Revenue Assurance Manager's

Advanced Certification Workshop

foundation for success

Based upon years of research and field work in the organization and the delivery of effective revenue assurance teams around the world, this training provides managers with a unique opportunity to expand their understanding of the concepts about what can be done with their revenue assurance team.

Too often, managers get bogged down in the details and grind of day-to-day operational responsibilities. It is all too easy to miss the really great professional and team opportunities that come from the revolutionary changes occurring in telecoms today. There is no reason for the RA team to "be behind the times" in the exciting world of telecoms. Learn how innovative thought leaders in RA are helping shape the new telecom environment with radical new innovations and expanded scope for their RA teams.

Building upon the solid foundation created by the GRAPA standards of 2009, this program expands into the exciting new role that RA teams are playing in New Product development, VNO's, LTE and Hybrid IP technologies, as well as corporate sales assurance and the cloud. This advanced course provides the manager with exposure to all of the most critical innovations in telecoms, and the role that RA teams are playing in that evolution


Students will be awarded the status of Revenue Assurance Masters Certification, and will be automatically enrolled in the concurrent highly focused Masterclasses, covering the hottest topics in telecoms today.

Topics Will Include:

Day 1: The Emerging Role of Revenue Assurance:
Plenary session on the development and ratification of the new RA standards for 2014. Introduction of the new/improved Governance, KPI and Coverage models for RA teams. Learn how RA teams are re-writing the rules, and taking leadership roles in the areas of new product development, pricing, revenue recognition, new technology migration, margin and profitability and marketing and bundle assurance. Take part in the shaping of the soon to be published proposed standard for 2014. Be part of the process. Let your voice be heard!

Day 2: VNO/MNO: Billing and Settlement Masterclass: Learn about the key risk and assurance areas and controls necessary to participate in an MNO/VNO business model. See how MNO/VNO carriers in the US, Europe and Africa are expanding markets and increasing revenues through the strategic structuring of MNO/VNO agreements. Learn how RA/Fraud teams are playing a critical role in the shaping of billing and settlement agreements. Learn about the key KPI's and SLA's ,administered/assured by RA and learn how these groups are saving their companies millions of dollars in billing errors, and fraudulent/negligent settlement practices. Participate in round table discussions and workshops where you can sound off, and get feedback from your peers in preparation for, and the execution of VNO agreements.

Day 3: LTE Billing and Assurance Master Class: Ready or not, the next generation of LTE, UMTS, IMS and hybridized networks is here. This intensive one day master class provides the RA manager with a comprehensive immersion in the entire world of LTE/IMS and hybrid networks. Learn about LTE Technology itself, and most critically, learn about those factors most important to your survival as RA, Billing and Fraud Management professionals.

Day 4: Profit Engineering: RA and the Customer Experience: Revenue teams around the world, and getting more and more heavily involved in customer experience domains. User acceptance testing, pricing models, market models, new product development and margin/profit assurance are now standard responsibilities for over 1/2 of the RA teams around the world. Learn how these teams are applying their skills to this new generation of telco problems.

Day 5: Cable, Cloud and Content: Fiber, cable and wifi are having a huge impact on the future of telecoms and telecoms are quickly evolving into broadcast-coms as well. In this session will we explore the many new products, services and approaches that the modern telecoms are taking, and see how RA teams play a critical role in their successes. M2M, Mobile Banking, Global Hybridized Roaming, Content Management and much more.


This course provides Revenue Assurance Managers with:

  • The latest proven innovations from RA managers around the world
  • Techniques for enhancing the effectiveness of the RA department
  • Roadmaps for expanding the scope of the Revenue Assurance function
  • Proven techniques to greatly improve the position of the RA department in the eyes of top management

Mini-Networking Opportunities:

Meet other managers and practicing consultants and professionals from your region and around the world. Unique networking sessions will be staged throughout the event.

Workshops, Roundtables and Forums:

GRAPA manager workshops are highly interactive in nature. This is your chance to sound off and be heard. GRAPA exists to reflect what you, the professional do, think and believe and these manager forums are the perfect opportunity to be heard. Members will be interviewed and their feedback posted for comment on the GRAPA websites, blogs, forums and Linkedin sites.

Who Should Attend?

  • RA managers and experienced RA professionals
  • Audit Professionals, organizational consultants, risk managers
  • Finance managers, CFOs, controllers
  • Top executive management team

RA Manager's Workshop: At a Glance

This five-day course provides RA professionals with insights, fresh ideas, new perspectives and proven techniques to solidify and strengthen your department, your career, your team and your telco.Learn how to expand the scope of your RA department, and take a more critical role in the evolution of the modern telecom.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Emerging Role of Revenue Assurance VNO/MNO Masterclass LTE Masterclass Profitability Engineering: RA and the customer experience Cable, Cloud and Corporates
Learn about the latest trends in the management of RA Departments. Participate in the forming of new standard Key issues for the implementation of VNO/MNO. Setting up partnerships, SLA, KPI and settlement controls. Key billing , assurance and controls for LTE. Migration to the new environment. Mastering billing, accuracy and product development. Emerging role of RA in Customer Experience, New Product Development , Profitablity Assurance and Marketing Next gen hybrid networks. Merging of cable, wireless into one cohesive network. Cloud Mgmt.


Keep Up with the Changes in Telecoms!

Revenue Assurance Management does not have to be an elusive, undefined, unpredictable discipline. With the right knowledge, practice, and techniques, revenue assurance departments can be effectively managed in order to implement the necessary controls, secure revenue streams, and increase the organization’s top line.

Day 1: The Emerging Role of Revenue Assurance-RA Standards for 2014
This unit provides students will an overview of the new RA Standards being proposed for 2014. It provides an introduction to the newest innovations in the practice of RA, and the rebranding of the RA function at leading telecoms, cable and media companies. Find out how some of the biggest and brightest RA groups are re-defining the role of RA in the organization. This will be the first of several regional meetings designed to solicit input from RA experts about how the standards for RA should be expanded to include the many new jobs RA professionals are facing. Output from this session will become the basis for the 2014 standards ratification conference.
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Day 2: VNO Billing & Settlement Master Class
This session will focus on the critical issues involved in the setting up of a VNO/MNO relationship and the critical role of RA/Fraud and Billing teams in the execution and management of the relationship. Carriers from around the world are learning FAST that the need for good controls in the areas of Settlement, SLA's, KPI's and customer management are key. Learn how your RA team can best add value to the process at every stage.
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Day 3: LTE/IMS Billing & Assurance Master Class
This is by far the most popular topic and the most popular master class that we are offering this year. Telcos around the world are migrating their networks, to a new generation of hybridized, 2g/3g/4g/LTE/IMS, See the link for more details about this exhaustive review and briefing. Includes workshops and problem solving sessions on those areas critical to your companies launch into next gen technologies
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Day 4: Profitability Engineering: RA Marketing & New Product Development
Learn how modern RA teams are having a major impact on the profitability of their companies by applying RA techniques and disciplines to the customer experience domain. Learn about Revenue Engineering, Profitability Profiling and controls. See how RA teams are influencing customer perception through new product testing, market profiling and profit assurance controls.
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Day 5: Cable, Cloud, & Content
The next generation of telcos will be a hybridized mix of traditional wireless technologies, running on a common network which includes Wifi, Wimax, satellite, fiber and cable. These sessions will focus on the latest trends and activities in the areas of Cloud, M2M, , content broadcast, cable , wifi and mbanking deployment. This session is a must for anyone hoping to participate in the next gen cloud and corporate environment.
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Program Calendar

Based on student interest, The Advanced Revenue Assurance Manger's Certification Program will be offered at the following events:

30 Sept-04 Oct: Amsterdam, Netherlands
20-24 Oct: Dubai, UAE
04-08 Nov: Cape Town, South Africa
09-13 Dec: Chicago, USA


Students with verified work experience and who successfully complete the curriculum will receive the Revenue Assurance Masters Certification.