Revenue Assurance Academy

Our Teaching Approach

Revenue Assurance Academy classes are more than just lecture sessions where the students simply "watch the show." Revenue Assurance Academ classes are participative and interactive. The Students are expected to research current practices at their own organizations and participate in problem solving workshops throughout the training. This enables students to leave class with a renewed sense of identity, confidence and professionalism.

RA Academy Faculty

  • Rob Mattison, Revenue Assurance Faculty Rob Mattison

    Rob Mattison, the world renowned expert in the telecommunications area, is the lead instructor for all courses. He will share with you the global practices he has found and you will benefit from his 30+ years of first-hand experience.
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  • Pamela Noriega, Revenue Assurance Faculty Pamela Noriega

    Pamela Noriega has been GRAPA's Regional Chair for Latin America since 2008. Her background includes extensive experience is Finance, Risk Analysis and Project Management in several industries, including Banking and Telecommunications.
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About the Revenue Assurance Academy

About the RA AcademyThe Revenue Assurance Academy (RAA) was established to serve employees of wireline, wireless, satellite, cable, internet, content, WiFi, other types of communications service providers, employees of consulting, as well as hardware and software organizations. We strive to provide a single, comprehensive source of information about the professional practice of Revenue Assurance in the telecommunications and related industries.

The academy provides a unique combination of workshop-style classes with an in-depth subject matter, and creating an innovative learning experience for anyone in the telecommunications revenue assurance industry.

GRAPA Certification

GRAPA Certification by RA Academy

The Revenue Assurance Academy is GRAPA’s official training body, and administers all of GRAPA’s certification training events. GRAPA annually produces updated RA standards, practices, and principles, and the Revenue Assurance Academy generates courses that ensure our students can learn and utilize these techniques.

Each class or program provided by the Revenue Assurance Academy has been approved by GRAPA’s Certification department and maps to the appropriate body of knowledge so that our courses enable students to GRAPA Certify after the completion of training.

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Revenue Assurance Academy Mission and Vision

RA Academy Mission and VisionThe Revenue Assurance Academy was created to serve the training needs of telecommunications professionals engaged in the design, delivery, assurance, fraud containment, risk management, audit of telecommunications revenue streams, and approaches throughout the world.

At the core of everything we do, we strive to help students reach their full potential in their telecommunication career. We believe revenue-related professionals are instrumental in building and maintaining the success of the telco, it is our goal to provide training that empowers them to maximize their potential and show themselves to be an essential asset to their company.

Not only do we build courses around standard practices and methodologies, but we also make sure our students walk away understanding why they are crucial to their Telco and how using core standards and principles can help them maximize their effect, expand scope, and build consensus in their workplace.

Revenue Assurance Academy Constituencies

The Revenue Assurance Academy serves many different types of finance and revenue related professionals, and provides a wide range of courses and material to meet the individual needs of each.

However, we also recognize that in order for a telco to succeed, professionals from each of our constituencies need to work together, share a common language, and keep the company focused on the bottom line.

Our training is designed with this dual purpose in mind. Regardless of department and position, professionals who attend Revenue Assurance Academy training will find course work that focuses on their specific role and training that improves job-specific skills, techniques, and methodologies. Additionally, Revenue Assurance Academy training also situates each of these constituencies into a larger revenue management framework, where each of these groups need to work together to have the greatest impact for their telco. Many of our courses discuss how these groups can work together to maximize the potential of each other, and how to set boundaries and kpis for each so that each department compliments the others in the ultimate goal of protecting revenues.

Our Constituencies include:

  • Revenue Assurance - Revenue Assurance is rapidly growing and expanding to become one of the most influential and global positions in the telco, focused on identifying risk, quantifying risk, and creating controls according to management's appetite for risk.
  • Fraud Management - The Revenue Assurance Academy has recently expanded its reach and appeal to the Fraud Management constituency with the launch of the new Telco Fraud Officer Certification program.
  • Internal Audit - Many Revenue Assurance Academy students are a part of the Internal Audit teams for their telco, working to ensure that the proper controls, procedures and other methods are in place to maintain profit and good financial standing.
  • IT - The Revenue Assurance Academy teaches GRAPA's IT Certification Curriculum and focuses on the background and information necessary for IT Professionals to understand the network and technology of the industry.
  • CFOs, MBAs, Marketing, Sales, New Product Development and related fields - With the inception of our Revenue Engineering Curriculum, the Revenue Assurance Academy serves Telecoms professionals working in Marketing and New Product Development to utilize engineering techniques that will improve the telco's top line.
  • Operational Revenue Management Personnel (Mediation, Billing, Interconnect, Roaming, Credit, Collection, Provisioning, Customer Service, Sales)- The Revenue Assurance Academy’s Revenue Management program brings departments together to help them collaborate and work together towards their common goals.