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Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance for NextGen Telcos: 2014 Update

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The Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance for NextGen Telcos: 2014 Update is a five-day workshop and certification event designed to provide the student with a comprehensive update on the current state of the art in the modern practice of financial controls management, audit and revenue assurance as defined and practiced under the GRAPA standards, governance model, methodologies, and framework. Students will learn about the GRAPA controls framework and how to apply them to a number of critical operational and technical domains.

We will train students in a systematic and comprehensive method for the analysis, diagnosis, and containment of risks to revenues, profit, assets, regulatory compliance and operational integrity through a standardized approach. Students will be familiarized with the complete set of revenue assurance and finance audit disciplines including revenue chain assurance (leakage detection, reporting and correction), proactive and preventative revenue assurance, margin assurance (the protection of corporate profits across major lines of business, assets, and market activities), and market assurance (the protection of revenues and profits exposed to the marketing and new product development process).




Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in learning the latest financial, audit and revenue assurance standards-based approach to the assurance, management and recognition of telecoms revenues:

  • Finance professionals new to telecoms, or experienced telecoms financial professionals interested in gaining a more well rounded, comprehensive and end-to-end overview of how their activities integrate with telco network, revenue management, revenue recognition and A/P, A/R, Collections and Settlement activities.
  • RA professionals looking for an update in the latest innovations in the practice of RA in the modern telecom organization.
  • RA professionals interested in learning ways to expand their reach, responsiblities and effectiveness within the organization and leverage techniques proven successful in other organizations
  • Internal auditors looking for a standard, compliance-based approach to better perform their job functions within the complex, esoteric and specialized world of telecoms finance and audits.
  • Experienced professionals from I/T, Billing, Credit or other Operational areas who are interested in understanding how to work with or leverage the RA function to increase their productivity and effectiveness.

Course Information

Certification Credit
Candidates who have at least six months of verified work experience in a telecoms-related area and who pass all exams and attend all 40 hours of class will be rewarded as a Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance (CP-RA).
Technology & Line of Business Focus
The focus for this curriculum is the risk management , revenue management, financial compliance, assurance and management of all facets of telecoms (wireless, wireline, cable, satellite, and internet).This course will provide students with an end to end understanding of the latest best practices in how revenue is earned, managed, billed, collected, recognized and assured as well as the latest techniques in revenue management, profit assurance and the continuous improvement of pricing, promotion and product development across all technologies and business models..

The Week at a Glance

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Morning Unit (4 hours) Next Gen Finance for the NextGen Telco Accounting, Audit and RA Standards for Voice Network Assets and Systems Revenue Management Standards for Telecoms: Billing (Postpaid, Convergent, Radius and Prepaid) Interconnect Operations Lifecycles (Business, Technical, Operational) Accounting, Audit and RA Standards for Corporate Services: Leased Lines, MPLS, Cloud and Corporate Sales Assurance
Afternoon Unit
(4 hours)
Bridging the Gap with Next Gen Financial Assurance Methods and Standards Accounting, Audit and RA Standards for Internet/Data Network Assets and Systems Accounting, Audit and RA Standards for Next Gen Technologies (LTE, IMS, VOIP, Data Roaming ...) Roaming Operations
Lifecycles (Signaling, Postpaid, CAMEL, USSD)
Accounting, Audit and RA standard for Profit, Pricing , Promotions and New Product Development