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The Mobile Data: Billing, Pricing and Security Hammer-Head Program:
As telcos continue the transition to new, more complex, data network architectures, the financial stakes keep getting higher. This is especially true as data services account for a more significant part of the telco’s revenue. Without the latest industry standard revenue assurance controls, telcos expose themselves to huge vulnerabilities in terms of revenue loss, fraud and theft of service.

The Mobile Data: Billing, Pricing and Security Hammer-Head Program teaches telecoms professionals the methods and approaches utilized by successful teams to protect constantly evolving data environments. It helps professionals in the Mobile Data environment understand each component of the revenue stream and methods to protect against the major risks in this domain.

It is geared to help professionals involved in the deployment of:

  • 3G/4G Technologies
  • GPRS, UMTS and WCDMA network architectures
  • HSPA, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE and EDGE radio side infrastructure
  • Prepaid Data Billing
  • Data Roaming
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This advanced workshop will give professionals in-depth knowledge of the environment without confusing them with excessive detail unnecessary to the assurance of the domain. Attendees will learn how key data streams and components of the architecture function as well as the standard controls required to assure them:

  • Charging ID (CID), PDP Context
  • APNs (Access Point Names)
  • Radius Server/AAA Server, Diameter Server
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Who Should Attend?

  • Mobile Data line-of-business managers
  • Members of the Mobile Data operations team
  • Mobile Data Partnership Management
  • Fraud Professionals involved with detecting and protecting against Mobile Data frauds
  • RA team members involved with the Mobile Data domain

Student will learn:

  • Standard practice for the billing of Mobile Data using both postpaid and prepaid models
  • Controls and methods to assure the Mobile Data environment from a revenue perspective
  • How the network architectures (GPRS, UMTS, etc) function with radio-side architectures (HSPA, HSPA+, LTE, EDGE, etc)
  • Techniques to protect Mobile Data environments from theft of service and fraud
  • How to use deep packet inspection and different billing points within IMS (Integrated multi-media services) to bill differently for the various types of content
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Mobile Data Training Options

Public Venue Events
Attending the focused 3-day Mobile Data Hammer-head training will arm participants with worksheets, assignments and concrete deliverables that provide a clear roadmap for bringing department practices in line with industry standards. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Mobile Data migration and monetization with other professionals from across the globe. The program is structured to encourage student interaction, and professionals find it useful to hear how others are dealing with some of the same issues they are facing themselves.

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Mobile Data: Billing, Pricing and SecurityProgram Onsite
Member feedback suggests that the best way to ensure that your organization is effectively managing Mobie Data is through an on-site event. This provides your organization with the opportunity to train everyone involved in the Mobile Data line of business and create a telco-wide strategy for protection. Members from the Mobile Data operations, fraud prevention, internal audit, revenue assurance, and top management teams can make sure they each have a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved with Mobile Data and the role they play in managing partners, frauds, and margins.

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Hammer-Head Programs

As an Revenue Assurance Academy Hammer-head program, this Mobile Data event is a tightly-focused, intensive training that helps Mobile Data-related teams apply the GRAPA standards-based approach to specific High-Risk problem areas. Under the Hammer Head initiative, companies can be provided with focused training and certification for the entire organization in the containment of revenue risks in Mobile Data. For individuals looking for this training we also offer this program at a limited number of venue events.

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