Revenue Assurance Academy

Chicago, USA
14-18 April 2014

Finance, Audit & RA Certification Training

We are excited to announce that that we will host a two-week training and certification event in Chicago. Based on the needs of telecoms professionals in this region, this event will feature our Finance, Audit & Revenue Assurance for NextGen Telcoms: 2014 Update.
Once a course is filled, it will no longer be available for online registration. Should this occur, you may contact your membership manager to get added to a wait-list. The last day to register for this event is 4 April 2014.

Programs Offered at This Event

Finance, Audit & Revenue Assurance: 2013 Update (FAR)

14-18 April 2014
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NextGen FAR101: Foundations and Standards Overview Comes of Age
NextGen FAR102: Accounting, Assurance and Audit Standards for Network Assets and Systems
NextGen FAR103: Revenue Management Principles for Telecoms & Next Generation Technologies
NextGen FAR104: Partnership Accounting and Controls Management
NextGen FAR105: Corporate Sales Assurance & Profitability Management thru Pricing, Promotion and Product Controls

Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance
CP-RA) Certification Training


The Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance for NextGen Telecoms: 2013 Update is a five-day workshop and certification event designed to provide the student with a comprehensive update on the current state of the art in the modern practice of financial controls management, audit and revenue assurance as defined and practiced under the GRAPA standards, governance model, methodologies, and framework. Students will learn about the GRAPA controls framework and how to apply them to a number of critical operational and technical domains.



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Faculty Leading This Event

Rob Mattison

Rob Mattison, RA Academy Faculty 


Standards-Based Training

The GRAPA Revenue Assurance standards provide the basis of Revenue Assurance Academy's world-renowned training and certification. These standards are based on the real-world practices of GRAPA members across the globe, and are constantly adapting to keep up with the fast-paced telecoms industry.
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Tuition Information

Finance, Audit & Revenue Assurance (FAR)
5-day Program:  $4,800