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Revenue Assurance Academy Programs

The Revenue Assurance Academy has developed a variety of program offerings designed to meet the needs of different types and levels of telecommunications professionals. We have created curriculums that enable students to GRAPA Certify, shorter courses for those professionals interested in specific topic areas, and work-shop style programs for those topics that lend themselves to a more hands-on approach. The three major TYPES of programs include:

1. Certifications Programs - These are programs developed to provide RA professionals with an industry recognized certification for their skill, knowledge and expertise. GRAPA certification is organized through the mechanism of the GRAPA by laws, and has been in effect for over 8 years. Over 800 members have certified via the GRAPA certification programs.

2. Re-Certirication Programs - Things change fast in the telecommunications industry, and most GRAPA members find that it is extremely helpful to get a refresher course on the latest innovations in the industry, as well as attending advanced courses. The GRAPA re-certification program provides long standing members that have already certified with the chance to reconnect with other members, and gain valuable new skills and mehtods.

3. Advanced Programs - Experience RA Managers and Expert Analysts are busy people, and it is often difficult for them to find the time to keep up with all of the new technologies, business models and leakage risks that their organizations face. When telecoms take on things like LTE, UMTS, Cloud, Shared Towers, MVNO or Outsourcing, the issues and angles that the RA professonal needs to cover are great, and their time to study up, minimal. The GRAPA advanced programs provide short, highly focused classes to meet these needs.

4. Beginners / New Hires Programs - Revenue assurance teams are constantly expanding, and many times, RA team members leave for other pursuits. This means that RA teams are always faced with the challenge of figuring out how to get new team members up to speed quickly. Our onboarding programs are designed with these people in mind.

Certification Programs

Finance, Audit, and Revenue Assurance Foundations: Core Certification
This program is the 2013 edition of the Revenue Assurance Academy's most popular course offering. After attending this five-day course and passing the required testing, students can achieve their Revenue Assurance Practitioners Certification from GRAPA. The course was designed to provide the student with a comprehensive update on the current state of the art in the modern practice of financial controls management, audit and revenue assurance as defined and practiced under the GRAPA standards, governance model, methodologies, and framework.

Revenue Assurance Manager's Advanced Certification
In combination with the 5-day core program, this course meets the requirements needed to attain GRAPA's advanced-level Certification. Revenue Assurance Management does not have to be an elusive, undefined, unpredictable discipline. With the right knowledge, practice, and techniques, revenue assurance departments can be effectively managed in order to implement the necessary controls, secure revenue streams, and increase the organization’s top line. Based upon years of research and field work in the organization and the delivery of effective revenue assurance teams around the world, this training provides managers with a unique opportunity to expand their understanding of the concepts about what can be done with their revenue assurance team.

New training programs and initiatives:

Revenue Assurance Hammer-Head
The Revenue Assurance Academy Hammer-Head training programs are events tightly-focused, intensive. It helps operational teams apply the GRAPA standards-based approach to specific High-Risk problem areas. Under the Hammer-Head initiative, companies are provided with focused training and certification for the entire organization in the containment of revenue risks. For individuals looking for this training we also offer this program at a limited number of venue events.
  • NextGen Wireless: Billing, Migration & Security
    The Next Generation Wireless Hammerhead program is a focused 3-day event which provides students with an overview on the technologies, business models and issues associated with the migration to and deployment of next generation wireless technologies, products, services and wireless-based business models. This course will review all of the major dimensions of the business models, operations, authentication, authorization and accounting, partner management, profitability and marketing.
  • Next Generation Fiber, Cable and Cloud Hammer-Head
    The Next Generation Fiber, Cable and Cloud Hammerhead program is a 3-day event which provides students with an overview on the technologies, business models and issues associated with the migration to and deployment of next generation fiber, cable, leased line and cloud technologies, products, services and hard-wired cloud-based business models.
  • Revenue Assurance Roaming Hammer-Head
    The Roaming Hammer-head program was designed to help telcos manage and profit from their roaming operations. It is structured to provide students with an end-to-end understanding of the roaming line of business, and teach them to protect against the many inherent partner, fraud, and margin risks.
  • Revenue Assurance Mobile Data: Billing, Pricing & Security Hammer-Head
    The Mobile Data Hammer-Head Program teaches telecoms professionals the methods and approaches utilized by successful teams to protect constantly evolving data environments. It helps professionals in the Mobile Data environment understand each component of the revenue stream and methods to protect against the major risks in this domain.
  • Revenue Assurance Survey: RA for Voice Telecommunications Hammer-Head
    The three day Revenue Assurance Survey Course for GSM/CDMA and Wireline Voice is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive introduction to the professional practice of revenue assurance as defined by the GRAPA standards. It overviews the mapping of controls to the key, end-to-end revenue streams typical to GSM/CDMA and Wireline Voice Telecoms.

Types of Training

  • Rob Mattison, Revenue Assurance Faculty Public Venue Events
    Public venue events offer many advantages to students, including workload balancing. Students can stagger attendance at different venues throughout the year and schedule around work projects and busy times. According to many of our prior students, one of the biggest benefits is the interaction with attendees from other carriers. Our instructors encourage student discussion and interaction, and students find it helpful to hear how others are dealing with some of the same issues they are facing themselves.
  • Louis Khor, Revenue Assurance Faculty Onsite Events
    An onsite event can be the most efficient training solution. The flat-rate price structure enables you to invite more people to the training. Beyond the Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, and Internal Audit teams, organizations have found it beneficial to invite operational mangers, network, and marketing teams to the training as well. Furthermore, an onsite event can be customized to relate more specifically to your team and company's needs. This allows teams to build a common language and understanding of the issues they face, and fosters team spirit to resolve issues.
  • Louis Khor, Revenue Assurance Faculty Online Training
    GRAPAs newly expanded online training program provide RA professionals with a wide range of topics, times and schedules. Our training is organized into 10 hour courses , designed to be taught 2 hours each day for 1 week. This makes it easy for practitioners to fit a class into their busy schedules. GRAPA will be greatly expanding the online training for 2014.

Demand-Based Training

In order to provide students with the course options that are the most relevant, the RA Academy schedules events based on the regional demand. As students fill in "express interest forms," we will finalize our course offerings for each upcoming event.


If there is a specific course/certification program that you would like to attend, please fill out an express interest form and let us know your preferred location.