Revenue Assurance Academy

Upcoming Events

The Revenue Assurance Academy prides itself on maintaining the most practical, relevant, and useful training courses for telecoms professionals. For this reason, our research and faculty departments are constantly making editions and revisions to our programs based on the continual development of the role of Revenue Assurance within the telco. Our 2014 training events blend the Core GRAPA Standards and Methodologies with new course structures, governance frameworks, and teaching approaches to bring our students the highest quality training experience.

Here is what you can expect for our upcoming events:

  • RA Academy Training Events Finance, Audit & Revenue Assurance (FAR) - 5 Day Core Certification
    Finance, Audit & Revenue Assurance is the 2013 edition of Core Certification training. Students will learn a governance model for the Revenue Assurance function along with the GRAPA standard controls for critical operational and technical domains. Professionals will walk away with a systematic and comprehensive method for the analysis, diagnosis and containment of risks to revenues.
  • RA Academy Revenue Assurance Management and Operations Executive Revenue Assurance (XRA) - 5 Day Master-level Certification with completion of RAF
    The XRA program is the combination of three sub-courses that focus on the various concerns faced by Telecoms professionals. Based on GRAPA benchmarks and industry standards, we have merged these three programs into various training opportunities to meet the most fundamental needs of different revenue-related professionals. Designed to provide a holistic perspective of the Revenue Assurance function, this course reviews industry standard KPIs, scope, and objectives for Revenue Assurance. It focuses on the techniques that successful departments use to increase their value to top management.
  • More Revenue Assurance Training Options More Training Course Options
    The Revenue Assurance Academy has received multiple requests for a wider variety of shorter training options. To meet this need we have created courses like the 2-Day Revenue Engineering, the 1-Day Revenue Assurance Governance, and the 3-day RA Manager's Workshop Programs.
  • Courses for new constituencies Courses for New Constituencies
    Historically our students have been primarily Revenue Assurance Professionals. However Internal Audit, finance, and other teams who work closely with revenue assurance have requested training options as well. They have seen that a better understanding of the Revenue Assurance function can enable them to use their revenue assurance department more efficiently. To meet this need we have also developed programs designed specifically with the fundamental needs of these professionals in mind.

    Additionally, we have developed specialized 3-day programs for specific revenue-related teams. The new Hammer-head initiative includes training for the roaming team, gprs team, and professionals working with the mobile money line of business. Moreover, there are Hammer-head trainings for marketing, churn, new product, and pricing specialists as well.