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The Pricing Assurance Hammer-head Program:
Telecoms around the world are being forced to develop new and better ways to maximize profits and minimize risks as changes to technologies, products, and markets continue at an ever increasing pace. One key component of emerging strategies for profit maximization is the creation of more attractive price plans for new offerings.

The Pricing Hammer-head course is designed to help pricing analysts, marketing and new product teams restructure how they look at risks and rewards to build innovative pricing plans for new products.

During this course we review the fundamental principles of value creation, pricing, CAPEX/OPEX management, and profit maximization. With these, pricing specialists will have a better understanding of how to leverage current assets and services to create more attractive pricing plans that they can be confident do not tap into the organization’s bottom line.

Furthermore, this Hammer-head program reviews techniques and controls that can be implemented with the pricing discipline, so that financial risk-related professionals and top management can understand the cost and margin relationship behind each new service offering.

Students will also learn about the latest methods of Micro-Economic Modeling for programs and CAPEX management (the Tele-Economics Discipline) as well as the methods being utilized to measure and get financial controls over the risk/profit profiles that these high paced, high risk deployment plans require. Armed with this information, pricing specialists can assure that their plans lead to a positive margin without slowing down new product launches and deployments.

Key Objectives for this program include:

  • Measure and control the risk associated with pricing activities
  • Determine how you can best leverage different pricing structures, bundles, segments, campaigns, and policies to elicit maximum impact in the marketplace
  • Understand alternative subsidy pricing models utilized by most telecoms today, how they are designed, what they accomplish, and how to use them effectively (bundling, invisible margins, subsidies, cross-margin swaps, free samples, cross-sell and up-sell, loss leader).
  • Make pricing process faster, more efficient, more profitable, and more secure using techniques perfected over fifty years in telecoms.
  • The accuracy and integrity of account balance management and controls
  • Use billing and pricing as strategic weapons to build competitive advantage

Who Should Attend?

  • Pricing Specialists
  • Risk-related professionals involved in measuring the financial success of pricing procedures
  • Marketing team
  • New Product team
  • RA team members involved with the Pricing Assurance domain
  • Top Management interested in implementing better strategy around current pricing discipline to protect margins and build competitive advantage
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Pricing Assurance
Training Options

Pricing Assurance Program Onsite
Member feedback suggests that the best way to ensure that your organization is effectively managing Pricing Assurance is through an on-site event. This provides your organization with the opportunity to train everyone involved in the Pricing Assurance discipline and establish a successful telco-wide strategy. Members from the pricing, marketing, churn-management, new product, revenue assurance, and top management teams can make sure they each have a comprehensive understanding of the best techniques for establishing pricing models and the role they play in managing pricing risks.

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Public Venue Events
Attending the focused 3-day Pricing Assurance Hammer-Head training will arm participants with worksheets, assignments and concrete deliverables that provide a clear roadmap for bringing pricing practices in line with industry standards. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Pricing Assurance with other professionals from across the globe. The program is structured to encourage student interaction, and professionals find it useful to hear how others are dealing with some of the same issues they are facing themselves.

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Hammer-Head Programs

As an Revenue Assurance Academy Hammer-Head program, this Pricing Assurance event is a tightly-focused, intensive training that helps Pricing Assurance -related teams apply the GRAPA standards-based approach to specific High-Risk problem areas. Under the Hammer-Head initiative, companies can be provided with focused training and certification for the entire organization in the containment of revenue risks in Pricing Assurance . For individuals looking for this training we also offer this program at a limited number of venue events.