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Revenue Engineering

Product development at the speed of light, rapid-fire promotion schedules, and price plans that change as often as customers change their minds: this is the nature of the telecommunications industry today. In the modern telecom, the ability to imagine, engineer, and launch radical new ideas, concepts, and promotions is not the exception; it is the requirement. The challenge faced by marketers, product developers, and pricing specialists is that this kind of continuous change and radical innovation brings with it a LOT OF RISK.

The two-day Revenue Engineering class is about injecting a new perspective into the strategic planning DNA of the telco organization. You will hear about how a fundamental shift in perspective can create a huge shift in market advantage, based on innovative new revenue-based approaches.

Revenue Engineering Helps Executives, Managers and Professionals:

  • Squeeze untapped profits from existing service lines, generate hidden profit margins, out-distance the competition
  • Add to the top line of the telco using existing skills and knowledge to accelerate new product development, marketing, and the assurance of margins, markets and new technologies
  • Apply advanced revenue management skills, tools, and approaches used by innovative telcos to gain competitive advantage

In the final analysis, Revenue Engineering is about gaining competitive advantage in cost and market attractiveness by understanding and leveraging core strengths. Most teams already have the elements required for success and simply need a clear vision on how to make this a reality, do it consistently, and get the tools you need to re-invent what you do and how you do it by learning to use the management of revenue and fraud risk as a tool for increasing success and minimizing costs.

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Who Should Attend?

Those looking for an exciting, empowering way to mitigate risk, cost and speed to market, and those who want to use revenue assurance to to enhance, improve, and support the pricing function in a clear, tactically relevant and politically significant way. This includes:

  • New Product Developers
  • Pricing Speacialists
  • Marketing personnel
  • People involved with Strategic Planning and Pricing
  • People involved with Promotion and Bundle Development


Students with verified work experience and who successfully complete the curriculum and pass the tests, will attain 2 days credit towards "Masters" certification. All students who successfully complete the tests will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Revenue Engineering Curriculum.

Revenue Engineering: At a Glance

The two-day Revenue Engineering class provides telecommunications personnel with tools to manage the risks and costs associated with the inception, design, and approval of new product, promotion and ‘deal’ activity. The industry is demanding a method of governance and control that encourages creativity, speed to market, flexibility, and risk-taking, while simultaneously providing a structure that allows management to monitor, control and consciously maintain visibility of the risks and costs. Topics covered include invisible margin development, tele-economics, risk mitigation, and revenue optimization.

  REN101: Mastering Margins REN102: Mastering Markets
Opening Session Tele-economics: What is profit? Market Assurance Fundamentals
Morning Session Marketing Engineering The Marketing Lifecycle
Late Morning
Pricing Econometrics Revenue Engineering Principles
Afternoon Opening Margin Assurance The Service Promise Model
Afternoon Session Line of Business Margin Implementing Model Base Controls
Late Afternoon
Asset Margin Revenue Forecast Controls
Closing Session Promotion and Bundle Margin Models and Cases

Discover Revenue Engineering

Revenue Engineering is the art and science involved in harnessing the power of marketing, getting control of new technologies, and bringing these together in the design of commercialized products that are saleable, marketable and profitable.

Learn the science of telco pricing and promotion development that will revolutionize the way you approach the most challenging and most critical of telco functions. Success in telecoms depends now more than ever on the ability of your organization to develop new and innovative products, promotions, and pricing plans quickly and effectively.
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REN101: Mastering Margins
The course reviews the fundamental principles of value creation, pricing, CAPEX/OPEX management, and profit maximization. Students will learn about the latest methods of Micro-Economic Modeling for programs and CAPEX management (the Tele-Economics Discipline) as well as the methods being utilized to measure and get financial controls over the risk/profit profiles that these high paced, high risk deployment plans require.
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REN102: Mastering Markets
Students will learn about the many parameters and issues associated with the management of markets and market risk.  Market assurance is the financial discipline that starts with the primary building blocks of marketing (market share, penetration, brand equity, customer behavior, segmentation and the overall value creation process) and places these assets and values into financial and controllable terms.
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Executive Revenue Assurance Training Program
The Executive Revenue Assurance Masters Certification class is a five-day curriculum that enables students to certify as a Master of Revenue Assurance. The objective of the overall five-day program is to provide students with an in-depth familiarity and methodology for applying advanced revenue assurance disciplines to the telco organization.
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Our Promise

Students who take the training seriously, participate enthusiastically in activities, and pass the certification exams will be able to perform all practical applications listed under each course description.