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The Marketing Assurance Hammer-head Program:
Effective telecommunications marketing strategy requires mastery of many areas of expertise and then weaving the knowledge about those areas into a cohesive picture that makes sense, not only to the customer, but also to all the different telco area managers. The 3-Day Marketing Assurance Hammerhead program was created to help marketing professionals and financial risk-related professionals work together to both minimize the risk of failure and revenue loss and also accelerate a more reliably successful marketing process.

Some of the best telco marketing strategies in the world have failed, not because they weren’t valid, but because the people promoting them failed to consider the impact and consequences their strategy would have on ALL of the other areas within the telco. One major component of marketing assurance is ensuring that your marketing strategy fits and is consistent with all of the other factors that you are aware of.

Key Objectives for this program include:

  • Assessment of current market strengths and weaknesses
  • Determination of how students can best leverage different pricing structures, bundles, segments, campaigns, and policies to elicit maximum impact in the marketplace
  • Understanding of optimal structure to ensure that your organization keeps pace with the many changes in competitors, customers, and products in order to maintain a strong market position
  • The creation of an environment where the coordinated efforts of all operational areas (marketing, network, customer service, sales, etc) can be leveraged to the greatest advantage

The Marketing Assurance Hammer-Head Program focuses on the following subjects:

Market and Brand Positioning
These assessments equip management with key insights into the relative strengths and weaknesses they present to the market, as well as providing a good, fact based, conceptual foundation for planning of future strategies that make the most sense.

Strategic Marketing Solutions with Management Support
Developing a marketing strategy is difficult, but getting top management and the other areas of the telco to understand the strategy and to align their operations with your activities is nearly impossible. Our strategic marketing support solutions are designed to help you do your job more effectively by providing you with an objective, third party review of your current market conditions and plans, mapped against your corporate strategy, expectations, and apparent readiness of the overall organization to pursue those objectives.

Marketing Program Development Discipline
The ultimate proof for your marketing efforts is only revealed when you begin executing the different programs, campaigns, and promotions that you have developed. Here is where you find out whether your efforts are going to deliver the expected results.

The process of conceptualizing, prioritizing, targeting, developing the creation, contracting, and executing campaigns, programs, and promotions is therefore critical to your ultimate success.

Combining Marketing Creativity with Operational Discipline
Few telcos have been able to come up with a good standardized, well executed methodology for the control and monitoring of the overall campaign management process. Instead, there are many, many people and groups (sometimes hundreds), all creating, developing, and executing programs, campaigns, and promotions any way they like with little regard for what anyone else in the organization is doing. The result is a cacophony of conflicting programs, contradictory market messages, and an incredible level of duplication of effort and wasted marketing dollars.

GRAPA WAR© Methodology
This is a comprehensive framework for the infusion of marketing best practices into telco organizations. This approach includes a step-by-step breakdown of the campaign conceptualization and design process, focused attention on the details of creative design, integration of exhaustive wants and needs, feature/function and demographic information. The approach is then consolidated using a collection of prediction and propensity models, coupled with specialized scorecards and “game board” reports, campaign structures, and marketing techniques to cover any of the WAR (wallet-share, acquisition, retention) marketing objectives.

Telecommunications-Specific Customer Segmentation
Your segmentation strategy is the heart and soul of any marketing endeavor. If your segmentation is not tailored to fit your special requirements, then the rest of your marketing effort will suffer for it. In a very real sense, marketing is about the management of your customers from the moment they first hear about your firm until they make a purchase and, hopefully for the rest of their lives. This course covers multiple customer management methodologies that include a variety of tools and approaches around the effective capture and storage of customer information as well as an extremely powerful collection of analytics, models and market research techniques associated with customer identity and behaviors.

Who Should Attend?

  • Members of the Marketing team
  • Risk-related professionals involved with measuring the success of marketing activities and promotions
  • Top management who want to understand the financial returns on investment for their marketing function
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Marketing Assurance
Training Options

Marketing Assurance Program Onsite
Member feedback suggests that the best way to ensure that your organization is effectively managing Marketing Assurance is through an on-site event. This provides your organization with the opportunity to train everyone involved in Marketing Assurance and create a telco-wide strategy for launching products and running promotions. Members from the marketing, new product, churn, pricing, revenue assurance, and top management teams can make sure they each have a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved with marketing activities and the role they play in managing marketing risks.

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Public Venue Events
Attending the focused 3-day Marketing Assurance Hammer-Head training will arm participants with worksheets, assignments and concrete deliverables that provide a clear roadmap for bringing marketing practices in line with industry standards. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about RA for Marketing with other professionals from across the globe. The program is structured to encourage student interaction, and professionals find it useful to hear how others are dealing with some of the same issues they are facing themselves.

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Hammer-Head Programs

As an Revenue Assurance Academy Hammer-Head program, this Marketing Assurance event is a tightly-focused, intensive training that helps Marketing Assurance -related teams apply the GRAPA standards-based approach to specific High-Risk problem areas. Under the Hammer-Head initiative, companies can be provided with focused training and certification for the entire organization in the containment of revenue risks in Marketing Assurance . For individuals looking for this training we also offer this program at a limited number of venue events.