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Churn: It's a Revenue Assurance Problem

Effective Churn Management: RA Style

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The Churn Assurance Hammer-Head Program:
The financial consequences of churn events (long and short term) are well documented, yet telco professionals often do not understand why churn management programs fail. And even when these programs seem to work, they don’t always understand if it really worked, how it worked and why.

Based on analysis of successes and failures of churn management efforts at telcos around the world, GRAPA created a 3-day Churn Assurance Hammer-Head Program that focuses on methods to turn the problem of churn management into something that can actually be measured and controlled in the only terms that really matter, in terms of the revenue at risk and the ways to minimize the losses.

Churn is arguably one of the largest and most devastating of the many forms of “leakage”, as millions in revenue suddenly disappear through no fault of your own.

This program provides telecoms organizations with a revolutionary and different approach to churn management.

The GRAPA approach to churn converts all of the many different and complex aspects of churn management into a simple, revenue assurance equation, where the costs of detecting, preventing and managing churn events are nothing more than another series of revenue assurance controls to be managed.

Who's Involved in Creating Churn Problems?

Who Isn't?
Customer loyalty, brand strength, marketing, advertising, sales, customer service, product development, network operations, and quality of service all play a role to play in effective churn management.

Only when of the people are working together as a single team can you have optimum effect on any given churn situation. Effective churn management is more than just giving away phones or reducing your prices. Effective churn management is more than simply creating clever predictive models and mailing brochures to the customers that are at risk.

This Hammer-head program begins by teaching methods and techniques to build accurate churn modeling information, approach call center-related churn, and strategies for loyalty campaigns. After this, students will review their customers (their wants, needs, and willingness to pay), their unique organization (your quality of service, level of customer service, brand image, and attractiveness to consumers), and their market position (competitors) and build a plan that best leverages your assets maximize impact on customers and the marketplace.

Who Should Attend?

  • Churn management team
  • Marketing team
  • Branding Management
  • Advertising and sales teams
  • Customer service experts and management
  • Product development team
  • Network operations

Student Will Learn:

  • Churn Revenue Assurance Approach Learn how the GRAPA standards based “market and margin assurance” techniques can be applied to the effective management of churn, not just once, but for all of the future as well.
  • Revenue, Retention and Risk Based models and KPI’s
  • Churn Prediction Capabilities: Churn Prediction Model Development, Churn Propensity Model Development, Churn Risk indicators, and Churn & Value Indexing Techniques
  • Call Center Churn Management: Methods for customer identification and prioritization, Routing and handling design, Churn management script building, Management techniques for call center managers
  • Churn Campaign Development: Target Models for churn campaigns, messaging and medium strategy, marketing and sales training for best practices in churn management
  • Loyalty Campaign Design: Methods to measure the true effectiveness of current loyalty activities, techniques to build new loyalty programs that prevent churn

Churn Training Options

Churn Program Onsite
Member feedback suggests that the best way to ensure that your organization is effectively managing Churn is through an on-site event. This provides your organization with the opportunity to train everyone involved with Churn issues and create a telco-wide strategy for customer loyalty and retention. Members from the marketing, churn management, customer service, product development, revenue assurance, and top management teams can make sure they each have a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved with Churn and the role they play in solving churn issues.

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Public Venue Events
Attending the focused 3-day Churn Hammer-Head training will arm participants with worksheets, assignments and concrete deliverables that provide a clear roadmap for bringing churn practices in line with industry standards. Attendees will also have ongoing contact with GRAPA faculty on these deliverables. Candidates who wish to obtain full certification in Churn Advanced Revenue Management (ARM - Churn) may complete these assignments and organize a Verification event (Optional), where those findings are reviewed and certified as having been completed with integrity.

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Hammer-Head Programs

As an Revenue Assurance Academy Hammer-Head program, this Churn event is a tightly-focused, intensive training that helps Churn-related teams apply the GRAPA standards-based approach to specific High-Risk problem areas. Under the Hammer-Head initiative, companies can be provided with focused training and certification for the entire organization in the containment of revenue risks in Churn. For individuals looking for this training we also offer this program at a limited number of venue events.