assurance Standards and Governance Model to give them proven techniques for gaining top management buy in and support for the expansion of the revenue assurance function. Change top management’s understanding of the role of revenue assurance in strategic decision making. Make revenue assurance a critical asset to the CEO and CFO.
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Executive Revenue Assurance Program
The Executive Revenue Assurance Masters Certification class is a five-day curriculum that enables students to certify as a Master of Revenue Assurance. Students will learn about and qualify for several specialized areas of RA management and operations. The objective of the overall five-day program is to provide students with an in-depth familiarity and methodology for applying advanced revenue assurance disciplines to the telco organization.
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RA Manager's Workshop
GRAPA’s Revenue Assurance Manager’s Workshop is a three-day course focused on the systematic implementation of a truly professionalized and optimized revenue assurance department. It provides managers with a comprehensive introduction to the GRAPA standards-based approach to the revenue assurance function, and it presents a step-by-step guide to the gradual but effective migration of existing RA team activities to be in better alignment with the standards and with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.
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Our Promise

Students who take the training seriously, participate enthusiastically in activities, and pass the certification exams will be able to perform all practical applications listed under each course description.



Students with verified work experience and who successfully complete the curriculum and pass the exam will attain 1 day of credit towards “Masters” certification. All students who successfully complete the exam will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Revenue Assurance Governance Curriculum.